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Post by ThaliaAnderson on 13th September 2010, 6:49 am

I was just recently asked to join the Three Delivery Club on deviantArt. I'm going to abuse it up the wazoo and promote the site and the Red Thread of Fate series and hopefully spread our fangirlish ThreeD love to those on deviantArt. I haven't figured out how to submit in the OC section yet, but I uploaded the Sue, Sid, and Tobey headers to the site already, and I'll probably put up the first Sid header I had (the one that was actually Sid, hahah) sometime soon. I suggest that you watch the group to see more deviantions from other artists who are ThreeD fans! And maybe, just maybe we'll get some new members. (: The founder of the site posted the ThreeD forum link on the bio page for the club, so I'm feeling somewhat really official at the moment, heheh.

Keep a lookout for more of that!

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