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018 Torture

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018 Torture Empty 018 Torture

Post by WolfieStar on 21st July 2010, 5:17 am

it's really a snipppit from my new Story Kidnapped by the past 018 Torture 950998


Sue slowly woke up from the haze in her mind she was experiencing. She immediately groaned, a strong throbbing pain in the back of her head. A cold breeze struck her body, and she started shivering. Instinctively, she tried to wrap her arms around herself, but she whined as she realized she couldn’t move her arms. Forcing her eyes open, she slowly looked down and gasped weakly. She wasn’t wearing much clothing on her body, only her undergarments. Immediately, she started struggling and frantically looking around as to where she was.

She was in a wide area, but a man was curled in a sleeping bag next to what looked to be a dead fire. From where Sue was, she could tell the man was very large, and dangerous. When she looked to her left and right, she saw she was chained to a fence with heavy duty chains. The fence felt barbed, so it dug into her skin and caused a terrible stinging pain. If what was restraining her was rope, she could have broken it easily. But not such heavy chains. Her ankles were also tied to the fence with chains, and she briefly was glad her feet weren’t touching the ground, or bugs and other critters would squirm around in between her toes.

When she moved her head, she heard a jingling sound, like a small bell. She yelped slightly and shook her head slowly, ignoring the pain in her head. The same jingling sound from before started again, and she stopped moving her head, and the sound stopped again. Slowly she looked down, and saw a small bell attached to what appeared to be a collar too big for her, but hung loosely around her neck.

“I see you are awake little one.” a raspy voice said slowly. Sue gasped and struggled slightly in her restraints, making metal clank and her little bell jingle. When she looked back towards the dead fire pit, she saw the sleeping bag, once holding a man, was now empty.

Sue was about to open her mouth to start yelling at the man, ready to bombard him with angry questions. Then she closed her mouth immediately, glaring at the man. Talking was one of the worst things to do in this situation, being silent was one of the best.

“Well, you are probably wondering why you are here? Is that true?” the man spoke slowly, watching Sue closely.

Sue only blinked as a response, a look of pure hatred on her face. The man sighed, then gently touched her face, as if trying to lovingly brush her hair out of her face. She couldn’t help but growl slightly and try to move her head away, the bell jingling with every movement of her body.

“You aren’t going to speak to me, fine.” he growled and smacked her across the face. She whined loudly as her head was jerked to the side and slammed against the fence. The bell was still ringing, and she hung limply in her chains, making the strain in her back and shoulders even greater.

“Sill don’t wish to speak to me?” he smirked slightly, wrapping his hand around her neck. Sue couldn’t help but whimper, anticipating the loud crack of her neck breaking. Instead, he just squeezed her neck hard, but not hard enough to break it, just enough so she couldn’t breathe. She gasped and after a few seconds he saw her chest muscles contracting violently, but no air was moving. Finally he let her neck go, and she swallowed a lungful of air and wheezed as she breathed.

When her breathing regulated back to normal, the man smirked. “I bet you are wondering why you’re here, yes?” Sue slowly focused her eyes on him, then glared at him. The man simply shrugged and continued, “Well, you know about the cookbook, don’t you? Of course you do you are technically Mei Hua’s daughter.”

He smirked when he saw Sue’s eyes widen a bit. She was obviously surprised that he knew so much about her. But she was staring at him, like she was looking at someone else. She blinked, a hint of disbelief of a memory in her eyes, but it disappeared quickly and was replaced with hatred and fear.

“You and your brother Sid Yi, and your friend Tobey Li, son of Kong Li, protect the cookbook.” he continued. “But Kong Li wants that cookbook, and he is paying me, Spencer Yi, to get the information on where the cookbook is.” Spencer smiled warmly and touched her cheek again. “And you little lady know where it is.”

Sue simply blinked at him. Something didn’t feel right about his name, apparently Spencer, but she didn’t show it. Spencer sighed, then looked into her eyes and asked,

“Lets try the easy way first: where is the cookbook?” he took a few steps back to face her, an emotionless expression on his face. Sue didn’t even react, just stared right at him. Spencer sighed, then looked right at her eyes. “I just want to let you know, this was your choice.”

Spencer walked over to where a large crate was. He opened it and pulled out another large chain. Sue stiffened as he started swinging it around and around. “Where is the cookbook?”

Sue looked down, thinking about what to do. The large chain was very menacing, but she couldn’t reveal where it was. Nana would never forgive her if the cookbook got in the wrong hands. She had to stay quiet, for her family, for all of Chinatown.

Spencer then slammed the heavy chain on her chest, causing her to gasp sharply and her eyes widen with pain and shock. He pulled the chain back and started swinging it again, not even waiting for her to breathe.

“Where is the cookbook?” he repeated, and Sue still stayed quiet. The chain was slammed against her chest again, and she couldn’t help but scream. He kept repeating the process, asking her where the cookbook was, and she wouldn’t respond, and slamming the heavy chain on her chest. Her screams ran through the air.

Finally, he chucked the chain to the side and leaned on his knees, obviously exhausted. “You so stubborn, it’s pathetic. But don‘t worry, I will break you.”

Sue was breathing deeply, but that task was made nearly impossible from the pain in her chest. ‘Great . . .’ she thought sadly. ‘Already I have broken ribs . . .’

She noticed movement, and saw Spencer going through her pants pocket and pulling out her wallet. He tossed her pants with her other clothes, and he started taking out her money and stuffing it in his pockets, but he suddenly growled when he pulled out her ID. After gazing at it, he took a quick stride up to her and held a handful of her hair in a large fist. She grimaced at his painful touch, and he shoved the ID in her face.

“Your name is Sue Yi!?” he roared, then looked down at the card again, and slowly calmed down. He loosened his grip on her hair, letting her relax slightly. “I know your parents.”

Spencer smirked when she gasped slightly and her eyes widened even more. He cupped her head with his hand, and stared into her brown eyes. Sue felt his hot breath on her neck as he leaned over near her ear.

“You are the daughter of Ai Yung and Sun Ku Yi.” he whispered slowly into her ear. “Both are supposedly deceased. But yet, you are alive, and your brother, Sid, is alive. How, I don’t know. But I hated Sun Ku, I wanted him dead. Yet, someone ended up killing him, someone you know all too well.”

Sue blinked in surprise, then started trembling when he said, “and now this is all too personal. This case, I know I will enjoy, for I will be hurting Sun Ku’s spirit by him watching his ‘little girl’ suffer so dearly.”

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018 Torture Empty Re: 018 Torture

Post by swim2live on 21st July 2010, 9:07 pm

aw...i was gonna do torture! oh well. this was so great! Who killed Sue's parents? Why does Spencer have her last name? Brilliant as usual, Star!

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018 Torture Empty Re: 018 Torture

Post by DragonWarriorClaire34 on 25th July 2010, 4:48 pm

NICE. SCARY TORTURE. Nice job. The descriptions were nice, as always. You always get thir actions very well.

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018 Torture Empty Re: 018 Torture

Post by WolfieStar on 25th July 2010, 6:38 pm

OH thank you Claire! This feedback always helps, now I know I don't have to work on that! Thankies!

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018 Torture Empty Re: 018 Torture

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