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Songfic Dump~

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Songfic Dump~

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 20th August 2010, 10:32 pm

You guys asked for it. >>
Don't judge me based on these songfics. XD Seriously, most were written in like '08 when I didn't realize that songfics don't have to follow lyrics exactly, so they're really bad and choppy and hardly make sense unless you're listening to the song. And they're REALLY short. I do mean really. So...yeeeah. My ideas were sooooo bad. I'd write almost anything. XD So there's lots of crack in here. And I do mean lots.

PLUS I'm listening to "Mother May I" by EatMeWhileI'mHot! and it's not doing good things for me. >[

I'll post notes for each of these at the very end.

* * * * * *
Be Prepared [The Lion King]

Kong Li leaned in closer to Sue. He mumbled into her ear. "You could be powerful. You could learn everything that I know."

Sue tried to take a step back, but was denied by a wall of magic. "No!" she yelled, glancing down at her feet.

"You could be great," he whispered again. "Mei-Hua doesn't want you to learn magic. But you do." Sue gulped. He had hit a sore spot with her. Magic is what Sue wanted to know most. Kong Li wanted to rule Chinatown and then the world. She couldn't give in.

"Come on, Sue." He laughed darkly. "It wouldn't be so bad. Who determines which is the good side and which is the bad?"

Sue considered this. Who did? She couldn't think clearly. He was clouding her thoughts.


* * * * *
Breakaway [Kelly Clarkson]

Brynn sat forlornly on the window seat in her large bedroom. The dark night of Alliance, Ohio loomed back at her, the sharp rain pelting against the glass. Brynn had always felt as if she lived a caged life. She somehow knew she didn't belong here. She knew that she belonged somewhere else.

She prayed each and every night that she could break free of her foster parents, break free of her 'peers', break free of... of everything. She knew she would never forget the ones who had helped her. She wanted to see the sites of the world. She wanted to live near the beach for once in her life. She wanted to escape.

Something about Ohio turned her off. She just wanted to get away from the boring routine, the same-old, same-old. Even if it meant living a normal life, anything would be more exciting than sitting around at the mall with Katie and Maddie all day long. Brynn thought about all the places she could go if she just packed and left.

San Francisco. Her parents loved San Francisco. It was the one place she knew they cared about. She would go there, and break away.

* * * * *
Breathe No More [Evanescence]

Ashleigh lay on the cold ground, her heart pounding slower with every breath she took. Shards of glass lay around her and she couldn't help but feel as if they were the pieces of her life shattering every time they hit the ground. Each piece was large enough to cut her a little deeper. A little more hurt.

Her breathing grew sharper as she lay. A thousand thoughts raced through her head. What if she had taken his word for it? What if she had listened? Why had she been so stubborn? When would Cole show up and save her from this horrible mistake? And a million images flashed through her mind, and each brought a little more pain to her, and she was cut a little deeper.

Leigh knew that he hadn't been lying to her. He had told the truth, but in her own little reality, she convinced herself that he never really did like her. That it was all a fake to bring her through. To make her a better wrestler? To make her want to win? Why would he do something like that? The flaw in her little world. He wouldn't want to win by breaking someone so much that they... well, they ended up like this. The horrible position Ashleigh was in now.

"Leigh? Leigh, where are you?" A voice echoed through the darkness. Ashleigh would have called back to her brother, but she couldn't hear herself screaming. She couldn't bring herself to move her lips. She couldn't get her voice to work. "Leigh, come on, this isn't funny!"

Suddenly, it occurred to Ashleigh that it wasn't her brother who was calling for her. It was... someone else.

"Leigh!" He burst into the room and rushed to her side, kneeling down. She gazed up at him through glazed over eyes, her heart beating slower. "What happened? No, that's a stupid question." He argued with himself as she slowly grew weaker. "Oh, for heaven's sake, what's wrong with me?" The mirror above Ashleigh's dresser reflected her bleeding face and his sorrowful expression. It reflected all the hurt of the months. It reflected all the emotions they were both too afraid to show.

"Hold on," he whispered. He glanced over at the object that lay broken beside her. He gently picked up the pieces and put them together. It formed the picture that he had taken of them, all that time ago. And he knew.

He had broken her.

* * * * *
Broken Man [Boys Like Girls]

Ken just felt like screaming. He had once again attempted a conversation with Eunice, but she just brushed him off like he was nothing. He just wanted her to pay attention to something for once in her life. He was trying so hard to be a person she would notice, a person she would like. He just wanted to be himself, but that obviously wasn't enough.

