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038: The woods

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038: The woods Empty 038: The woods

Post by Chezberryz456 on 20th August 2010, 10:13 pm

I would have inclued Angel, Rina, Rush, Kelsi, Ross, Kyoki and Raiko, but I didn't know how to write them.
038: The Woods

The group of teens sat by the campfire as the moon shone brightly overhead. It was cold, but the fire burned brightly and kept them warm. Sue and Gary snuggled together, whilst Sid glared at them. Brynn sat close to the fire, and read, occasionally slapping Tyko’s hands, as they tried to tickle her. Tobey sat roasting marshmallows on a split above the fire, and Amber just sat there, feeling bored.
“Hey guys...” Amber said, getting every-one’s attention “Why don’t we do something, like telling ghost stories or something?”
“Yes!” Tyko and Tobey agreed, almost instantly. Gary nodded as well, but the others seemed reluctant.
“Ow, come on Sue!” Gary whined. She still seemed reluctant. “Look, if you get too scared, you can hide behind me, if you want” Sue sighed.
“Are you two going to join?” Amber asked, directing the question to Sid and Brynn.
“I’ll tickle you if you don’t” Tyko pressured, her hands edging towards Brynn. Brynn slapped them away.
“Fine. I’ll join. But only for a bit.” Tyko scowled at the fact that, although Brynn had decided to join, she hadn’t been able tickle her. Sid rolled his eyes.
“I guess I’ll join in if I have to” Amber grinned and started telling a tale about a bunch of kids that had gotten lost in a wood, and one by one, the each disappeared.

“Only one was left, all alone in the dark. He stumbled along, calling out to his friends, but no answer returned. Suddenly footsteps echoed behind him, and he turned to see who it was. A tall, dark shadow approached him. He ran in the opposite direction, but it still followed. He could almost feel it breathing on the back of his neck. In, out, in, out. He ran faster, tears streaming down his face. He didn’t want to die.” Amber paused and looked around at the others. Tyko and Tobey seemed to be enjoying it, Tyko a little more than Tobey. Sue had clutched on to Gary’s arm, and looked truly terrified. Brynn looked scared, but not as much as Sue. Sid didn’t seem bothered about the story. Suddenly a twig snapped some-where in the undergrowth behind them. Everyone bolted upright, and Sue squealed, grabbing Gary even harder.
“What was that?” Gary asked his eye wide. Sid slumped back down.
“A monster” He replied sarcastically. Sue squeezed Gary’s arm harder, causing him to moan out in pain.
“Let’s go and see what it was!” Tyko exclaimed.
“No-way!” Tobey cried out.
“I am not!” Tobey protested.
“YOU SO ARE!” Tyko called, as she ran through the gap in the trees and disappeared from sight. The rest of the group waited an uneasy minute for her return, but she never came back. A shrill scream echoed throughout the wood.
“TYKO!” Brynn shouted, jumping up. She ran towards the gap that Tyko had run through.
“Wait! Brynn! Where are you going?” Sid called, frowning.
“I need to find Tyko, she could be hurt!” Brynn cried before running off through the gap. After another minute of waiting, another scream echoed again, sending shivers down everyone’s spines. Sue was now hiding behind Gary and hugging him tightly from behind. It looked as though he was having trouble breathing. Sid was also now sitting upright. Both Tobey and Amber had a look of horror on their faces.
“Th- the st-ory it’s- it’s coming true!” Sue whispered, terrified.
“It can’t be!” Amber said, trying to see sense “Maybe Tyko and Brynn just tripped on something, it is dark, after all” Amber stood up, ready to follow the path that both Tyko and Brynn had taken.
“But, yo- you will come b-back, right?” Sue whispered.
“Of course!” Amber said, sounding more confident than she felt. She rushed off into the woods, calling out their names. They waited a minute, and then tensed up, ready to hear her scream. But no scream happened. Sue calmed down enough to let go of Gary’s arm, and he shook it, trying to get the feeling back.
“Do you think she needs help?” Tobey asked the others. Sid shrugged.
“Well, she hasn’t screamed yet... so...” He got up and walked through the gap. Then the inevitable happened. Two screams, one directly after another. Sue grabbed Gary’s arm again, making all the feeling that he had brought back, disappear again. Suddenly another twig snapped behind them. A tall dark shadow appeared from the bushes.
“RUN!” Gary, Sid and Sue all screamed at the same time. They all jumped and sprinted into the opposite direction of the shadowy figure, but it followed them. Gary transformed into a wolf, and ran faster on all fours, Sid following, and Sue a little way behind. Suddenly she tripped over a tree root, and fell.
“GARY! SID!” She screamed. They had gotten so far ahead, she couldn’t see them anymore, and doubted whether they could hear her. She screamed again, this time louder. The shadowy figure was walking slowly towards her, and half of his face was illuminated in the moonlight. It was grinning at her. She screamed one last time.
Gary stopped, he was sure that he had heard something. He looked behind him, to see Sid just behind. Sue was nowhere to be seen.
“What’s the matter, wolfie?” Sid asked, a slight taunt in the way he had addressed him.
“Sue... where’s Sue?” He panted. Sid turned, saw Sue wasn’t there, and then turned back to the wolf.
“WHERE IS SHE!?”Sid growled at the wolf.
“I DON’T KNOW” He growled back. Then the twig snapped. Both boys looked up at the shadowy figure. It stepped into the moonlight, and they saw its face.
“Hello Gary. Hello Sid” Jake said in his smooth, silky voice.
Wow, my first Three Delivery Horror story is up... I hope you enjoy it- or in this case "enjoyed" 038: The woods 950998


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