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Friendship is Blind Part 3

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Friendship is Blind Part 3 Empty Friendship is Blind Part 3

Post by WolfieStar on 23rd October 2010, 2:24 pm

-Is anyone still alive...? o.o
-Kinda a filler but it's something.


Lightning lit up the sky, the rain pitter pattering on the window. Once they storm erupted, a certain red headed wolf ran out to enjoy it‘s glory. He didn’t need his eyesight to process the storm, the loud crackling and rain on his scarred face was enough for him. The newly blind boy, on the other hand, preferred to stay dry and warm inside as he listened to music to sooth his troubles.

But the other red head found all of this to be a little uncomfortable.

Brynn shivered in her bed as thunder cracked, sounding right outside her window. She heard the door slam and knew Gary ran outside, that crazy wolf. She rolled her eyes at his stupidity, but whimpered again at more lightning. Sleeping in her room wasn’t happening tonight.

Feeling defeat, she slipped out of her bed, careful not to wake Sue since Tyko never woke up for anyting, and crept out of the girls room and into the bedroom. To her surprise, the radio was blaring on Sid’s night table, his unseeing eyes closed as he listened to the too loud music. Tobey wasn’t in the room, and she assumed he left, the music too loud for him.

“Sid?” Brynn whispered, attempting to get her boyfriend’s attention. Things were still very awkward between them, but it seemed to disappear when one was scared or injured.

Sid didn’t notice her. He actually started humming one of the songs he was fond of. She felt saddened slightly when he didn’t smile. Usually music brightened his spirits. It was obvious he was still very upset at losing his vision.

“Sid?” she called a little louder, and frowned when he still didn’t know of her presence. A loud thunderbolt alerted him when she yelped and started shaking. He snapped his head up, his dull eyes opening carefully. Immediately he grabbed his stick and stood up.

“Brynn? Call to me.” Sid ordered, his hand tightening around the bark.

“I-I’m over here Sid.” Brynn called gently, watching to see if he would need help. Ironic really, she came to him for safety during the storm.

“I’m coming.” he announced, sweeping the tree branch back and forth on the floor. After a few seconds, he took his steps, slowly coming closer and closer to the red head in awe. Soon arms were around her shivering form, and she blinked, realizing that Sid had come to her on his own! “I told you I could do it.” he mumbled in her red hair.

“With Gary’s help.”

“Yeah, yeah . . . Details details. What’s wrong?”

His question was answered by the crackle of thunder, Brynn crying out softly, and her fists tightening on his black shirt. He sighed gently, holding her close. “The storm?”

She nodded into his chest, attempting to stop shaking. Sid shut his eyes and looked away from her. “I can’t really help you, you know.”

“Just because you’re blind doesn’t mean you’re useless.” She cupped his face, hoping her touch would help him. But he didn’t respond, just ‘stared’ at her. It really seemed like he was looking at her, but his injured eyeballs and dull look reminded her that he was still very blind.

“Yeah, it kind of does.”

“That’s a lie, and you know it. Gary is half blind, and so many other things, and he is an amazing fighter! Do you think being completely blind means anything to you and your skills?”

“But I can’t write mus-”

“Don’t you dare say you cant write music!” Brynn suddenly snapped at him. “Beethoven is a perfect example.”

“I don’t live in the . . . Whatever time period he was alive in! And I’m not a big fan of classical music.”

“You don’t have to write classical music! Why not that sound that’s blaring from that poor little radio?”

Sid didn’t have a chance to answer for Brynn whined loudly and buried her face in his chest at the sound of another crack of lightening. The male carefully placed his chin on the top of her head, thinking. Could she had been right? And even though he hated to admit it, the storm was good for them. Brynn had a chance to say those things to him, and he felt, stronger. He was able to help her when he was frightened. To say that helped him was a lie.

It boosted Sid’s self esteem.


Yeah...Sid feeds off of Brynn's fear hehe XD

Friendship is Blind Part 3 Jb7gxg

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Friendship is Blind Part 3 Empty Re: Friendship is Blind Part 3

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 23rd October 2010, 11:53 pm

Gosh dang you.
Why are you so good at writing this?
It's not fair that you can make Brynn so dang terrified so dang well.
I love you. XD

Woo, filler! But good filler, yes? Maybe Sid will start being a little less...emo-y? XD Good thing Brynn's such a little wimp, yes? (; It's helpful, hahahah.

(Brynn agrees that Gary is a moron for enjoying something so scary!)

I can't wait for the rest of this! (:

Friendship is Blind Part 3 Jsg4rp
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