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Five Becomes Four - Chapter O5

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Five Becomes Four - Chapter O5

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 20th July 2010, 3:47 am


--Brynn seems like such a snot in the beginning. ._. She isn't - really. She's just never done this public school thing before.
--Poor girl has a funny name. "Thamason" = pronounced like "Thomason". Those crazy Asian teachers keep pronouncing it wrong.
--This was written when I was in eighth grade... so we still had homeroom. XD Which is why she has a homeroom. Little did I know there is no homeroom in HS, hahaha.
--Mr. Andrews joke. You know you laughed. Or... you will. When you read it.
--Yes, Brynn can draw. One of her many talents. Mainly, drawing/cooking/ballet. Yeah, that's about it.

* * * * *

I said goodbye to my friends and started off in the direction they had pointed out to me, hopefully leading to the main office and not some random place. The backpack that had one belonged to Sue hung heavily on my shoulders, reminding me that I was in unfamiliar territory. The door into the office looked like a black hole, leading into somewhere far away and frightening. Once I took the first step through that door, there’d be no turning back. Nothing would be the same as it had once been. Was I willing to take that leap? It was the absolute moment of truth for me. Now was the only chance I had to turn and run away, back to everything I knew and had once cared about.

I reached out and pulled the door open.

It was cool inside, as it was in all school offices. The AC was turned on high, which brought immediate goose bumps to my uncovered arms. I resisted the urge to pull my jacket from the pack and instead stepped up to the secretary’s front desk. She glanced up at me with kind black eyes, the same eyes everyone else here had.

“Yes, dear?” she asked politely in that friendly way secretaries had.

“I’m, uh, a new student,” I began shakily. She could probably tell I was trembling. I’d never had to do this before. The Andersons had
always called in my registration at my private school. Talking to school secretaries was something I would have never been caught doing at my old school. I probably would have died of embarrassment. But here, it seemed perfectly normal to show up in the middle of the year. If
December counted.

“Oh. What’s your name?” She swung towards her computer, fingers at the ready.

“Brynn,” I replied softly. “Brynn Thamason. Mei Hua Wu called about me last night, I believe.” Thanks heavens someone had told me her name on the way to school.

Her fingers moved rapidly over the keyboard. “Ah yes, she registered you when she called last night.” She clicked a few more buttons and I heard a printer go on. She reached under the desk and pulled a few papers out from where the printer must have been hidden and handed them to me, a large smile glued to her face. “Welcome to Chinatown High School, Ms. Thamason. If you ever need anything, find me. Mrs. Liu.”

I nodded and backed away from the desk. “Thank you,” I practically whispered, and ducked out of the room, back into the hustle and bustle of the high school. I glanced around frantically. I’d only been in high school a few months in Ohio. Even if I had been at my real school, this experience would have been odd, since I had never been in such an environment before. But now, adding to the fact that I was in a strange city, where I knew practically no one, just piled on the stress I was already feeling.

I latched onto the stair railing and hauled myself through the crowd. It was like fighting a tsunami. The waves and waves of kids lapped past me, pushing me back, practically drowning me in the hundreds of students. I could barely breathe.

Once I was finally out of the undertow and at the top of the staircase, I glanced down at the top paper in my hands. The only thing it said was:

D-17 , 15-41-03

A locker combination. My head shot up and automatically looked to the walls for signs. One wall read “A/B – Left” while the other read “C/D – Right”.

Well, that was obvious enough. Maybe this whole high school thing wouldn’t be as hard as I remembered.


I was shoved back several times before I even got into the hallway. Vicious juniors and seniors blew past me, barely registering my existence as they continued about their own business. When I got a chance to look at the lockers to find mine, I realized that they started at 175 and went backwards, deeper into the hallway. How great was that?

I forced myself through the crowded area and did my best not to shove. It was remotely hard to do, however, considering it was really my own means of getting around here. It was much too long before I reached my locker and finally got it hauled open. I took out the binder Nana had provided me with, and stuffed everything else inside. I mean, I couldn’t need much else right? But just to be on the safe side, I also snagged the green notebook Nana had also given to me and a pencil bag filled with markers and colored pencils – purely there for my own amusement.

Clinging to my supplies, I glanced down at the other paper in my hand. It said:

Mrs. Kao – Room 127-B

That had to be on the ground level, right? I glanced at a classroom across the hallway. Yeah – the door read a two hundred number. So, the one hundred rooms would have to be downstairs. I turned and shoved my way back down the hallway, towards what I hoped were stairs.

