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Trials of the Demon Wolf ch.6

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Trials of the Demon Wolf ch.6 Empty Trials of the Demon Wolf ch.6

Post by WolfieStar on 3rd October 2010, 2:43 am

--Yay we're up to Chapter six and still going strong!
--SHORTEST. CHAPTER. EVER. Don't judge me DX
--Suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated.


My roar of anger echoed off the brick walls of the garden as I stormed inside after the snow white she-wolf. I barely even remembered that witch, well that she wasn’t the friendliest type of person hit my memory, but other than that nothing. But how dare she say such things to her! Especially when she wasn’t at her full strength. Why was I so concerned? My head hurt.

I jumped through the garden gate door, already a demon. I didn’t even have to think about it any more. But what I saw made me roar again. Vitani was circling Sue, who looked scared to death. She was obviously remembering when I had attacked her so violently. Vitani was licking her lips, imagining eating a good piece of meat it seemed. Truly it was disgusting, to be fueled by jealously that much? Disturbing.

Suddenly she lunged at Sue, and she screamed, shutting her eyes tight and shielding her face with her hands. Before I knew exactly what I was doing, I leapt at her, slashing my claws into her side. She screeched and her leap faltered. She fell and rolled to the side away from Sue. Her lips curled into a snarl as she stood up.

“You!” she roared, now pouncing into me. I stumbled backwards, losing my balance. Snarling in my face, she spat, “traitor!”

“How?!” I growled, trying to push her off, but she was strong. So strong I was surprised. The lack of food and sleep was getting to me. But I had to protect Sue!

“By helping a pathetic human! You know they’ll kill us!”

“So why kill them? We’ll be no better.”

Vitani only roared with anger and slashed her claws on my muzzle, directly over my nose. I yelped with the pain, glaring at her, the fire returning in my eyes. She smirked, her tail waving gently, before she leapt at me again. But this time I was ready, and leapt to the side just avoiding her sharp claws.

“You’re slowing down cowboy!” she growled, snapping her teeth near my tail.

“Just get out of her she-wolf!” I snarled back at her, my legs starting to falter. Knowing I couldn’t keep up with this much longer, I had to finish this. Sure it just started, but I was already ready to collapse. I needed to protect that girl, why I didn’t know. It was feeling welling up inside my chest.

While I was thinking and struggling to stand, I snapped my head up when I heard her scream. Vitani was advancing on her, and before I knew what was happening, she tackled the human to the ground and bared her teeth, ready to break her neck. Sue screamed again, terrified.

I wasn’t in control of my actions. It was like some kind of beast took control and made me attack Vitani fiercely. My teeth connected with her neck, and slammed shut. Blood spurted all over me as her main blood vessel was severed. She gurgled weakly, and fell limp, her body rolling off of that girl.

Her chest was heaving with fear, staring at me with eyes as wide as saucers. Her body shaking, she scooted away from me and wrapped her arms around her chest protectively like she was giving herself a hug. The fear was coming off of her in waves.

Just glancing at her made my knees knock together. She was frightened of me I realized. So many things I’ve done wrong in so little time. Have I done anything right? Did I-

“Is she dead?” Sue blinked, snapping me out of my thoughts. She was talking about Vitani, obviously, yet it took me a few seconds to comprehend it. I blinked back at her, and nudged her blood covered white flank gently, and it felt cold. She did not move.

“Yeah . . .” I whispered, staring at my old friend’s body. “. . . dang.”

“You killed her!” Sue shrieked, shaking with such fear it was heartbreaking. “And now you’re going to finish me off!”

“Now why would I do that?” I snapped. “I protected you you stupid girl. Open your eyes for a few seconds smart mouth.”

Everything started spinning all of a sudden, and my knees started to buckle. I forced myself to focus on the scared girl, and growled, “I wouldn’t ever hurt you! Understand that!”

“But you killed that demon, one of your own kind!”

“Because she threatened to take your life away.” I stuttered, returning to my human form and falling to my hands and knees. Sue did not make a move to help me, and I didn’t expect her too really.

“Why would you protect me?”

“Because I’m trying to make it up to you. For hurting you. For putting me in a coma, for everything.” I gasped, shadows invading my vision. “Alright? Is that a good enough answer?”

“I . . .”

I never got to hear the rest before I crumpled weakly to the ground.

To Be Continued

Trials of the Demon Wolf ch.6 Jb7gxg

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