Maybe he would run away. Would she even notice? Probably not. She would be better without him bugging her anyway. He was tired of everyone hassling him, all the pressure he felt. He'd find someone, eventually. He took a step away from her and then thought of everything he wanted to say to her. But he was everything she hated. Poor, unpopular, and most importantly, she was too good for him.

He would just have to stand as a broken man.

* * * * *
Can I Have This Dance? [Zac Efron&Vanessa Hudgesn - YES. I DO LIKE THIS SONG]

It was getting late. The dance was already almost over. And Brynn couldn’t help but laugh aloud when a High School Musical song came on.

She stopped laughing when Sid held out his hand and asked her dance with him.

They both stood on the dance floor, unsure of what to do. Finally, Sid rested a hand around her waist and took her hand with his other. It was awkward but strangely comforting. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from his. It was like they were glued there.

She felt him leading her. And suddenly, she wasn’t afraid. Well, she was still afraid of being with him like that. She probably always would be. But she wasn’t afraid of anything else. She wasn’t afraid of Kong Li, she wasn’t afraid of what people around them were thinking, and most importantly, she wasn’t afraid of what Tyko would say later that night about these few precious minutes with him. He was like her safety
net, always ready to catch her when she needed him to.

It was in that perfect moment that it really dawned on Brynn that she’d never felt so strongly about anyone before. It was almost an alien emotion to her. It seemed that they drew closer with every step. And the song was over much too soon.

And it was all because he had asked, “Can I have this dance?”

* * * * *
Don't Say a Word [David Cook]

Barney stole a single glance at his 'date', as Tyko referred to it. Ashleigh sat on the bleachers, one step up from him, staring absent-mindedly at the loads of other students who were comfortable. More comfortable than either of them were. Barney wondered what she could be thinking. What it was about. If she was waiting for him to say something. Or... do something.

Barney knew that this was useless. They were wasting time, just another pair of bodies in the crowd. What was the point if they wouldn't do anything anyway? He felt like some unresolved hung in the air around the two of them. Sometimes he wished he could see the other side of Ashleigh. It always seemed like she wasn't... all there. And her bracelets were suspicious. She never explained why they were there. He wanted to know for sure.

It was with these confusing thoughts in his head; he stood up quickly and jumped down to a nearby garbage can. Ashleigh barely registered it. He took the note out of his pocket and crumpled it up, tossing it in the garbage. He remembered Ashleigh once telling him not to say anything to her that she wouldn't say to him. He had guessed then that it was so they never hurt each other's feelings. But he knew that Ashleigh would never say to him what that note read.

* * * * *
Hey Jude - The Beatles

"Sid, everything will be okay," she promised, holding my arm.

"I have to protect everyone," I growled, pulling away. "Sue, Tobey, Nana, you..."

"We can take care of ourselves. Don't feel like you have to be the hero all the time." She took another tentative step towards me. "I don't know what's wrong unless you tell me."

I heaved a long sigh. "Yeah, I know. I don't want to see anyone close to me get hurt though. I have to be reassured."

She frowned at me. "Reassured? You're beating yourself up for us. That's not reassurance last time I checked," she argued.

"When something’s wrong, I have to make it right."

"It's not your fault. He let his guard down. I'm not saying it's his fault or anything..." she trailed off, unsure where to take the rest of the sentence. "We'll all miss him," she whispered. "Don't hold it against yourself. It's Kong Li's fault. He's the one you should be mad at. Not yourself."

I pushed her away from me. "No. I should have been looking out for him. I should have, but I wasn't!" I yelled. "It's my fault!" I hung my head.

"Tobey wouldn't want you to do this," she murmured. "Let it go."

* * * * *
It's Not Your Fault - New Found Glory

"It's not your fault," he promised weakly. "Please don't cry."

He stared at her face as he pulled away. His heart was beating just as fast as hers was. Her face was wrapped in confusion, a face that was fit for any suitor. He was afraid to let her go. Afraid that he would never see her again.

"It's not your fault. Please don't cry," he begged. "It's not your fault."

* * * * *
Lithium - Evanescence

"You've got to stop!" he cried, pulling on my arm sharply. "You know this is wrong!"

I shook my head and took another breath. "I know," I whispered. "I can't though."

"You have to try," Tobey pleaded from the other side of the room. I glanced over at him; he looked frightened and sad.

"I can't!" I sobbed, throwing myself into him. "I can't! I want to, I really do. But I can't!"

"Don't let it control you," he soothed, stroking my hair gently. "Don't."

"But I feel like me," I whispered. "I'm sorry. But it's what I need. I can't win this fight. I deserve this." I closed my eyes and tried not to breathe.

"It's okay. Forget it. Forget what it does to you. Forget ever trying. Forget."

I nodded softly. I threw down the bottle. "I will," I vowed, as it shattered.

