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Post by WolfieStar on 26th August 2010, 3:35 am

--I will make a sequel to this, cause Gary's still sick later on, and lets say an 'important' event happens in his life which he almost misses. Hopefully I'll write that one day when I'm not so cranky.


Sue was asleep finally, her unborn twins finally pausing their kicks long enough to let their rest. She was curled up under the blankets, enjoying the chance to sleep late. At seven months pregnant, she barely found a chance to sleep comfortably, and was taking advantage of this time. Her hand explored the other side of the bed, looking for her fiancé. But she found nothing, making her open her eyes a crack.

“Gary?” Sue sighed, and forced herself to half sit up in bed. Immediately the twins started kicking again, cranky that their lazy morning was cut short. She placed a hand on her stomach to calm them, but continued looking for the missing man from her place on the bed. It wasn't like him to leave bed this early, especially without making sure she was ok. Sue and pregnancy made him nervous and skittish, so he was extremely overprotective of her.

Sue sighed when she heard the shower running. He must be up early to open the restuarant on time, she mused, carefully swinging her legs over the side of the bed, intending to stand. The wolf usually was
never up this early, even for his job, maybe he couldn't sleep well. Or maybe she overslept again, that was a possibility.

As she stood up carefully, there was a sudden loud bang from the bathroom. The mother-to-be froze, and listened intently to the usual spring of cursing and angry shouts, but to her horror there was none. This scared her out of her wits, the awkward silence stunned her. Then she knew immediatly something was wrong.

“Gary!” she ran as fast as she could, which wasn't fast at all, and banged on the door with all her strength, begging he would hear. But the same silence struck her ears, and she pulled on the doorknob, but it wouldn't open! She cursed, remembering that he always locked the bathroom door, even when just washing his ands.

“Gary please!” she begged, sliding to her knees. Her kids felt their mother's pain, and had stopped their kicking abruptly. Sue weakly banged on the door, imagining Gary drown in the tub. Maybe it was the
estrogen invading her overactive mind, but she was scared to death for her wolf.

The phone rang, and Sue was too distraught to pick it up. After seven rings, the phone went to voicemail, and Sue heard her brother's voice on the voicemail.

“Hey Sue, I'm on my way over to get that extra car seat you brought us. I'll be there any minute, sorry I'm kinda coming over uninvited.” the receiver clicked, signaling he had hung up.

Sue picked her head up, struggling to stand up. She was considerably heavier, and she breathed deeply when she finally got to her feet. Being pregnant had it's negatives. She again tried to run, but since she couldn't see her feet almost tripped over her slippers a few times. When she threw open the front door, Sid was just pulling up in the driveway. Sue ran down towards the car and started banging hysterically on the window. Sid blinked and tried to unlock the door, worried that she would break the glass.

“Whoa, calm down.” Sid carefully pushed the car door open, gently to avoid hitting his sister's stomach, carrying her precious bundles. “What’s wrong? You're so tense!”

“Gary! He passed out in the shower! But he locked the door and I can't get to him!” Sue said breathlessly, pulling him frantically inside her home.

“What?!” Sid looked at her, seeing tears glisten in her eyes, begging for his help. Her brother set his jaw before sprinting inside. He had been here enough times to know where the master bathroom was, and even
when he took a few steps inside he could hear the water running.

It took Sue a few minutes to follow him, exhausted from running. She leaned on the wall as Sid quickly examined the door. He growled when the door didn't open for him either, so he took a bit of a drastic measure.

Sid took a few paces back, then roared as he body slammed the door. The door's hinges broke, and it hung limply against the doorframe.

The lights had turned off, and the shower head still let out water after so long. The tub was almost filled to the top, but what snapped to his attention was a brief glint of light. Gary's engagement ring. His hand was hanging over the edge of the tub, but was slowly sliding down, threatening to sink with the rest of him.

Sid vaguely heard Sue scream with fear, but he blocked her way as he slid down next to the tub. He quickly ripped the red head from the water, and checked his vital signs. There was barely a pulse, and no air was moving from his lungs.

Sid's hands started shaking when his body went into full blown panic mode. He carefully placed him down on the tile floor, then placed his mouth over his and breathed a lungful of air into his lungs. His hands went to the unconscious man's chest as he pushed down hard, willing him to take a breath. As he continue the process, the life had gone back into him.

Water spluttered everywhere as Gary coughed, but he seemed to still be unconscious as his head rolled to the side. Sue quickly handed her brother the longest towels, and nervously watched him wrap the heavy
cloth around her limp fiancé. Her children kicked, knowing their father was in danger, but she shared their frustration of feeling totally useless.

