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Hanna is Not a Boy's Name

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Hanna is Not a Boy's Name Empty Hanna is Not a Boy's Name

Post by AlixRobinson on 23rd September 2010, 3:55 am

Okay, so... it's not a movie, it's not a video game, and it's not a TV show, but at the moment is is really one of the most important things in my life, so I have to share.

"Hanna is Not a Boy's Name" is a webcomic that is written and drawn by the amazingly talented Tessa Stone. It started out as something she was doing simply to get better at comic page layouts. It ended up being her biggest triumph.

The comic is about a boy (yes, a boy) named Hanna Cross. He's 5'3" (that's even shorter than me by a half-inch), 24 years old, has bright, obnoxious red hair, the biggest sideburns ever, glasses, and is a paranormal investigator. While the job of paranormal investigator usually involves investigating the paranormal, Hanna tends to end up helping the paranormal themselves. Hanna is a bit of a spaz. He's forgetful about normal things, but he can pull random information about zombies and vampires from no where. He can sew, too. Hanna has two capabilities: his magical hammer which can be used as a weapon and, also, it seems, as some cursing device, and his - quite literal - "Magic Marker," a marker that he draws magic runes on himself for.

However, since he's so spazzy, it'd be pretty difficult to tell the story from his point of view. Therefore, the story is told by someone else. Hanna's "partner in crime," a man named... well... we don't know his name. You see, {...} (as Tessa and pretty much everyone else calls him) is dead. A zombie, in fact. You know, green skin, glowy-awesome eyes, the works. For reasons that have yet to be explained in the comic's (rather lengthy) current 2 1/4 chapters, he was resurrected with absolutely no memory of who he originally was. He went to Hanna after finding his business card, which claimed he was a "Paranormal Investigator." {...} had no where else to go, and went to Hanna for a job and a place to stay.

That's where the third character comes into play. Conrad Achenleck, their first real customer, is a paranoid, rude man who is terrified of women. He goes to Hanna with complaints of vampires and ends up getting turned into one himself about half-way through the first chapter. He's your typical vampire - he can't go out in sunlight, he can't consume anything but blood, and he can't enter a house without being invited in first. Also, he only has one fang. That, and he is the most incompetent, prissy thing in existence. And, as cute as his cluelessness can be at times, it also has a tendency to get him in a lot of trouble.

There are so many more characters than that (including a rather sassy werewolf girl, a degree-less, back-alley doctor, and a half-selkie boy with shark teeth and an abusive past) and they all come together to make it such an amazing comic.

This comic, to me, is far more than a comic. In the words of the author, it's a "sugar-coated horror." To me, it's a world I wish was real. A world of magic and mysteries and dead-panned zombies and DS-obsessed shark boys. I learned something from this comic. I learned that to live this life to its fullest, you can't fight against the tide. Roll with the punches and float on top of the water when the waves come rolling up. If something happens that changes your life, you have to know you can't change it back. You have to just keep living. I learned that it's okay to be different and that, even if you doubt it, someone will always have your back. You just may not know who it is. I learned that the world is so much bigger than my own backyard. I learned that bad things happen, but they don't have to.

Okay, reading back over this, it's long and rant-ish and annoying. I'm sorry, but there is nothing I love more than this comic, and nothing I will ever love more than this comic. It doesn't have nearly enough readers and that's just unfair to me. The art and coloring is fantastic (every comic is in color. WIN FOR LIFE.), the characters bewitch you with their fierceness and charm, and you immediately want to know everything about them.

So, without further ado, I present you with the link.


Edit: I'm going to go ahead and note this, since I think Thalia would appreciate it, though I doubt any of you would really be bothered by it. There are brief instances of language in the comic, but the "F" word is always censored (except for one instance in the second chapter where Hanna is really pissed). There are also one or two sex jokes, though they're pretty hard to pick up on for the most part.

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