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Post by ThaliaAnderson on 28th July 2010, 11:36 pm

This for the OCs. This topic is locked. This is a reference topic for writing and such (and checking to make sure character rep requests are accurate, bwhuhuh), so you CANNOT post here. This is being kept clean, free of responses. Reference here when you need to see a character bio. I'll probably delete the bio posts from the other topic, and leave it as an open space for you to post changes to your charries bios, if any.

(in order of reponse on the original thread; grouped by author)

Name: Tyko Shen
Age: 13 (skipped a grade, so is in Sue and Tobey's classes)
Appearance: Boy-short black hair, black eyes. Very fashionable. Tends to wear very short skirts, simply because she can xD
Personality: Can appear rude and obnoxious to strangers, but is actually a sweetheart. A "meddle-in-you-personal-affairs-and/or-love-life" kind of sweetheart, but a sweetheart none the less.
Crush: Technically, she has a crush on Tobey, though she has yet to come to terms with it.
Hates: She doesn't really hate anyone, though she does have a rather prominent disdain for Sid, just because he always zaps Brynn's attention away from her.
Random Information: She is obsessed with the color purple. She loves old cartoons and video games. She is massively addicted to Star Trek. She has a crush on William Shatner (circa 1960's xD), she is represented by Yuffie Kisaragi (from Final Fantasy 7) in Thalia's Red Threat of Fate video series. Is abnormally short for her age. Can't use physical combat (too small) so she is training to be a magician, instead.

Name: Ashleigh Deborah Hui
Age: 16 or 17 (depending on if we're going off of canon ages or fanon ages)
Appearance: 5'7" or so, elbow-length brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin. Always wears very dark clothes (unless her mother has something to say about it). Has multiple scars on the insides of both wrists.
Personality: To her friends, she's usually very warm and friendly. She seems to like conversation and is nearly always at Wu's for the purpose of playing video games. However, in reality, she's the opposite. She's cold and cynical and hates most people. Few people have seen her like that, Barney being the only one to see it multiple times, and when she's like that, it would be in your best interest to leave her alone.
Crush: Head over freakin' heels in love with Barney Wu, and has been pracically since she met him.
Hates: People, Disney Channel, pink, the majority of her family, herself
Background: Her mother is an editor for a very girly teen magazine, causing her home to be filled to the brim with girly objects that Mrs. Hui desperately wants her to try. Her parents are divorced and her dad lives in Anaheim, and she rarely gets to see him. Her older brother Lance is a lazy college drop-out who lives at home. Ashleigh has a baby sister named Angelica who she is constantly having to babysit. Before moving to Chinatown, she lived in Seattle, Washington where she had a forgetful, abusive boyfriend named Drake.
Random Info: Ashleigh started delving into the world of self-harm in seventh grade after a nasty fight with Drake. After moving to Chinatown, she continued cutting herself, always wearing long sleeves and covering her wrists in Hello Kitty Band-Aids. She is scared of abandoment and loves her friends more than anything, though she always seems to drive them away. She is the only girl on the Chinatown High School wrestling team nad is pretty good, though she's rarely allowed to compete because the coach doesn't think girls should be able to be on the team.


Name: Brynn Thamason
Age: Fifteen, in the fanfic (time skip of one year; same age as Sue+Tobey). Genreally sixteen in one shots and other stories.
Appearance: Medium-length, dull red hair. Distinct green eyes. She's about 5'6", and doesn't weigh much, because she really doesn't enjoy food too much. She's terrified of lightening. She lives with her foster parents in Ohio, before they go missing and she heads off to Chinatown - her biological parents' favorite place in California. Jeans and short-sleeves, all the way.
Personality: Quiet and reserved, most of the time. Since Brynn and Tyko are in the same fanfic, they're best friends and Tyko tends to balance out Brynn's... lack-of-...liking-to-talk-to-others? XD She's extremely shy, and has a hard time talking to people she hasn't known for a long time. Mostly hangs out with Sue and Tyko. She had two best friends when she lived in Ohio, but she's not a huge fan of them anymore, since they're total preps and Brynn... isn't. She's taken martial arts since she was five years old, courtesy of Richard and Katherine Anderson, her foster parents.
Crush: Sid Yi. Hahaha, you all should know this by now. XD
Representation: Oerba dia Vanille, from Final Fantasy XIII [in my RToF video series]