* * * * *
Marry Me - Evanescence

Nana opened her journal slowly. How could she look back now and not feel such heart ache? How could she possibly?

He did it today. He held me softly. I felt so complete. I can't believe what I did. He asked me. He actually did it. And I... I refused.

Nana closed her eyes and allowed a small tear slip down her cheek. He actually had. He promised he would, and she knew that. He fulfilled his end, but she... she hadn't. Everything she was belonged with him, but somehow she had managed to say no. He was everything, but somehow, she let him go.

How could she? She cried for weeks on end after that. Sobbing softly into her pillow. Some things... just weren't meant to be. She had already agreed to marry someone else. She was happy she did. The other was everything, but she couldn't thank him enough. She always had loved his father, she just didn't know it.

"Calvin," she whispered. "Thank you."

* * * * *
More Than a Love Song - Fireflight

Sue glanced over at Brynn sitting in one of the booths, trying to read a book. Sid sat across from her, hand under his chin, watching her. She glanced up at him and faked a smile. Sue wondered if her brother could see her pain. If he would only hold her close, he would be able to feel how many pieces she was in. He would finally understand how alone and scared she was.

Sue saw Brynn open her mouth and heard her faintly discussing something with Sid. She heard the cracks in her voice. She wondered if Sid heard them too. Sid had always told Sue he loved the sound of her voice. Broken was a beautiful sound to him. Sue’s thoughts wandered away, but she still knew what Brynn needed most.

Sid gazed at her as she talked to him. She would never say aloud, but he knew she was scared of slipping further down than she already was. Maybe if she knew, she’d like it here better. He glanced over at Sue, who watched them intently. He could almost hear her say, “Give her some hope.”

Sid excused himself when Brynn was done and sat beside Sue. “What do I do?” he asked.

“Learn,” she replied. “She needs more than a hug every now and then. She needs more than a smile.” Sue shook her head. “You don’t have to fix everything that went wrong in her past. You just have to let her know that she belongs here.” She glanced back up at him. “Look at her,” she instructed.

Sid glanced over at Brynn, alone in the booth. She sat with her hand beneath her chin, staring into nothing. Her eyes shimmered, as if there were tears in them. He looked back to Sue.

“Sid, actions are louder than your words,” she said. Sue got to her feet and turned away. “She needs more than a love song,” she added, and disappeared into the kitchen.

Sid stared after her, then back at Brynn. Actions are louder than words, he mused. Then he knew exactly what he would do. He’d make the next day the best of her life.

* * * * *
My Last Breath - Evanescence

Brynn took another deep breath in the cool of the night. She felt Sid grasp her arms and pull her into his lap, holding onto her before she faded away. They both knew she wouldn’t be there long. “I’m not afraid,” she murmured.

Sid shook his head and she wondered if he could hear her. Was she even there any more?

Brynn thought of all the things she would miss about living. She’d miss summertime, she knew. She’d miss her friends and family. When a teardrop struck her cheek, she knew he could hear her. He knew she wouldn’t be there forever.

When he woke up the next morning, he’d understand better. He would just want to know she was in the next room, sleeping soundly, but he’d know. She wouldn’t be there. She’d never be there again.

“Sid, there’s something you should know,” she whispered. She cracked her eyes open and looked past the blood into his eyes. They met and for a brief moment, she felt remorse for going back. But it had to be this way. “I… I couldn’t live without you.”

She didn’t expect him to cry harder when she said that. But he did and it confused her. She thought that maybe he’d yell or scream at her for being an idiot, but she didn’t expect him to cry. She wondered why he did.

But she never got her answer. He was just about to say something as Brynn drew her very last breath.

* * * * *
Paradise - Vanessa Carlton

Brynn’s eyes slipped closed. It felt good to sleep in a bed again. But there wasn’t anything comfortable about it. She’d rather have stayed on that hammock the rest of her life than be where she was at that moment. A thousand different images sifted through her mind, all telling her the same thing.

She’d given in.

There was no more light in her life. Nothing worth living for. Would anyone miss her if she slowly slipped away? Would anyone care? Of course not. It had already begun, and nobody had noticed.

All the things that kept her awake at night. All the lies she told herself to make her mind leave her alone. She’d see them all again. She’d maybe even forget about them. Forget about everyone. Everything. Everything that could have been…

Her mind screamed silently. She didn’t want this pain anymore. She wanted to give it up. She was tired of holding it in. She just wanted it to let go of her. Never had such feelings of hatred surrounded her. It was burning her, pushing her away from everything she knew to be true.

She tossed over in her bed and crashed to the floor. The hard wood was comforting in comparison. What was this place? This limbo she was caught in? Was this her paradise?

