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Underdog ch.1 - For Thalia (Chris/Sue)

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Underdog ch.1 - For Thalia (Chris/Sue)

Post by WolfieStar on 10th May 2010, 2:50 am

Three Delivery

Summary: It's the night of a school dance, and everyone except Sue has a date. Feeling upset, she decides not to go to the dance and chooses to hang out at Jung's Smoothies for a bit and get her mind off it. Unfortunately, Kong Li sees his chance and tries to kidnap Sue, and Chris witnesses it! He tries to protect her from Kong Li, but cant and he takes her away. With Sid and Tobey at the dance, it's up to Chris to rescue her!

For ThaliaAnderson on FF.net and the TDmessageboard. She requested a Chue (Chris/Sue) fan fic, saying she’s never seen one and she can’t write a good one, so I offered too. I thought it would be loads of fun! So I hope you enjoy it Thalia!

Chapter 1

“Come with us Mei Mei. It will be a good night tonight, and I don’t want you to be stuck all by yourself at home.” Sid knocked on his little sister’s door, all dressed up and ready for a school dance. He was wearing a nice white button up shirt and black dress pants and dress shoes. It was obvious he was going to something formal or a party.

“No, I’m not going.” Sue called through her door. “I don’t want to be the joke of the party . . .”

“Who said you were going to be the joke of the party Sue?” Sid asked, worried about his sister. “Just because you don’t have a date that doesn’t mean-”

“Everyone will laugh at me! No boy ever even glanced at me or asked me to go to the dance with them! You got at least ten girls asking you out, Tobey three. Not one for me! Do you know what that feels like for my own brother to get asked out but not me?!” Sue cried, and Sid thought he heard her voice squeak like she was crying.

Sid sighed, “alright Mei Mei, whatever will make you happy. Tobey and I are going now, we have to pick up Alison and Tiffany.” he thought he heard her grumble something at the girls’ names, but he ignored her. “Goodnight Sue, see you tomorrow if you’re not awake by the time we come home.”

“Have a good night bro with . . . Tiffany . . .” Sue said Tiffany’s name sharp, like she tasted something bad. Sid sighed again, then walked downstairs to where Tobey was waiting. He looked up from the booth and walked over to him when he heard Sid.

“Hey Sid, where’s Sue?” Tobey asked, looking around for her.

“She’s not coming.” Sid sighed, shoving his hands in his pockets and looking down at his recently polished black shoes.


“She’s upset no one asked her out, and she’s afraid everyone will yell at her.” Sid told him, then added quickly when he saw Tobey ready to bolt to the stairs, “don’t talk to her! She seemed to be in a bad mood, I would leave her alone.”

Tobey frowned then nodded. “All right. Lets go pick up the girls.”


“I have to get out of this house!” Sue moaned and fell back on her bed. “Or else I’ll go crazy!” she looked at her clock as she got up. “Hmm, it’s 9:00 already. The boys have been gone about an hour, guess it’s safe now.”

Slowly, she opened her door and thought about what she was doing. It was a Friday night, Nana was busy making a new type of fortune cookie, so training was canceled that night. The dance was until 11:00, so likely everyone was at the dance tonight.

“Oh well . . .” Sue sighed. “I guess I’ll just stroll around town for a bit, hopefully I’m not the only one who’s not going to the dance tonight . . .”

Feeling lonely, she grabbed her red jacket and zipped it on and walked out the door, hoping to get some relief of her loneliness. She really wasn’t in the mood to bike, so she just walked through Chinatown. Staring at her feet, she didn’t notice that she wound up at Jung’s Smoothies.

“I could go for a good smoothie . . .” Sue said out loud, then walked in. when she walked in, she noticed how empty the usual busy and crowded smoothie bar was. She saw Chris cleaning tables with a dishrag, and he looked very bored.

“Hey Chris.” Sue smiled when she saw him. He jumped a bit, surprised, then looked at Sue, a blush creeping on his face.

“Oh hi Sue!” he smiled, rolling the dishrag in a ball nervously. “Why aren’t you at the dance like everyone else?”

Sue sighed and frowned. “Well, no one asked me out, and I don’t want to seem like a nerd, going to a dance without a date . . .”

Chris smiled warmly. “Yeah, I asked a few people out, but they refused . . .”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Sue frowned. “Being rejected must feel terrible . . .”

“But not as bad as not being asked at all.” Chris smiled. “Don’t worry about it. Those boys don’t realize how wonderful you really are.”

Sue blushed like a tomato, “oh um, t-thanks Chris!”

Chris blushed too, then asked, “if you’re here, I guess you want a smoothie?”

Sue nodded. “Yep, one small strawberry banana smoothie,” she looked at the clock, it was 9:30. “Make it a large, I have plenty of time.”

“Coming right up Sue.” Chris smiled, threw the dishrag aside then went behind the counter and got her smoothie ready. Sue smiled, what Chris said still running through her mind. Chris thought she was wonderful?

“Here you go.” Chris smiled, then handed Sue her smoothie. Sue smiled and took a sip, the flavors of the smoothie flooding her mouth.

“Wow, this is good!” Sue commented, taking hasty sips. She finished off half her smoothie when Chris said,

“I’m glad you like it Sue. Hey, want to go sit at that table?” he pointed to a table closest to them. Sue nodded, and she took her smoothie with her and sat down. Chris smiled and sat down across from her.

“Thank you Chris, you really helped me feel better. I was really upset . . .” Sue smiled as she finished her smoothie.

“No problem Sue, happy to help. You must have really liked that smoothie!” Chris laughed. Sue laughed with him, then froze. A cold burst of air hit them both, and they both shivered. “What was that?”

“I don’t know . . .” Sue said, then screamed and wrapped herself in a hug, obviously in pain.

“Sue!” Chris cried, then was slammed to the floor. “Ow!” he shook his head, trying to get the dizziness out of his head. When he looked up, he saw a man in a black outfit and cape with a red dragon staff. Sue was draped over his shoulder like a sack of flour, and she looked unconscious!

“Sue!” Chris jumped up, ready to tackle this man for hurting her. The man smirked, then took his feet out from under him with his staff. Chris fell to the floor as the man spoke.

“I’ll be taking little Sue Yi.” he laughed, then pulled out a vial. He threw it to the floor. Chris tried to crawl to Sue, but her and the man were gone.

“Sue no!” Chris cried, then looked frantically for her. But she was no where in sight. A tear ran down his cheek as he accepted defeat.

To Be Continued . . .

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Re: Underdog ch.1 - For Thalia (Chris/Sue)

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 3rd August 2010, 9:21 am

Wait wait waaaaait!
I didn't comment on this?!
Or did I comment in the crackbox?!
I don't knoooooowwww.

Anyways, I really absolutely love this! And if you can find it in your heart/time/energy to every work on this again, I might have to hunt you down and glomp you.
Jus' sayin'.


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