Name: Gary Wolff
Age: 15 (he should be in Sid's grade, but he got held back while in his father's care, so he's in Sue and Tobey's grade)
Appearance: Flame colored red hair that's Sid's length, even longer, and usually hangs in his face. He has bright green emerald eyes, but his right eye is nearly blind, scarred by his father. He wears a navy blue gray shirt with a western style green plaid button down shirt that's usually open and serves as a jacket. His pants are a dark blue jeans that are ripped at the bottom, and he wears combat boots, simply because he can. A very loose bandage is worn around his left arm to cover 'the mark of the demon' (it just looks like a mix of a burn and birthmark), which gives him his demon wolf powers. He covers it for fear of people finding out his secret, but once he gets used to everyone, he only wears it at school and on deliveries. He wears a black and yellow beaded bracelet, which is just a symbol and memory of his dead mother. He's pretty strong for a boy his age, even stronger than Sid. They had an arm wrestling match and Gary won. He's also unusually tall for his age, a little over 6 feet.
Personality: At first he is very shy, but soon becomes a loud and boisterous person. He always joins in with Sue's taunts to the boys, and Tyko's statements about things. He loves to be around people, and isn't afraid to show his feelings. His common sense level is very . . . low. If he sees a banana peel in the street, he won't walk around it, he'll walk ontop of it. Or if he sees Kong Li with something that's gonna blow up, he'll run right in and threaten him.
Crush: Sue Yi. (you probably already knew this by now )
Hates: Sid Yi. Gary freely flirts with Sue, even in front of Sid, and he's afraid he'll take away his little sister and break her heart, so he threatens him alot. Gary fights back with insults, and in some cases, fists.
Random information: He loves the color green, and orange. Those two are his favorite colors, but green is a bit more. Since he was born and raised for some of his life in Texas, he still has a pinch of a Texas accent in his voice. He hates veggies because of his demon wolf half, but loves meat. He can't go a few hours without meat. He doesn't know any kung fu, so he relies on his brute strength and demon wolf forme. Since Sid hates him so much and didn't even get him an air matress, he sleeps in a sleeping bag in the corner. But when he and Sue are in a relationship, he sneaks into the girls room and shares the bed with her. xD

Name: Jake Caunine (but most call him 'Wolff' like his cousin Gary)
Age: 20
Appearance: 6'5, very tall like Gary. Long blonde hair with a color changing forelock he dies constantly. Usually it's purple. Quite muscular. Has a scar/birthmark on his chest, born on every demon wolf.
Personality: The biggest pervert in the history of perves. He hits on every girl at the house, but he mostly creeps on Brynn. He is usually modest and calm, and is incredibly smart. He reads for a hobby.
Crush: Everyone XD
Hates: depends on his mood.
Random Info: He constantly is helping either Kong Li or Mei Hua, he can't decide. Even though he is a pervert, he is extremely caring and loyal to his cousin. No one really likes him though.


