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Friendship is Blind Part 2

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Friendship is Blind Part 2 Empty Friendship is Blind Part 2

Post by WolfieStar on 20th September 2010, 11:55 pm

--Changed to a short chapter story...? Didn't think people wanted a mega long two shot XD


Sid was so confused and scared, all he could do was cling to the wall desperately hoping that someone would help him back up to his room. Maybe he could live his whole life in his room? Yeah, and someone could bring his meals up to him every few hours? That wouldn’t be a bad life. He would hid from embarrassment. That sounded wonderful in his mind.

“Hey Yi!” a sudden sharp tone scared him out of his wits. He couldn’t help but scream softly, and dig his fingernails in the hard wall, trying to get a good grip. But he was suddenly pried from the wall, and he started screaming hysterically, kicking and punching like a wild thing. The strong arms were pulling him away, and from the hot breath on his neck he immediately assumed it was Kong Li. Fear and adrenaline rushed through his veins, and he attempted to break free, but he was out of shape after lying in bed for two weeks straight. He became too exhausted after merely two minutes, and merely hung limp in his captor’s arms.

“Man up.” the voice respond, dropping him in a chair. Sid‘s heart was racing, and he clutched his chest in an attempt to calm down. His hands gripped the arms of the chair, having such a bad panic attack. “It’s only me, Gary. You that scared of me?” there was that masculine laughter again.

“What do you want? To embarrass me? Cause it worked. Now go away.” Sid growled, turning his head away so Gary wouldn’t have to look at his eyes. His ruined eyes. He had heard Brynn gasp when she looked at him, and knew he was just as ugly as Gary.

“No. I’m gonna help you get back on your feet.”

“Oh really now? I don’t want help.”

“You loser. Stop pitying yourself and try to do something about your blindness. You want your confidence and independence back, right? Well, I’m gonna help ya.”

“How are you going to help me? You’re just a stu-”

“Don’t question your master!” Gary growled, making Sid be quiet in merely seconds. Truth was, Sid was afraid. Afraid of Gary. They truly hated each other, and with Sid so vulnerable like this, he was wrapped around the demon’s dark claws. But he briefly wondered if Gary really could help him. He was mostly blind, so maybe he knew a thing or two. Maybe if he got lucky, it would be useful. If he was very lucky.

Gary cleared his throat, then he said in a fake cheery tone, “Welcome to blindness for beginners!”

“Original class name teacher.” Sid groaned, rolling his eyes, but immediately regretting it. His eyes still burned, and he wince and held his face in his hands. He knew Gary was staring at him, feeling his emerald gaze on his body, but didn’t dare face him.

“Shut up or else it’s detention.” there was a hint of laughter in his voice, then he said. “Alright, this is the only time I’m going to help you, cause I need to lead you to the garden. Can a big boy like you handle that?”

Sid refused to say anything or even give him a look, so he merely stood up unsteadily. It took him a few seconds to get steady, and he was very surprised that Gary waited patiently and didn’t make a smart allec comment. Then again, should he really question it?

“Come along now.” Gary grunted, grabbing his arm and leading him away from the chair. Sid was obviously nervous, and a thought came into his head of the wolf leading him into the streets to be hit by a car. Now, he had been joking at the time, but that thought was still relatively scary.

“Where are you taking me?” Sid replied after a gentle breeze hit his face, and he could smell the flowers and feel the warm heat of the sun. After some thought he decided it was a little bit after midday and he was in the garden, but it was only a guess.

“Garden. Could you feel the heat from the sun and the breeze?” Gary asked. He had stopped walking, and let go of Sid’s arm. Sid felt lost without anything to hold onto, but he didn’t dare show his feelings to Gary.


“Good. Now, lets start off with getting around. Humans are lucky beings. Blind animals rely on mostly two senses, like for example, myself.” Gary took a deep breath and continued. It was obvious he was having much difficulty explaining such things to Sid. “Wolves have to use only their sense of smell and hearing to get around if a pack member becomes blind, or visually impaired. Most other mammals rely on only those two sense. But, luckily, humans have three they can use to their advantage. Hearing, sense of smell, and touch.”

“Ok. So, what does that do to help me?”

“I’ll teach you how to use your other senses smart one.” Sid jumped when he felt Gary smack him on the back of the head, but it didn’t hurt. It was just a light tap. “When one sense is lost, in your case your vision, the other senses become stronger to make up for it. You get more practice using them since now you’re using them much more often.”

