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Kidnapped by the Past ch.2

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Kidnapped by the Past ch.2

Post by WolfieStar on 25th July 2010, 9:05 pm

“Man, I can’t believe Mr. Wu is making us work on a Sunday!” Tobey cried in annoyance. He threw his hands up in the air, a scowl on his face. “I was planning on seeing a movie with Alison Wong today!” he crossed his arms angrily, taking the list of items to buy from Barney. Walking out of the restaurant, he waited for the siblings to join him.

Sue rolled her eyes and straddled her bike as Sid chuckled. They looked over the lists, and Sue groaned. “I have to go all the way to the other side of town to that drug store . . .”

“Why?” Sid asked as he straddled his own bike and got ready to ride off.

“To get some things, like toothpicks and Mr. Wu’s new rash cream, I don’t want to ride all the way on the other side of town!” Sue whined. “I agree with you Tobey! We shouldn’t be working so hard on Sunday!”

“I know right?!” Tobey cried, grumbling angrily.

Sid sighed, then rode away from them in an attempt to ignore his sister and best friend’s complaints. He looked down at his list, then steered to the direction of the market. Secretly, he agreed with Sue and Tobey, but would never admit that in front of them.

Sue sighed, then stuffed the note in her pocket. “I’m going to go get this over with so I can go home and get back to my book . . .”

Tobey chuckled. “You better get back to Wu’s soon, or else Mr. Wu is gonna make you mop the floor all by yourself tonight! He‘s getting so much meaner lately, and he made me clean all the dishes yesterday! It was really gross!”

Sue laughed and play pushed him. He frowned and attempted to push back, but she hopped on her bike and rode off in the direction of the drug store before he could even touch her. Tobey grumbled something angrily to himself and yelled as she rode off, “I’m going to get you for pushing me!”

Sue had heard him, and she laughed to herself. “Yeah right. He can’t outsmart me.” she shook her head and smiled, then frowned. Wanting to get this night over with, she stood up to pedal faster and took a few shortcuts down some alleys.

-----------Three Delivery------------

When Sue got there, she noticed a large truck parked outside the entrance. It was a truck that hardly anyone owned in Chinatown, only tourists sometimes. An all terrain vehicle, it didn’t suit the city environment of Chinatown. She was a bit confused on why it was here, and assumed it was another tourist here to visit family or passing through.

Looking down the aisles of the small drug store, she winced as she took the cream and turned it around in her hands a few times. “Um, ew. I don’t even want to know where Mr. Wu’s rash is.” shuddering visibly, she walked to the front of the store to pay for it.

Getting online, Sue noticed a man who seemed to be having difficulties carrying some heavy bags of what looked to be salt and large plastic jugs of ice water. He turned to look at Sue, and his eyes traced her every detail, then he blinked. His baseball cap covered his bangs, a sweater covering his torso, but his muscles bulged from under the fabric. A shiver went down Sue’s spine as the man seemed to examine her whole being, just staring at her.

“Um, do you need help mister?” Sue managed to force out, walking up to him. She put the cream on a table nearby and lifted two of the bags of salt in her arms. The man only blinked in response, then nodded. He took the three other packages, then led her out to the truck out in front. Sue wasn’t that surprised a man like this own the truck. Strong muscled and silent, he didn’t seem like a city slicker like herself, gaunt and somewhat boisterous.

The man took the packages from her after he put his in the truck. After placing those as well in the truck, he turned his head around to look at her, one of his hands sweeping frantically the surface of the back of the truck, looking for something it seemed, but Sue unfortunately didn‘t notice it.

“Thank you young lady.” the man rasped, and pulled his hat with his free hand over his eyes after his other hand touched something made of glass. He gripped it tightly, and smiled slightly when he realized that he had found one of his many beer bottles.

Sue smiled and bowed respectfully. “You’re welcome. Now if you don’t need anything else I’ll just be-”

“Hold on.” the man ordered, standing up straight, the beer bottle hidden behind his back. He took a few steps towards her, then asked slowly. “Your name.”