Name: Amber Li
Age: 14
Appearance: She has long dark brown hair that falls down the length of her back, and she has brown eyes as well. She wears a plain white t-shirt that is frayed and torn at the sleeves and the bottom. She wears light blue jeans that are also ripped. She has purple converses which she wears all the time (apart from in bed).
Personality: She is flirty and confident around her friends, but she turns shy around new people, and because of her shyness, sometimes aggression can show through. She loves playing tricks on people (mostly Tobey) but never intends to hurt anyone.
Crush: Sid Yi, and isn't afraid to show it
Hates: Her father, Kong Li
Background Information: She used to have to live with Kong Li, and was tricked into finding recipes. She wasn't allowed to go to school, and was taught everything by one of Kong Li's shifters. When she overheard one of Kong Li's conversations, she realised that he was only using her, and so she ran away. Because she knew about her father's powers, she knew she wouldn't be safe on her own or at an orphanage (like she'd go to one anyway!) so when she overheard Kong Li talking about Wu's Garden she decided to try her luck there. Luckily it worked out, so she helps with the deliveries and helps fight Kong Li.
Random information: Her favourite colour is purple and she loves dogs, although she's never had one. When she was younger and lived with Kong Li, she would make the shifter turn into a dog, and she would ride on his back.


Name: Angel Marie Morales
Appearance: She has dark brown hair that goes a little past her shoulders that has natural light brown highlights and has hazel eyes. She wears tank tops that arnt white cause they wont end up white at the end of the day with jean shorts that goes to her knees. She about 5"4' and isnt super skinny but skinny its hard to explain...
Personality: She's friendly to everyone even new people she cant hate people cause she thinks there's to much of that in the world but she can dislike them for a moment before going back to hanging with them. She DOES play tricks on people but she is serious when the time comes. (hehe..Why so serious?..gotta love batman) She does get mad at people when they go to far with there tricks (Tobey, when he put pudding in her shoes...good times round robin good times) but like i said gets over them as quickly as she gets mad. She does have her moments though when she wants to be left alone but she goes back to her happy ettergitic self in a day or so deppending...
Crush:Tobey but on round robins Sean, her childhood friend who moves to chinatown (know about kong li)...
Hates: no one but dislikes kong li...
Background Information:On her 8 birthday her parents died in front of her by robbers. She got lucky she didnt die she had a phone called the cops but they came to late to save her parents. they took her to the hospital but late at night she ran back to her house grabbed some clothes and a teddy bear and ran till she had got caught by the cops who put her in a ophanage which a year later she broke out of and since then shes been in and out of ophanages which as the more she did it the more stories went into ophanages which made people not want to adopt her and ophanages not want her period. So everyone gave up on her till the day she got into chinatown, california and you can all take a guess to how she got to meet nana and them...
Random info:Loves the color blue and LOVES softball she attually plays it for there school. She use to live in Texas same as Gary (i didnt know he lived in texas!!) she know kung Fu from her childhood friends mom who taught her everything she knows even about the magic recipies and Kong Li. She can eat almost as much as Tobey if she wanted to and is the fastest chugger among the group...


