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Snippit/Teaser of Future Story?

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Snippit/Teaser of Future Story?

Post by WolfieStar on 26th July 2010, 11:15 pm

Gary looked down nervously at the shivering girl in his arms. She coughed hoarsely, and a splatter of something red and sticky hit his jacket. He frowned nervously and kissed her forehead. She whined softly and tried to move away from his touch, horribly confused and thinking something was attacking her.

"Sue, please." Gary begged. "You have to hang on, you have to make it."

To his surprise, Sue reacted. She opened her red, glary eyes at Gary, then gently touched his face. A slight smile crossed her lips, but she cried out loudly  and her hands flew to her chest. She coughed and coughed, but couldn't rid her lungs of the infection growing.

Gary bit his lip in worry, then brushed the snow off of her now frail body. He cursed when he remembered that she hadn't been eating after the mean girls made fun of her weight. She had started losing alot of weight, her already thin body thinning out even more. Her bones were visibly to the demon wolf's eyes, and he was worried that she was becoming anorexic.

Gary touched her, feeling her bones underneath the heavy coat. She whimpered and weakly grabbed his hand and tried to push him away. He pulled her up into a warm hug, trying to protect her from the harsh wind and falling clumps of heavy snow. Sue cried and pushed away from him, becoming desperate to get away and not get injured.

"Shh...hush little one..." Gary whispered in her ear, cursing about how out of character his voice was. "I will keep you save. Don't worry, it's me, Gary."

Sue's eyelids fluttered open, and she blinked, looking at him. "I'm so cold..." she muttered, pressing her head to his chest.

Gary sighed and pressed her thin body even tighter against his. This was supposed to be a vacation, not a life and death situation! There was some risks of skiing, but he didn't know falling into a hole with your girlfriend who already had a cold was a risk.

Gary blinked, begging to a God that he didn't really beloved in yet, that someone would send a search party to look for them. Then a scary thought — what if they weren't looking for them?They told them that they were going to be gone a while, skiing on the moutain. Well, after five minutes the ice had broken underneath his skis. Sue had tried to grab him before he would fall in, but her weakened state and lighter form made her fall in with him.

The wolf sighed, and winced when he rubbed his head slowly. Dried blood appeared on his hand. His head had slammed against the hard ice, and he was too dizzy to climb back up.

Sue's cold has worsened in the freezing temperatures. She had disobeyed her Nana's rules, and went on the moutain with her new boyfriend. Though, no one knew they were together yet.

"Sue..." Gary whispered her name, now shivering himself. When he hit his head, he couldn't become a demon and fly out. It was a sad thing that when demons got concussions, they couldn't use their powers until they were healed. Now he was regretting never learning Kung Fu, and relying on his powers too much.

Sue shut her eyes, and fell limp in the demon's arms. Gary cursed; with Sue unconscious now, and both phones dead, the hope that someone would find them was rapidly running low.

To Be Continued...?


Well, what do you guys think? Should I make this a story? Tell me what you think! 

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Re: Snippit/Teaser of Future Story?

Post by Chezberryz456 on 27th July 2010, 12:00 am

YES YES YES YES YES YES! Omg! That was really good! so much suspense! I need to know what happens...! Please continue it!

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