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Questions about Final Fantasy for Thalia

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Questions about Final Fantasy for Thalia

Post by swim2live on 6th August 2010, 4:40 am

Okay, I know I've asked you before, Thalia but tell me about anything Final Fantasy because I'm really wanting to get into it. I've watched one movie but I don't think it was one relating to the game.

Are there any movies?
What games go with which gaming systems?
Anything you can tell me, Thalia, because I really think it's cool.
Thank you!

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Re: Questions about Final Fantasy for Thalia

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 6th August 2010, 7:05 pm

Hoooooooooooooojeez. XD I get to do the same rant for FF that I did for KH? 8D I love you guys. You feeeeeed me.

Alrighty, well, I've gotta go get into a new topic because otherwise, this will be a huuuuuuge response. XD


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