Sid had picked up the wolf bridal style, intending to carry him to the bed. Sue nodded immediately, already gathering his winter clothes and tossing them on the bed. He blinked as he looked at the shivering man. This situation made him uncomfortable, but he knew how important this was and quickly dressed him, trying to ignore his ‘private’ area.

Sid watched as Sue gathered more blankets, and wrapped them around him. He constantly coughed, his cheeks bright red with fever. She slipped the sheets and comforters over his shaking form, and slipped
under with him. Her body went as close to his as possible, but she made sure that Gary's frozen hands were touching her stomach, so he could feel his children. When they started kicking under his numb fingers, he breathed a sigh if relief as his shaking lessened.

Sid stayed close by, watching Sue take care of the feverish man. He knew that she was the one who needed taking care of, for she was so heavily pregnant. It proved how strong their love was.

Even though the wolf was very ill, for he had obviously passed out in the shower, he cared about her. For some reason, Sid felt something towards him. Respect?

“...what?” the wolf murmured, snapping him out of his thoughts. “I have to get ready for work.”

Sid placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him. “No. Rest.”

Gary blinked, then cried out weakly. Sue touched his forehead, feeling his blood boil. His shaking hands touched the layers of clothing, and he reached for the zippers and buttons, intending to take off some of the layers. Sue placed her warm hands on his cold ones, and shook her head. She placed them back on her swollen tummy, burying her face in his chest. Vaguely she could hear his heartbeat through the thick clothing, and that was enough to settle down her erratic thoughts.

“Hey man,” Sid leaned on the wall, giving them some space. “why did you pass out in the shower? You nearly drowned in your own bathtub and now you’re hypothermic.”

Gary sighed, pressing his head against the soft pillow. He felt cold and hot at the same time, he was so confused. Sue wrapped her arms even tighter around his shivering body, her stomach pressing against his. He smelt her hair, feeling his body relax. Even though his hands were still very cold, he felt Sue grab his hands and press them to her stomach. He gasped and quickly tried to pull them away, for fear their kids would get cold, but she held them firmly.

“N-No!” he wailed weakly, breathing faster. “I’ll freeze the kids!”

“They want to feel their father.” she replied calmly, staring into his only eye. “They’re ready to feel a bit cold, but are you going to deny them what they want?”

Gary couldn’t help but smirk at the look of amusement in her eyes, and carefully caressed her belly as he kissed her lips. He felt Sue get rigid and whimper, and he knew he had her in his grasp. His hands went to her back, and he carefully massaged her back, feeling her whimpers become a mixture of moans.

Sid cleared his throat, getting a bit uncomfortable with the whole situation. The couple jumped, and looked at Sid, a bit cranky their play time was cut short. “You never answered my question Wolff.”

Gary sighed, then a small sneeze interrupted from his nose and mouth. He sniffled, and answered, “I felt dizzy and like crap this morning, so I tried to take a shower to feel better.”

“Gary!” Sue cried, shaking him. “You should have told me you felt sick, instead of passing out in the shower on me!”

Gary gave that stupid grin of his, before sneezing again. He was shaking, and curled under the covers, still obviously cold. “You need your sleep, and I didn’t want to bother you. The babies can’t get tired.”

Sid couldn’t help but laugh from his corner of the room. “I hate to admit this, but he’s gonna be a good father.”

Sue smiled, slowly and forcefully making herself stand up again. She then walked over to Sid, giving her brother a hug. She held him tightly, whispering over and over, “thank you Sid, Gary would be dead if it wasn’t for you.”

Sid simply shrugged. “Ah, whatever, just glad you and Fluffy over there are alright.”

“I am not fluffy!” Gary called, growling from under the covers. He coughed loudly and repeatedly as he curled tighter in a ball. The siblings could see his shaking form from under the sheets.

“Its amazing that he could be back to normal after staring death in the eye five minutes ago.” Sid shook his head, watching him shake. “But he’s really sick though.”

Sue sighed and nodded, rubbing her stomach. “I know that mothers who have demon children give birth two months early, so basically I’m due any day. But I’m so scared I’ll catch whatever he has, I can’t get sick so late in my pregnancy, the kids will get hurt. He can’t be so sick when I have my children either!”

“Calm down, he’ll be fine.” Sid sighed, trying to calm down the nervous expectant mother. “Now where is that car seat?”



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