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Five Becomes Four - Chapter O1

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Five Becomes Four - Chapter O1

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 20th July 2010, 3:12 am

Prepare yourselves for an uploading spree. Star pointed out that she's never read any of Brynn's story, and the chapters from the old board obviously got deleted.
I know that these are terrible, but I don't feel like rewriting them. I promised myself that this will be the last draft of her story that I write. Therefore, I am posting what I do have, awful as it may be, just so that maybe one of these days I can stop being so secretive (unless you're Alix and know everything) about Brynn's past and stuff.

I guess you guys can play detective and try to figure it out along the way..? XD
I won't have many comments for these chapters~ you already know I don't like them. X)
Oh, and is it surprising that I never write anything for Brynn in first person except for her story? I can't do first person one shots, unless they're from Sid's point of view (like the Yellowcard one shots) x3

* * * * *

The wind rippled my soft red hair as I rode the back of the train. I never realized how good air felt until this moment in time, or how much I could come to love public transportation in the space of four days. The train had come to seem like home in the long ride from Ohio to California and I dreaded finally getting off of it. Mostly because I had no idea where I would go, or how I would get there. I sure didn’t know how I was going to survive. The money I had swiped from underneath the floorboard in the kitchen was sure to run out soon, even though it was two grand in cold hard cash. I knew that it wouldn’t last long. I had to get a place to live, maybe a run down shack that was cheap and especially a job. That was essential, even if I had never worked a day in my life.

I honestly didn’t know how in the world I was supposed to pull this off. I knew that I was only a fourteen year old girl, who didn’t know how to work, who didn’t know what to do, but knew that she had to get out. Had to get away from Ohio and the world she needed to leave behind. That much I knew. I knew that somehow, I had to survive here and never return to the laid back life I had lived. And not only because I had no one to return to, because I had to leave. I had to leave the place where all my horrid memories lay and I had to start again. I had to record over all those awful things.

The train slowly rolled to a stop and I hopped off of the back. A teller stopped me with one hand and politely asked to see my ticket. I pulled it from my bag and handed it over, smiling up at him. I knew myself that it seemed strange that a girl my age would walk off a train by herself, with no parents or guardians with her. But I was all about strange now.

He looked me up and down quickly and finally nodded and handed me back the ticket. “You’re cleared,” he announced, his voice echoing over the walls of the stations. I nodded politely and scooted around him, entering the large station. I never noticed how big everything was, because in Alliance, it had seemed the biggest thing there was was my house. Which was sad to say, but it was true.

I glanced around at the people and things and tried not to draw attention to myself. I knew from some stares that I was receiving that it was not normal for a fourteen-year-old girl to be walking around a train station all by herself. But screw normal, I was beyond that.

I began to jog around until I found the exit. Bright sunlight dotted my vision and I blinked a few times against it. The hustle and bustle of San Francisco was overwhelming compared to Alliance, even if the population was over eighty-five thousand. There were never so many people packed into one place. Citizens slammed into me and bumped around me from all sides, and I had to duck and dodge expertly through the crowd until I managed to reach a subway station entrance. I slipped down the stairs and bought a ticket for Stockton street.

The ride was bumpy, but worth it. I had never been on a subway before, and it really was a joy. You would think that being a very rich girl, I would have experienced more things, but the Anderson’s had given me a very… sheltered life. Ever since my parents…well, whatever.

I crowded off the subway along with several other… burly… passengers. As soon as my feet touched concrete, I felt an odd sensation. It was as if I had passed through an invisible wall, and I was in a new world. Metaphorically, I was. I was far away from Ohio, as far as I could get without leaving the United States. I took a deep breath, and stepped into the open sunlight.

I was met by a couple statues that were formed as dragons. I blinked a few times, and I realized where I was standing. The entrance to Chinatown. Katherine and Richard had told me about a time long before I had been born that they and my parents had gone and visited San Francisco and had all gone to Chinatown. They said it was my parents’ favorite part of California. I suppose that was why I had automatically headed for San Fran. If my parents liked it, it must have been a pretty cool place.

I crossed through the gates and the odd feeling coursed through my body again; like something was wrong. But I knew that was silly and, shaking my head softly, headed into the small town.

As soon as I was inside the gate, the noises from Stockton ceased and I turned around, only to find that I wasn’t where I used to be. Stockton Street had disappeared, and I was standing face to face with a brick wall. “Wha–?” I began. I spun quickly around and was faced with a new landing. Instead of facing a bunch of little shops that were bustling with activity, I saw a store that was called “Jiang’s Smoothies”. Blinking rapidly, I pushed the door open. “Excuse me,” I started, but was abruptly cut off.