“I think I get it.” Sid mumbled, turning his head in hopefully the direction away from the wolf. “So you’re gonna teach me how to use touch, hearing, and smell to get around basically?”

“Exactly. Can you handle that?” there was a hint of sarcasm in his voice, and Sid wanted to punch him so badly. But, maybe he could help me, a small part of his brain mused. No one else somewhat understood his situation, so logically, Gary was the best and only option.

“Alright. What do I do?” Sid asked, standing up straight to look confident in the wolf’s eye. Though inside he was shaking with fear and anxiety.

“Wait here. I’m bringing you a present.” there was footsteps, and Sid was suddenly afraid to be left alone in the garden. But he listened carefully, and could hear leaves shuffling and heart something crack. Sid wondered what was going on, and hated that he felt out of the loop. Suddenly something rough and hard was placed in Sid’s hands.

“What is this?” Sid asked, holding it tightly in his palm.

“Run your fingers over it and figure it out.” Gary’s tone was patient and gentle, it reminded him the way that he had comforted Brynn when she sprained her ankle. Jealously sparked in him from the way he had helped his girlfriend, but only knew it was somewhat of a sibling bond. Brynn was also Gary’s best friend, so it made some sort of sense.

Sid sighed, and did as he was told. His fingertips ran over hard and sharp material, but it was sturdy. He than let his hand go back up, but it only went somewhat smooth down, so after some times of doing this he decided it was bark, like on a tree. Examining it more, he found soft flexible stuff, and he knew it was leaves.

“Figure it out yet?” Gary’s voice snapped Sid out of his examination.

“Figure what out?”

“What I gave you dumb arse.”

“Oh.” Sid quickly ran his hand over it one more time and announced, “it’s a tree branch.”

“Correct. I want you to sweep it in front of your feet to feel if anything is in your way. If you hit something, you know to move. If not, you’re going in the right direction.” Gary explained quickly, not bothering to make sure Sid got all of the information.

“Couldn’t a cane also have done the job?” Sid asked, finding a way to hold the branch comfortably. It would make sense for him to be self conscious, being blind in the first place, then holding around a stick wherever he went.

“Yeah, but I didn’t have the money to get you a cane. Stick with this or nothing.” Gary snapped. His temper always seemed to fluctuate, so it was nearly impossible to see if he was in a bad mood or not. Only a select few people could tame his attitude.

“Fine.” Sid groaned, starting to sweep the branch in front of him and attempting to navigate through the garden. The leaves brushed and disturbed the placement of peoples and dead leaves, making a neat walkway for the blind fighter. His confidence slowly returned to his skittish body, until he felt resistance against the gentle sweeps of the leaves. “Huh?”

“You found a wall.” Gary spoke, right behind him His hot stinky dog breathe ran down his neck, sending shivers down his spine. “Good.”


“Find the gate now. Use your sense of touch to find the gate stupid.”

Sid sighed, and used his free hand to touch the worn out bricks of the garden wall. The roughness and bumps of the surface fan over his fingers and palm, but soon he felt smooth resistance. It wasn’t completely smooth, it had some crevices in it, but it wasn’t like the wall. His hands continued to travel across the surface until he felt a knob. Wrapping his hand around it, he twisted it and pushed, and almost fell in.

“Well done.” Gary grunted. “You found the gate. Now, try to memorize the terrain and your surroundings. Fell the ground, does it slop slightly? Does more grass grow there, or less? Is there any cracks in the wall you can use as landmarks? Anything really.”

Sid nodded and concentrated. “The surface around the door leans in a bit. And it’s smoother.”

“Great.” Sid thought he could hear a smile in his voice. “You just learned touch.”



Friendship is Blind Part 2 Jb7gxg

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Friendship is Blind Part 2 Empty Re: Friendship is Blind Part 2

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 21st September 2010, 1:25 am

Dear Gary,

Sue and Brynn are the ones who your attitude bows down to.

The Fandom

* * * * *
Anyways. XD I really like where the story is going. (: I like how Gary's attitude fluxuates; like he's starting to warm up to Sid and not hate him, and then he has to remind himself to be all mean. XD

And it'd be like Brynn to sprain her ankle. XD I wonder how it happened though, hahahah.

I hope you can write more soon. (: Besides some grammatical errors, your writing is really great!

Friendship is Blind Part 2 Jsg4rp
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