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A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol Empty A Christmas Carol

Post by WolfieStar on 9th October 2010, 12:32 am


So, hopefully all of you know of the book/play 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens. This has repeatedly been made into TV specials, some of the most famous 'A Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol' 'An All Dogs Christmas Carol' and numerous others.

This is a holiday classic, not just for people who clebrate Christmas. To get on with this, people have attempted to recreate it in fanfictions. I am perfectly OK with this, but it's just a little boring when people do the same thing the 'Christmas Carol' did but only with swapping the actual characters' names with the fiction's character (example if I didn't explain it clearly - Sora from KH being Marely and Riku Scrooge, exact personality and everything.). 'A Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol' did this, but being Disney, it was stunning. Certain things can accomplish this well, but with Kingdom Hearts? You have to be an excellent writer to impress. But with 'An All Dog's Christmas Carol', they didn't copy it exactly. Charlie and Itchy were given orders by Annebelle to save all the dogs from being hypnotized by Belledonna to save Christmas, thus they had to change Carface - who was working for her - for the better, and they did it in the Christmas Carol way. This I thought was anything but boring, and was actually quite interesting and a different twist. Of course, some people may disagree with my reasoning, and that's perfectly alright.

Now, I was thinkng of maybe starting a Three Delivery version of the Christmas Carol. I may abandon the idea soon, that is a possibility, but I've had the idea for awhile. It may turn out interesting, it may turn out to be the worst thing I've written. Who knows? It'll be fun to try.

So, I may or may not use my best friend in real life's charries instead (Datenshi and Fire). I don't know yet. Of course I can't use them here, for Brynn and Tyko have their little claws wrapped around Sid and Tobey, and I love Synn and Tobko too much ;~; I was interested in your opinion. Your words do not hurt me haha, just curious about your thoughts.

If you can, may you post your thoughts on who would be who? I will not be posting a rewrite of the book with the same charries, only changed names. No. Just having an idea on who would be who, you know?

Post your thoughts please! (:

Characters (because I'm like that to post the charries cause I can) :

Ghost of Christmas Past
Ghost of Christmas Present
Ghost of Christmas Future
Scrooge's nephew
Little Tim
Tim's Family
Scrooge's old wife

Any others I am missing? D;

A Christmas Carol Jb7gxg

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A Christmas Carol Empty Re: A Christmas Carol

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 9th October 2010, 1:46 am

Well, Tim's family should be more elaborate, yes? (:

Belle (Scrooge's fiancee)
Fan (Scrooge's sister)
Bob Cratchit (Tim's father)
Fred (Scrooge's nephew)
Cratchit's wife (I don't remember her name...)
Mr. Fezziwig

I LOVED the Disney "Christmas Carol". it was just fabulous, hahaha. (: I don't know "All Dogs go to Heaven"; never watched any of them. D: I think it's a cool idea to apply this to ThreeD, though! (:

A Christmas Carol Jsg4rp
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A Christmas Carol Empty Re: A Christmas Carol

Post by Chezberryz456 on 9th October 2010, 2:39 pm

Haha, that sounds like an awesome idea!
I've only seen the orignal version of A Christmas Carol, and I love the idea of a Three Delivery version.

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A Christmas Carol Empty Re: A Christmas Carol

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