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Post by ThaliaAnderson on 15th August 2010, 2:23 am

I decided to create sub-forums for these games, because our Shows, Movies, and Games topic was becoming a wee bit crowded.

Anyways, yes please, if you have questions regarding anything Final Fantasy, just go ahead and post them here, and I will answer them to the best of my ability. While others can answer to, I'm going to double-check answers (not meaning to sound snobbish or anything, but when it comes to SquareEnix, I consider myself a guru, hahah) and then post "official" answers here, in the original topic.

When you ask a question, I will quote your question in an edit of this post and answer there. The forum will send you an automatic PM letting you know that your question has been answered (or, I'll just write up a PM, and manually send you the same PM over and over again when you ask a question). Your post will then be deleted, to keep the topic clean. Please don't respond to this if you don't have an actual question.

Happy asking!


swim2live wrote:When I save, the order of the characters at the bottom of the screen changes, why is that?

In FFX, the saved characters are in the same order of your current battle party. When you open your main menu, your characters are in a certain order, based on who you've been switching in and our of your fights. The character order at the bottom changes to match.

swim2live wrote:I am supposed to be defeating Seymour at the Macalania temple and everywhere I look for hints on the net, they are helpful but they say something about an ice aeon. Am I supposed to have her by now?

The technical strategy is yes, you do have Shiva, the ice aeon, because before you fight Seymour, Yuna has been inside the Chamber of the Fayth, praying to Shiva's Fayth. Yuna, like with the previous aeons, has been given the help from the Fayth. She hasn't been named yet however, and when Seymour summons Anima you summon Shiva (who appears as ???) and use her Overdrive, Diamond Dust, on her twice.

(I would have told you what the book says, but Alix has currently stolen it to play FFX).

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