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Kidnapped by the Past ch.1

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Kidnapped by the Past ch.1

Post by WolfieStar on 8th July 2010, 2:20 am

Kidnapped by the Past
Chapter 1
By Star the Wolf
**rewrite of "The Kidnapping of Sue Yi"**

Summary: A strange man with an odd relationship to the siblings partners up with Kong Li, and the results aren't pretty.

Chapter One

Silently, a dark figure ran down the streets of Chinatown, as swift as the shadows on the walls. It was much too late for anyone to be out, even the night shift workers were either home, or didn't notice the figure slip down a dark alley. Having stopped running, he was now a statue, watching silently, seeming to wait for someone.

"I see you have arrived Kong Li." a deep, dark voice rasped, then approached the figure. Kong Li looked at the man calmly striding up to him, then soon scowled and lifted his blood red dragon staff in preparation for an attack.

"You brat! How dare you try to trick me Sid Yi!" Kong Li roared, making the man freeze. Then he lowered his staff, then sighed. "I am sorry, you reminded me of one of the little rejects I had spoken to you on the phone about . . ."

"It is understandable." the man spoke again, then walked up to him. Kong Li got a better look of the man. The raven haired, well built man really did look like one of the young teenage boys who always meddled with his plans. The most noticeable difference between the man standing before him and Sid Yi was that he was older, and even more muscular. When he came into the light from the streetlight, Kong Li could also see that he had a deep scar on his face and hadn't shaved in a while.

"Spencer, we must discuss our plan." Kong Li said. Nervously, he tapped the dragon end of his staff against a brick wall, impatiently waiting for his answer. "I'm paying you good money to distract Mei Hua and those pathetic rejects!"

"Calm down Mr. Li, calm down." Spencer said coolly, not phased by the evil man's actions and vicious behavior. "I have a plan."

"Then get on with it!" Kong Li snapped. Spencer sighed, then blinked slowly. He seemed very comfortable, and not fearful of this man, who very well could make him disappear in a vapor from a sprinkling of magic herbs.

"Kong Li . . . You see, my plan is, boys are one of the physically strongest species on this planet. Girls have the most able bodies, and the hardest spirits to crush out of everyone, but unfortunately many weak spots on their physical being." Spencer explained calmly. "So, didn't you say one of the rejects is a girl?"

Kong Li nodded slowly. "Yes, little Sue Yi."

"Do you have photos of these children?" Spencer asked. He seemed to look confused when Kong Li said "Sue Yi", but it quickly vanished, and he had the same expressionless, yet calm face.

"I do." Kong Li smirked, then reached into his cloak pocket and pulled out three small photos. Handing them to Spencer, he quickly flipped through the pictures, examining each person carefully, tracing every physical detail. He stopped and looked at the pictures of Sid and Sue more thoroughly, Sue he made sure to remember everything about her. Sid really did look like him, Spencer realized, then pushed it away.

"So this is the girl you want me to get?" Spencer asked slowly, then lifted the picture of Sue, his hands shakily slightly as he held the picture of Sid in his other hand.

"I didn't say you had to get her." Kong Li snorted angrily, crossing his arms across his chest. "You said females were easier for physical reasons."

"Exactly. This girl," he looked at her again. "is perfect."

"Be careful with her." Kong Li said quickly. "Out of the three of them, she is the smartest and wisest. She knows a bit of magic, more than those two boys. She is swift and agile, and does not focus on physical strength, for she has the least of the three. And remember, all three of them are highly skilled in Kung Fu."

"It's alright." Spencer smirked. "I will be fine. She will be lucky if she even has her sanity left after I finish with her."

"May I ask, what are you going to do with her?" Kong Li asked, getting ready to leave. His hand slipped into his pocket, and he fished out a gold piece of paper.

"It is for me to know, and her to find out." Spencer revealed a grin that even made Kong Li shiver. "But I shall inform you of this - I will make sure that little brat tells us where the package is."

To Be Continued . . .


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