“Welcome to Jiang’s Smoothies, what’s up?” a boy asked, sounding rather bored. I stared intently at him. He was… Chinese. I didn’t ever remember Katherine mentioning that people in Chinatown were actually Chinese. I mentally smacked myself. Of course they were; it was Chinatown after all. Perhaps I had spent too much of my life cooped up in private school.

“Nothing, thanks, but…” Too late. He was already dialing on the telephone. He began chatting away with somebody, probably a girl, assuming from the flirtatious tone he took on.

I shook my head and exited the store. Glancing around, I found a street that led down what looked like a main road. “Perhaps…” I mused, taking a few steps toward the street.

Suddenly, something zipped passed me. I spun around, looking wildly for the source. I felt air whoosh past me again in the opposite direction. “Who are you?” I called timidly. I pushed myself back against the wall of the smoothie shop.

Sure, I had been taking martial arts lessons since I was five, but something about the essence caused me to forget all the training my sensei had given me for nine years. I squeezed my eyes shut, praying I was only imagining it. Something about the situation seemed too real, too frightening.

“Hey, move!” I opened my eyes wide in surprise. Something passed me in a blur, and glancing to the left, I saw a red bike speeding away. Well, I had almost been run over once.

“Sue, wait up!” another voice echoed through the street. This time, I glimpsed the person who passed. Just in time, I saw a boy, riding a yellow bike; pedal after the girl (he had said Sue, right?). He was steering the wrong direction though. He was steering… at me.

“Hey, watch it!” he called. I yelped, finally unfreezing and jumping out of the way. I somersaulted a few feet before painfully stopping, looking up at the bright sky. I heard the clatter of something falling and the short pounding of feet. Soon, the boy was staring down at me intently.

“Where did you come from?” he demanded, blinking.

“What do you mean? I was standing right there the whole time!” I exclaimed, sitting slowly up.

“You were?” He scratched his head before extending a hand to me. I looked at it wearily and he laughed. “I don’t bite, promise,” he said, reaching farther.

“If you say so,” I muttered, holding onto his wrist and he hauled me up.

“I didn’t see you at all,” he explained.

“How could you not see me?”

“You kind of blend in.”

That was true. I was wearing a grimy brown jacket that I had found in the attic at the Anderson’s house and my dark red hair did look like the color of brick. Not to mention my black jeans. I wasn’t wearing any bright colors, only if you counted the green trim on my shirt, which could barely be seen. “Well, I guess I forgive you,” I muttered, brushing off some dirt from the sleeve of my coat.

“That’s a relie–,” he trailed off as something off to the left caught his eye. “Here we go,” he mumbled, facing away from me.

“Hey Sid, stop flirting and let’s get going!” Another boy riding a blue bike rode up to us and stopped just next to Sid’s foot, barely avoiding running it down.

And Sid’s run-in had been the second time I had nearly been hit by a moving object.

“Har har, Tobey,” he chuckled, stepping over to his bike and picking it up. “You’re the joke master.”

“I am, aren’t I?” he replied smugly. Suddenly, he glanced over at me, standing awkwardly off to one side. “Who’s she?”

“Oh, that’s uh…” Sid trailed off, as if he had known my name and had forgotten it.

“Brynn,” I offered, extending one hand to Tobey. He looked at it, as if I might reach out and pinch him or something. I dropped my hand back to my side, staring at the ground. “Pleased to meet you,” I mumbled.

“Right,” he said, giving me a funny stare. “Anyway,” he continued, looking back at Sid, “Sue’s waiting. And she’s going to be mad if we aren’t there soon. She’s fighting off…” he fell away and glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. “I mean, she’s fighting off a massive headache, and you have her medicine. You know how she gets.”

“Don’t I ever,” Sid laughed, sitting on the seat of his bike. “Let’s ride.” He gazed back at me and smiled. “See you around… did you say your name was Bean?”

I frowned, hiding a smile. “Close. Brynn,” I reminded him.

He snapped his fingers. “Dang. I’ll try and remember that.”

I stood there as he and Tobey rode off, leaving me in unknown territory.

* * * * *

Blatant Synn?
Really Thalia?


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Re: Five Becomes Four - Chapter O1

Post by AlixRobinson on 22nd July 2010, 12:16 am


It never ceases to astound me at how in-character you can keep the Delivery Trio. It's just... like you jacked a script or something xD

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