I spent about fifteen minutes looking all downstairs for 127-B, but I couldn’t seem to find it. Either it kept jumping away from me and switching hallways downstairs, or I was completely stupid.

And chances were I was stupid.

I finally got fed up and sank onto one of the benches and thanked heaven for the fact that we’d gotten to school about an hour early. Otherwise I would have been completely fried at that point. As I’d heard Tobey say on the way to school, I would have been shrimp toast.

As I held my head in my hands, my eyes caught something in my hand. It was my schedule – nothing important. But in the lighting, it looked as if there were writing underneath it – on the back.

I flipped the paper over to see a map of the school.

Well that would have been useful half an hour earlier.

I got to my feet and located 127-B on the map and turned in that direction. It was less than a minute before I found the room and pulled open the door.

I was greeted by a welcome sight. Namely, Tyko, Sue, and Tobey. They sat, looking rather bored in the back. Well, Sue didn’t look bored – she was reading. Tobey and Tyko, however, just slumped in their seat, occasionally poking each other and Sue.

Tyko glanced up and saw me standing in the doorway awkwardly. “Brynn!” she called, and I swear, her eyes lit up. “Save me from this boredom!”

I crossed over towards her and the others, weaving between several students. I took a seat just behind Tyko and Tobey, beside Sue. She looked up briefly and smiled at me, giving a slight wave.

“What took you so long?” Tobey demanded. I shrugged.

“Office work took longer than expected.”

I probably shouldn’t have lied on my first day, but I figured that one didn’t count.

Tyko shrugged. “What does it matter?” She brushed the comment aside. “What’s your schedule look like?” she asked instead, taking
the paper from my hands. “Art with Ms. Chen, English with Mr. Yang. Cooking with Mrs. Chao. Math with Ms. Hsu. Social Studies with Mr.
Andrews. And Health with Mr. Sun.” She glanced up at me. “Pretty okay schedule, I guess.”

“Except Mr. Andrews,” Tobey muttered. “Man, I will never look at that guy the same ever again.”

I was tempted to ask, but thought better of it.

“So, where’s the art room?” I asked Tyko.

She shrugged. “Couple doors down, actually. You should be alright for time, there. I think Barney’s in that class, actually, and Ashleigh.”

“Yay,” I said halfheartedly. “People I know…”

Tyko laughed. “Don’t be too scared. I only started a few months ago myself.”

I returned her smile and sat back in my desk. I pulled out a sheet of notebook paper and the pencil bag. Taking out a plain number 2, I started to sketch.

“What are you drawing?” Tyko asked, straining to look over her shoulder at the paper. I shrugged.

“I’m not entirely sure,” I admitted. I tilted my head and looked down at what I had so far. It was a woman, fairly young, with light features, and long hair that in my mind’s eye I saw as blonde.

Beside her was the beginning shape of the head of a man. I squinted down at him, picturing him with eventual kind green eyes and a tuft of read hair.

“I… I think they’re my parents,” I said quietly. I doubt anyone heard me. Homeroom had started, and I’d managed to sink into the background. Mrs. Kao must have known about my existence though, since she called my name during roll call, mispronouncing both ‘Brynn’ and ‘Thamason’, as ‘Bin’ and ‘Tamasen’, even though it sounded just like ‘Thomason’.

I spent the entire half hour period working on the picture. I wished I’d had art paper instead of lined. The woman ended up having dishwater blonde hair and loving brown eyes, while the man had the expected shaggy red hair and beard and green eyes. I looked down at it when I’d completed it, and something felt like it was missing. On a whim, I added down between their necks, the next beginning of a head. This one I gave longer red hair, chest-length, and bright green eyes. She had narrow eyebrows, looking as if they had just been plucked when they had never been a day in her life. I rubbed the black colored pencil around her eyes, creating a contrast between the bright green of the iris, and the dark black of the eyeliner. Also, she was smiling, something I hadn’t expected to draw. She actually looked happy.

Just like her parents.

It was that moment the final bell rang. I glanced up at the clock in surprise as I shoved the drawing into the binder and stood up.

It was time for the real test to begin.

* * * * *

...Do you like I forgot that Nana actually gave Brynn a map?
Now she has two. =D
And I wish I could draw as fast as Brynn can. It'd be useful. XD

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Re: Five Becomes Four - Chapter O5

Post by AlixRobinson on 22nd July 2010, 12:56 am

Why is the AC on in December? xDD

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Re: Five Becomes Four - Chapter O5

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 22nd July 2010, 1:04 am

Pffff, I already said there was no logic. XD

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Re: Five Becomes Four - Chapter O5

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