Did paradise even exist anymore?

* * * * *
Radios in Heaven - Plain White T's

The last time Sid had heard from Brynn, they had been chatting on her cell phone eight years earlier. He figured that she had just moved on and she didn’t look back on the past on her life in Chinatown. But the secret had been kept from him. He didn’t know that she had died. He had been left out in the dark while everyone pretended not to notice that there was a melancholy mood in the air. And he had switched on his news, now at the age of twenty-three, and seen the end of the Thamason case. They had finally figured out who had killed fourteen-year-old, red-headed, Brynn Thamason.

It seemed like it had only been a few days ago that the two of them had been laughing at the booth in Wu’s Garden. Training with Nana, and Sue, Tobey, and Tyko. Where had the time gone? They didn’t have a chance to say goodbye even before she left, and he had never had a chance to say anything he wanted to to her.

Sid thought about what it would be like to be up in the sky, looking down. He wondered if she could see his face when he saw the television. He hoped she didn’t. It wasn’t a moment that he was exactly proud of. Sid turned on the radio and one of his own songs blasted back at him. And he wondered. Did they have radios in heaven? He hoped so. All the songs he had written about and for her were common things now. Everyone knew them practically. And if they didn’t have radios, when his time came for him to leave Earth, he’d take his guitar with him and play those songs just for her.

* * * * *
Sacred - Tokio Hotel

Sid's shallow breaths grew shorter as he lay propped against the side of a building. Tyko, Tobey, and Sue had followed Kong Li at his request. And now he was completely alone in the darkness, with nothing to do but remember her and pray. He just hoped that if this was the end, that she would somehow find out that he really did love her. He could nearly feel the ground crumbling beneath him.

"Hold on!" he heard her. She held her hand steadily above his mouth, checking for breathing. "Don't you dare give up now, Sid Yi."

Just the fact that she was there was unbelievable. "How..?" He trailed off, moaning in sudden pain. He heard her voice again, but he couldn't make out the words.

"Hey!" she shouted again, shaking his shoulder gently. "Promise me!"

"What?" he asked softly.

"Don't let go," she whispered, a tear falling onto the sidewalk. "Please don't."

He cracked his eyes open to look at her.

And he smiled.

* * * * *

I have like, a billion more, but none that I'm going to post. o.e

Be Prepared - Written before The Tutor. Alix and I had this joke for a long time how AnimationCollective would steal our ideas. Like, right after I made Brynn, the episode with Eunice aired. And we'd have all these random side characters that we made up, and suddenly, a character named the same thing would be in the very next episode. This songfic is just another example. XD

Breakaway - Brynn's thoughts before running away. Which makes you wonder if it wasn't such a bad thing her foster parents went missing..? (;

Breathe No More - Written at three in the morning at a hotel when I couldn't sleep. You guys don't know much about Ashleigh, but she's not the happiest character.

Broken Man - Ken/Eunice is one of our favorite crack pairings. 8D Because Alix and I thought it was awkward to ship Eugene/Eunice, hahah.

Can I Have This Dance - Iunno. The idea came at me and wouldn't go away. It's not terrible, but I still don't like it. XD


Hey Jude - ..I killed Tobey. o.e Sorrrrryyyy everybody.

It's Not Your Fault - Sid!death. Uhm...yeah. Basically the entire song is, "It's not your fault, so please stop your crying now." And the rest of the song didn't make sense with what I was going for. Something about a pool and sunglasses. XD


Marry Me - KONG LI/NANA. I BELIEVE IT'S CANON. Anyways, yeah uhm...I guess that she and Kong Li weren't really...together, and she'd been seeing Calvin's father while still being friends with Kong Li, and then Calvin's daddy popped the question and the reason she chose to be with him and not Kong Li is because...I don't know. o.e because she wasn't prengnat. Never have and never will write something like that. Iunno. You be the judge. XD

More Than a Love Song - This song will ALWAYS remind me of Brynn. When she first gets to Wu's, she still feels awkward and uncomfortable and after what happens in FBF, even more so. Yes, she is friends with like, everybody, but she has some problems with trust and believing what people tell her they feel. It's all very complicated. XD And Sue's there because...Sid wasn't going to do anything on his own. XD

My Last Breath - Yeah, I needed to kill Brynn.

Paradise - Takes place in FBF. Uhm...yeah. You decide.

Radios in Heaven - I killed her again. XD If Brynn actually died, this would be how it happens. You don't know who killed her, but I do. XD

Sacred - Sid's turn to die. Uhhh...yeah. For awhile, I was debating putting this in FBF. Actually, I'm going to, but I'll save Sid that time. ^^;;



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