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Post by ThaliaAnderson on 15th August 2010, 2:26 am

Same as the Final Fantasy Q&A.

If you have questions regarding the Kingdom Hearts series (any of the games), then please post those questions here, and I will answer to the best of my ability. While others can answer too, I'm going to be double-checking answers, and then posting an "official" answer here, in the original topic.

When you ask a question, I will quote your question in an edit of this post and answer there. The forum will send you an automatic PM letting you know that your question has been answered (or, I'll just write up a PM, and manually send you the same PM over and over again when you ask a question). Your post will then be deleted, to keep the topic clean. Please don't respond to this if you don't have an actual question.

Just as a note, at least regarding KH, I discover everything that I learn through playing the games. And while I know a lot of the canon and plot-based scenarios, I'm more of a "dig deeper" type of person, therefore am a bit better at questions regarding technical details that aren't fully explained in-game, such as Pureblood Heartless and speculations of the Keyblade, though I can't say for sure if what I believe is true (for all I know, Birth By Sleep may have unearthed everything that I believed regarding these subjects, hahah), and mostly speculations of the game. I can literally debate for HOURS (just ask Alix) about what may be coming next from seeing a trailer and unhinging all the little details. So be forewarned that I'm much better at answering these sorts of questions, though I can definitely answer any in-game questions you may have, too.

Happy asking!


WolfieStar wrote:Um, in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 and KH2, Roxas is Sora's nobody, but how when he doesn't look like him at all, and Sora has a heart...I'm really confused.

The speculation is that Roxas and Sora do look a lot more alike than their character designs let on. Like with the Shapeshifter who we see as having black eyes, it doesn't appear that way to an actual character in the show. Sora and Roxas probably appear more like how any other Nobody would appear compared to their Other--Xemnas looks identical to Xehanort, Saix to Isa, Zexion to Ienzo, Axel to Lea, so on and so forth.

In Kingdom Hearts 1, Sora loses his heart when he unlocks it to free Kairi's heart, which was inside of his own. When a person with a strong heart looses their heart, a Nobody is created from the empty shell left behind, along with a Heartless. The Heartless is created from the darkness released from the captive heart, and the Nobody from the shell. Neither of these beings have hearts. (Kairi did not turn into a Heartless at any point because, being a Princess of Heart, there is no darkness in her heart, therefore, nothing to create a Heartless out of) Sora, obviously being strong of heart with being the Keyblade Master, had both a Heartless and a Nobody. The Nobody does not have a heart, and under normal circumstances, the creation of a Nobody means that the Other has died, their heart completely succumbed to darkness. However, Sora's heart was saved by Kairi. Though his Heartless disappeared, the Nobody lived on.

WolfieStar wrote:And what really happens in KH2, cause I know enough about 1 to play 358/2, but I don't know much about 2.

In Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora wakes up in Twilight Town after Roxas has been forced to return to him (this will be explained at the end of 358/2). Roxas is one of the few Nobodies who has the real opprotunity to meet his Other. When Sora wakes up (Sora has been asleep for nearly a year, because Namine tampered with his memories in Chain of Memories, the game that happens simultaneously with 358/2, and she needed to put him to sleep to return everything to normal--she and Riku have the job of protecting him during this time). When Sora wakes up, his memories have been restored, and he remembers nothing of fighting Organization members in Castle Oblivion from Chain of Memories, nor does he remember Namine.

He, Donald, and Goofy then hear about Organization XIII, who are trying to unlock Kingdom Hearts, in hopes of possibly obtaining hearts of their own. Throughout Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora has to fight various Organization XIII members. Kairi is safe of Destiny Islands; Riku is trapped with King Mickey in the Dark Realm, and Sora's main goal is to find Riku and the King.

Axel kidnaps Kairi, in hopes to getting Sora to come to him so he can maybe get Roxas back (seeing as they were best friends in 358/2). Saix then takes Kairi off his hands, and Axel tries to warn Sora and get him to go to Kairi. To do so, Sora must travel into the alternate Twilight Town--the one DiZ created out of data for Roxas to live in--and get through Betwixt and Between--the portal that leads to The World That Never Was, where Sora then meets and fights with Roxas (though Donald and Goofy couldn't see anything--it was more of an 'inner' battle). He gets to the Castle That Never Was, fights the remaining Organization members and finds Kairi.

Along the way, he's found Riku, though Riku had to use the power of darkness inside of him to be able to help them. This is also explained in 358/2. Riku wears and Organization cloak, and he appears to be Xehanort. Kairi sees through his appearance and realizes it is Riku. She helps Sora see it, and when one of DiZ's machines (DiZ=Darkness in Zero=the real Ansem) explodes and kills him, Riku's appearance is returned to normal.

They defeat Xemnas, and Sora and Kairi get to see Roxas and Namine outside of themselves. However, Sora and Riku get locked in the Realm of Darkness. A letter that Kairi had put as a message in a bottle from when she couldn't remember Sora (during the time his memories were being restored) washes up on the beach and when Sora reads it, the Door to Light opens, returning he and Riku to Destiny Islands, where they get yet [/i]another[i] letter from King Mickey, asking for help.

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