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So I found this and thought I would share!

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So I found this and thought I would share!

Post by Chezberryz456 on 3rd August 2015, 6:04 am

So hey... I know that nothing's been posted on here for two years, and this site has been fairly dead for even longer than that.... and that it's nearly 4am in the morning for me so why am I not in bed?, buuuttt, I was routing through my old laptop and I found this, which I made 5 years ago and for some reason never shared. So for the sake of reminiscing I decided to post it :3

Since you can't see it without downloading it (no idea why it won't just show Sad) it's basically a little still momement from our RR... unfortunately not everyone's in it, but I still think it's cute

(And no, I didn't draw this, no no no, my drawing is badddddd. I think this was some kind of game where you place all the items and people on a background - which I then re-coloured appropriately)

We're not even going to talk about how long it took me to figure out how to even get it to show...
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Re: So I found this and thought I would share!

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 28th November 2015, 8:02 am


All things considered, I'm somewhat impressed it's only been a few months since you posted and I'm responding now. And I'm ridiculously happy to see you on here and thinking about this place, because even though yeah, it's been about seven years since Three Delivery was even a thing, I've been missing it and you guys like crazy in the last couple days.

Also, that picture is adorable, and I'm so glad that you decided to share it, even though it's been so long. I love and miss you all so much.


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