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The History of Ross and Kelsi

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The History of Ross and Kelsi

Post by swim2live on 6th August 2010, 5:16 am

Remember this piece of crap? Well it's back! Cuz lord knows Ross and Kelsi need some love.

After reading it again, I realized you guys were right about the baby talk so I edited it out. So, this wasn't one of my best works but I stick to this as the official story of how Ross and Kelsi met.

Ross and Kelsi were lying on the grass side by side in the garden of Wu's. Ross had fallen asleep looking at the blue cloudless sky. Kelsi turned on her side and watched him sleep. She smiled and chuckled slightly. It was times like these, times they were alone together, that made her think about the time they'd met.
Kelsi was sitting in the sandbox all alone, building a sand castle. She was almost always alone. She was an outcast at the orphanage because of her weird hair and odd glasses.

There was one little girl that would play blocks with her sometimes. What was her name? Shu? No, it was Sue. That was her name! Sue. She was two years younger than Kelsi. Most of the time, about half way through their tower, Sue’s older brother would come up and pull her away. Usually whispering something inaudible to Sue.
She was a little ways through her sandcastle when she heard a little girl scream. A little boy, almost exactly a year younger than her dashed by the sandbox. Kelsi stood up and dusted sand off of her dress. Suddenly, Sue grabbed her hand and whisked her away.

“What’s wrong?” Kelsi asked.

“Sid's bad. He said a bad name.” Sue said zipping around trying to catch the small boy. Kelsi stopped abruptly, whip lashing a small Sue back towards her.

“Hey, Sid!”, Kelsi yelled. The little boy stopped and turned around. “You don't say bad names! Come here!”

“Make me!” yelled Sid and he blew raspberries at the two girls. Sue became furious and released Kelsi’s hand to pursue her brother. Kelsi shrugged and turned around and headed back to the sandbox.

She got back to the sandbox and found that a little blonde boy had wrecked her sandcastle and was in the process of building his own.

“Hey! I was here first!” yelled Kelsi. The boy looked at her and stood up. He dusted off his pants. He was about two inches taller than Kelsi.

“I’m sorry.” he said. He walked away and Kelsi plopped back down on the sand to begin reconstruction on her castle. She pushed her glasses back up onto her nose and resumed.

At snack time she sat alone, like always. She glanced over to see Sue and Sid eating their snacks with a little boy with his hair made to look like Kelsi’s. Lots of kids tried to put sand or clay in their hair and look like Kelsi so they could tease her about it. Everyday this little boy would have sand in his hair to look like her and it always made her mad. He’d been there almost as long as she had. But she didn’t say anything. She hardly ever did whenever anyone made fun of her.

The blonde haired boy walked over with a muffin in his hand. He handed it to Kelsi. She took it and looked at it then at him. She noticed his pretty green eyes. He nodded then ran back to the group of boys he was sitting with.

Kelsi took a bite of the muffin and stuck her tongue out. It was a blueberry muffin. She hated blueberry muffins. She stood up and walked over to the group of boys. She tapped the blonde boy on the shoulder and handed the muffin back.

“I don't like blueberry.” she said.

The boy took the muffin and said “Okay.”

“Hey, go away! You look weird!” said a different little boy sitting in the group.

“Yeah, you're a freak.” said another boy. Kelsi hung her head and moped away back to her corner. She started crying. She had mastered the art of crying without being noticed. She had observed that whenever she cried, everyone became determined to make her cry even more. She glanced over at the boy group. They were all leaned forward whispering. Probably about Kelsi. There was only one that wasn’t whispering. It was the little blonde boy. He was giving her a look of pity.

Kelsi crawled into her bed and took her glasses off to go to sleep. She started crying again and, eventually, cried herself to sleep.

In the morning, she woke up to find everyone already awake and running around. She reached over to the dresser where she left her glasses. They were gone! She couldn’t see anything without her glasses. She stumbled out of bed and squinted her eyes to try and see better. It was no use. She couldn’t see. All of a sudden, she felt something slipping around her head. It was her glasses! She could see again!

When her glasses were fully around her head, she could see the little blonde boy standing in front of her.

“You took my glasses?!” she said as she lifted her hand, which was now a clenched fist. She swung but the boy caught her fist and held it.

“My friend took your glasses,” said the boy, still holding her fist, “I got them back so I could give them to you.”

Kelsi unclenched her fist but the boy kept hold of her hand. She yanked her hand away and embraced the boy tightly.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she said excitedly.

He returned the hug. He whispered in her ear “My name’s Ross.”

Kelsi opened her eyes and whispered back “I’m Kelsi.”

He let go of her but held her by her shoulders. “Hey, I know!”, Ross exclaimed “We can be friends and look out for each other! I’ll take care of you, and you take care of me!”

Kelsi considered it then brought her hand to her mouth and spit on it. “Deal!” she said, thrusting her hand out for him to shake. Ross smiled and spit on his hand and shook her hand vigorously. They were now, and forever, best friends.
When Ross woke up, Kelsi was on her back again looking up at the sky. She looked like she was deep in thought.

“What’cha thinkin’ about?” he asked her.

“I’m thinking about how we met.” she said, a small smile spreading across her face.

“Oh, yeah. Man, those were the worst days of my life.” he said as he sat up and smiled. Kelsi bolted up and gave him a friendly shove. They both laughed. “But, really, I’m glad we met.” he said, a small gentle smile on his face.

Kelsi smiled, too. “Yeah, so am I.” she replied as they both stared out at the sunset.

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Re: The History of Ross and Kelsi

Post by Chezberryz456 on 9th August 2010, 11:43 pm

AWWWHHH! that was soooo cute! and really good!

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Re: The History of Ross and Kelsi

Post by swim2live on 11th August 2010, 4:31 pm

Thank you! I made them have a funny way of talking in the old one (because they're little kids and all) but I got alot of negative comments because of it, so I just took it out! It's ALOT better just because of that haha

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Re: The History of Ross and Kelsi

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