“Pardon?” Sue asked, a bit confused. She instinctively took a step back, her hands becoming fists. Something wasn’t right about this man, but she wanted to stay calm and not appear a threat. If she could do that, this man wouldn’t attack. ‘Why would he even attack in the first place?’ she thought. ‘I just helped him! He has no reason to attack me! I’m just overreacting.’

“Stupid girl . . .” the man grumbled under his breath, barely audible to her. “Your name! What is your name!?” he growled, glaring at her with an icy glare. Sue flinched slightly, then stood up straight, showing her courage.

“My name is Sue. No need to yell!” Sue snapped back. The man took a few steps closer to her, grinning.

“Perfect.” Before Sue could react, he took two quick strides and slammed the alcohol bottle on her head. It broke immediately after it had made contact with her head. It made some deep cuts in her head, and started bleeding. There was some liquid still left in the bottle, so it trickled down her face and mixed with some blood in her hair. She didn’t expect this man to attack her, so she took the hit squarely on her head. Sue fell limply at his feet, unconscious.

The man silently lifted her across his arms, and carried her to the truck. He laid her on the back seat, and reached into a duffle bag in the passenger side. Pulling out duct tape, he taped her wrists and ankles together, then taped her eyes and mouth shut. He looked at her slowly, and smiled.

“You are perfect my darling.” he whispered to her, then slammed the door shut. Getting into the drivers side, he looked back at her one more time, and saw her starting to stir. Sue was dazed, and the smell of urine hit her nostrils, her face buried in the fabric of the seat. She thought she would vomit just by the smell, but she wondered what had happened through the haze she was experiencing.

“Don’t move.” the man growled, taking out a tennis racket from the back. He lifted it over his head, then slammed it again on the same spot where he hit her before. Sue cried out weakly, then fell unconscious again. Grumbling angry, he threw the broken racket aside. “Stupid girl . . . It better be worth it, Mr. Li isn’t paying me enough to get the information about that cookbook or whatever. Oh well, I’m in the mood for a good beating.”

Making sure he wasn’t being watched or followed by another car or person he ripped off his hat and slammed his foot on the accelerator. Then man rubbed his scar on his face while he drove out of Chinatown and into a construction site. The streets were filled with other cars and people, it was a Sunday so everyone was out, but he didn’t care.

The man stopped the car, and rolled down the window and looked out. The construction site looked abandoned, originally it was going to be a motel, but their donator for the money decided not to pay them after all, and the motel was cancelled a week ago. They only finished the frame, and the workers were much too lazy to demolish it all now, so it was basically an empty, useless lot.

Seeing no one on the lot, the man drove right past it, and continued to drive until he came upon a fence with a sign that said “Do Not Cross - Private Property”. Looking around one more time, he drove the car into an area concealed by trees. When he was sure it was hidden by any people passing by, he parked the car and opened the back door where Sue was still unconscious.

“Now I’m sure no one can find you now hun.” he laughed. “Or, if anyone would want to find you.”

-------Three Delivery--------

Tobey looked around through the busy streets of Chinatown, tapping his finger on his handlebars. He was getting slightly worried when he didn’t see the one familiar face he was looking for. Sid was beside him, looking a bit more frantic than Tobey was.

“Calm down Sid.” Tobey said. “So she’s a bit late. Maybe she’s trying to play a prank on us! Even though she will never be able to defeat me, master of the dark arts!”

Sid ignored most of what Tobey said. “That’s not it. Sue isn’t like that. Sure, she would yell at us for playing pranks, but never pull them.”

“Yeah right. This is likely revenge against us for all the times we played pranks on her!” Tobey laughed then shook his head. “Pathetic really. This is so easy to figure out.”

Sid glanced at Tobey. “I still don’t believe it. She wouldn’t do a prank like make us worry over her all night. Lets go find her.”

Tobey shrugged. “I think she’s playing a joke on us, but fine, we’ll do it your way, as always.” he rolled his eyes with annoyance, then saw Sid already riding away. “Hey wait for me!”

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