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Post by ThaliaAnderson on 27th August 2010, 2:07 am

I didn't use names very often in these. >> Just assume that I'm referring to Brynn and Sid, hahaha.


(though, not if you know all the spoilers, lmao)

* * * * *
He’d promised her–when it was all over; he would get down on his knee and beg for her to spend her life with him alone, holding only a ring.

Sid didn’t have to be a hero for her to love him.

Even though sometimes he wanted to forget, her memory stayed with him; though it burned his mind to remember even her face.

He stayed inside his own box, refusing to come out even for anything–it just wasn’t worth it if he couldn’t see her.

Like a hurricane, everything that he’d ever cared about–ripped away in the blink of an eye; taken with one single harsh word.

If only he could grow wings; he could find her–find her to tell her he loved her.

Nights seemed colder, as if the ice would grip his heart and freeze it; drowning in nothing but cold.

Watching her¬¬–slowly pouring red blood–knowing that he’d failed in protecting her killed him.

She bent over him, knowing he wasn’t moving; she poured the light-colored drink into his slightly open mouth, praying that the potion would still save his life.

He couldn’t run fast enough–she’d fallen, and he’d known it was going to happen–he’d known and somehow, he still couldn’t protect her.

As thunder clapped and lightening flashed outside, she cried and screamed and all he could do was hold her as midnight slowly approached.

She was so close–and her heartbeat was so erratic; hardly steady–that the temptation to just give in and say the words he’d been dying to was almost overwhelming.

They stood, side by side, in that treehouse, looking through the hole cut in the ceiling, simply enjoying the perfect view of the stars.

Music, it seemed, was the only real way he could ever convey his feeling to her–that nameless perfect girl that he always sang about; she’d never know that it was her.

Porcelain skin that felt just like silk–he wanted to hold her forever.

Under the cover of darkness and an illuminating midnight, he tried to help her–but fear always won out.

He’d said that he’d thought he’d lost her–twice–and in return, she made the promise to never leave him alone again.

When she at last fell asleep against him, nightmares plagued her dreams and forced her to cry out in frustration as she kept watching the ones that she loved die, over and over again.

Watching her face flicker in the candle light didn’t help his nerves at all–not when he’d been trying so hard to avoid looking into those dim green eyes.

Maybe she didn’t think she was anything special, but her real talent was being the only one to bring him back to the world of the living whenever he felt like dying.

When you sit with someone that you love so much, sometimes silence is really the only way to communicate the way you really feel–at least, for them it was.

She called it a journey–this trip that she was going on; she kept telling herself that she would be going back, even if she didn’t really believe it.

It raged inside of him, burning down the walls he’d built like a fire, a frenzied burning inside of him–just the hungry want to know she was still there.

The only thing that he was truly confident was in was his strength–the ability to protect the ones he cared about all the time, anytime; but somehow, when it came to her, he felt weakness settling inside of him.

He wished that he could see her–her, and not the mask that she pretended to be, because heaven only knew that she’d lost so many years being someone that she really wasn’t.

He felt her heart stop beating, saw the rise of her chest stop heaving, and suddenly, he felt like ice.

So many times, he watched her fall and try to get up again, never accepting help, never wanting assistance from anyone, only to trip all over again.

It killed her, laying alone in her bedroom, to think that maybe, one of these days, she’d just be another forgotten memory–something that didn’t last longer than the blink of an eye.

She’d always known how, but it wasn’t until he swept up her and they started to dance that she really remembered how to move her feet and twist and turn in the way she’d been taught oh-so long ago.

Bruised and broken, she held onto his body in the darkness, feeling his chest heave as he struggled to breathe, knowing that there wasn’t anybody to help, and nearly forgetting the vial in her pocket that could end all of this suffering for the both of them.

Sacred–regarded with reverence, reverently dedicated to some person, purpose, or object–these were the words that described his feelings for her to a tee.

It would have been better–easier, maybe–if they had even had their farewells, something to say to ensure that one would never forget the other, though all was forgiven.

Sometimes, it felt like the distance between them was an entire world, compared to only a few miles.

It felt so formal that night, as he held her close, and yet, so familiar and friendly.

Hot to the touch, he’d never felt a fever so incredibly high, but there was no one to take them to the hospital, and it was much too far to walk in her condition.

Her voice, her laugh seemed to make everything, if only for a moment, much better than it really was.

When one had lived surrounded by nothing but lies, she found it hard to trust again–and somehow, she fell immediately in his presence, just wanting to believe in everything he said.

He had asked her if she ever thought about how long forever really was, and when she replied yes, he’d wanted to know why–if only for her to say aloud that it was as long as she wanted to be by his side.

Beaten down and overwhelmed, it wasn’t enough to know that he held a gun to her chest–but that the one she loved was already bleeding his life away beside her.

He whispered the words, because he wasn’t strong enough to look her in the eyes and say them aloud.

Somehow, someway, he’d wait, because he knew deep down that she just couldn’t be gone–even if the proof was lying right in front of him.

He didn’t know why he’d picked up the phone, suddenly intent to talk to her, just for a moment to hear her voice again, but his heart broke to hear only the automatic voicemail on the other side of the line.

The search could go on endlessly–he didn’t know where she’d gone, where she was, and he was left without a trace, but only the want to find her again.

Her eyes fluttered once and she lay, still and broken, in her hammock, and the simple movement proved that somehow, she was still alive and it gave him hope.

The night she was stolen from him, there was an eclipse and he watched solemnly as the sun died, along with her radiance from his own life.

Every time the doorbell rang, she raced to answer, hoping to see him standing on the doorstep, but every time she opened the door, gravity hurled her back to the earth and crushed her again.

The highway stretched before her, and it killed her to know that the last thing she had to remember this life by was the group’s cover of one of the band’s songs.

From the moment she stepped back into Wu’s and saw two faces she’d prayed to never have to see again, life threw her into the unknown and just when she thought she was getting used to things, she was caught off guard.

Shifting the lock on the door, she wouldn’t allow anybody inside her place of secrecy, knowing that she couldn’t stand to face them and their hateful words.

No one was there to help him–so he laid her on one of the bunks, hoping to keep her warmer than she would be otherwise, and sitting on the ground beside the bed, he held her hand and listened to her breathe, just to know she was still alive.

If she could have chosen anywhere to be alone at that moment, she would have picked even the hottest of deserts over the too-cold chill of the once-welcoming bedroom.

She resisted the urge to let the tears fill her eyes as she watched him pull out the gun and raise it to her, and for once, she was glad that Sid was so far away from her.

Her innocence resonated into him as he held her, delicately and gently, and he could feel a sudden peace within himself, even though she was cowering and the storm outside refused to let up.

Time would never heal the broken heart that he’d been left with, knowing he wouldn’t get the chance to apologize.

She sat in the dark and cradled her own head in her arms, never once before realizing what it was like to truly be alone.

Separation and absence are supposed to make one love another more dearly and before, but it only made him realize that he’d been stupid to hide his feelings from her for so long.

* * * * *

Sad Synn is sad. *dry laugh*

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