Kyoki Hanekoma Natsuko
Nickname: Kyo, pet-name: Kiki. You'll die (actually, suffer for a very long time) if you call her by pet-name.
Age:15. But she's above Sid's grade (whatever it was) due to being around for such a long time/great amount of intelligence.
Appearance: About 5'8, with long hair reaching to her thighs. Hair is dark blue tinted with streaks, streaks change randomly, in accordance with season(?) or year(?). Summer 2010=cloudy gray streaks. Not skinny, but muscular and very well fit. Like, she could punch someone's face and they'd be knocked back pretty far. She usually wears shorts and either a t-shirt/tanktop to go with it, and a cool jacket. Jacket is either sporty or chic, depending on shirt. Occasionally skirts. XD
Personality: Confident, smiling, thoughtful, logical, passionate, small-tempered, satirically/sardonically/deadly humorous. Loud and obnoxious when tired. Tired easily. Not easily affected by jokes/pranks/spooks. She can sometimes be emotionless when somebody is whining. Very strict about cleaning/responsibility, but knows how to have fun. Loves to sing and play/compose music. Can play any instrument. Very intelligent, but sometimes it takes her more time than others to listen to orders. Loves rowing/running freely. Loves all animals/cute objects/stationary. Loves shopping, cooking, eating, movies, video games, books, and indulging in those interests. She truly wishes that she doesn't have to travel all the time to complete missions, but with Raiko, she's satisfied.... XD Strong-hearted, will never give up on her friends, but sometimes on herself. She is very innovative and looks for the positive things about humans.
Crush: Raiko. But she thinks that it's not mutual (ironically it is) so she (pretends that she) is satisfied with just admiring from afar, due to all the time that they have spent together. (Since they met in the time of first immigration into America).
Hates: Wishy washy humans that complain about everything. Die. Anyone that puts others down, hurts children, or wishes they would die/take life seriously.
Background: She's still trying to piece it all together. Exactly what was she created for? Why are there similar ones, like Raiko, created as well? What could their creator possibly want them to accomplish? She knows she came from a secret collaboration project of the Asian countries and their intellects, but for what purpose? Fear of the Western world?
She does remember all the pain that came from being created. All the suffering children around her in the facility. Her parents were researchers, but they took pity on her and helped her strike a deal for all the children. Keep their powers dormant and send them to orphanages away from the continent, and she will develop fully into the being they want her to be. Fortunately, she was the most powerful/promising in the program, so they agreed. After much pain and hardship, she finally became a man/magic/machine hybrid. But something more was awakened. (?) Unfortunately, she couldn't keep others around the world becoming this as well, as the case with Raiko.
She now travels around with him, meeting so many other people, fighting for something... (pertaining to superheroes....XD) and wonders if she can find something to live for.
Random Info: Has multiple arcane powers. Machine: can morph her left arm into any gun, her most powerful is a cannon of light. Magic: summoning, elements, the what-not. Man: her body is trained to great heights, and she can utilize any fighting style, even those that were lost to time, due to being around a lot. XD She can wield any weapon, favorite is swords. She's still trying to figure out what she can do. She can read emotions of others, and can influence them. Her intelligence is quite strong as well.


Name: Katrina (Rina) Yamasa
Nickname: (thanks to Kyoki) Rin-Rin
Age: 15 (shes a freshman going to be a sophomore. not sure where that puts her with the original 3D trio)
Appearance: (i changed her height) 5'4". Long hair down to her waist. Her hair is brown in the summer blure in the spring and fall and silver in the winter (details to follow)Eyes are always the same color as her hair. Thin. Slightly muscular. Wears a light blue skirt, white undershirt (doesn't cover her stomach) light blue jacket with an "R" on it (also doesn't cover her stomach). Hair is usually in a ponytail. Tennis shoes and her Power Pendent (again, details to follow)

Personality: Calm, laid-back, closet perfectionist. She can be pretty sarcastic also. She isn't stoic all the time but she rarely raises her voice. If you get her mad....just don't do it.

Crush: Well it used to be Sid but there is waaay too much competition so i created an OC for Rina. Rush Yakedo. I'll put his profile later.

Hates: Fire (ironic once you read Rush's profile. Claire knows what I'm talking about), Warm weather, people who complain about everything, people who sweat the small stuff and get upset over nothing, people who become completely reliant on their powers (DTF)

Background: Her parents were orphaned when she was two. The only thing she can remember about the night her parents were murdered is the blazing heat of the fire that destroyed their house. She was in an orphanage till she met her friend Pate Whose family adopted her. It was the summer before eighth grade when they were involved in a genetic accident (you may remember Tokyo Mew Mew. This is my spin on it). Rina became part arctic fox (hence the hair changing according to the season). She has powers of teleportation, invisibility (camoflauge), heightened senses and the ability to create and control ice. After a year with her powers she came to Chinatown, looking for where she belonged. She believes she's found it.

Random Info: She is an expert is Jow-Ga kung fu. It involves swift footwork and attacks. She is a figure skater and adores the cold. Her weapon of choice would be her trusty boomerang (cause i love me some Avatar: The Last Airbender) She says she doesn't sweat the small stuff but deep down she's a perfectionist that must get good grades and high scores in her skating competitions. She loves to eat fish and seafood and appreciates Brynn's unusual food combonations.

--to be continued.--

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