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Anybody Technical?

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Anybody Technical? Empty Anybody Technical?

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 3rd September 2010, 6:13 pm

Yeah, so my Sony Vegas is screwing me over. >> I was all set and done with a Zack/Vanille MEP part that I made, and I was so excited to render it (because I actually liked the way it turned out, which doesn't happen with me XD) and then Vegas threw a bunch of errors at me. I don't think you have to know Vegas specifically, because I think these errors show up with other things, and I don't know if any of you are tech savvy when it comes to computers and...their PMSing on everyone.

Anyways, first, Vegas will stop rendering the project at 13% (right on a nice thumbnail of Zack loling, hahah), and then it'll close because it won't go farther. Then, I'll open the project and four windows will pop up one after another:
"runtime error 203 at 000029D5"
"runtime error 216 at 00007DCD"
"runtime error 216 at 00007DC1"
"runtime error 203 at 000029D5"

Yes, the 203 is exactly the same. They show up in this order. And then, if I close and open again, it'll work fine and let me render. But it won't start the render; it'll say, "Cannot render for an unknown problem." Then, I close and try again, "Low disc space."
Vegas is totally BSing me there, because I have plenty of disc space. So that's a total lie.

Then it'll start over. Last night before I went to bed, it threw something new at me and said I didn't have the right Windows Media video codec installed to render in .wmv which is also BS because the only thing I render in is .wmv.

If you could even search any of these errors on google (well, not low disc space//codec problems), I'd really appreciate it. I couldn't find anything, but maybe I missed something? Uggghhg, I don't know why it does this. ;-;

Anybody Technical? Jsg4rp
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