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Help please...?

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Help please...? Empty Help please...?

Post by WolfieStar on 10th November 2010, 2:39 am

I have two things needed to be resolved....

1. In the original Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, I'm having trouble defeating Captian Hook. I bearly get past one health bar on the guy, and with the moving platform I can't get out of the way of his bombs in time. It took me a month to defeat Hades (yes, I saved that for last for Cloud Eeeeeeeeeeeeee ) and there's a whole 4 more worlds left! I want to advance, any help? And how do I acsess the Moogle Shop? I know it's there, but I can't get to it. Do I use a Moogle Card in front of a door...?

2. I was looking around the Enemy Profiles in 358/2 after playing through it agian, and I noticed for the Samuri nobody, it says as the last thing "They work under Roxas" or something. Since you play as Roxas, you can't control them... So does this count for KH2 or even KH2 Final Mix? Just want this cleared up.


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Help please...? Empty Re: Help please...?

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 10th November 2010, 2:46 am

1) I don't know about fighting in the original CoM, sorry. Sweat Drop Try looking up a walkthrough if you're having trouble with bosses. The only reason I'm good at video games is because I know my way around an actual controller pretty dang well; and I've never touched a gamecube one in my life. Help please...? 252540 But for the synthesis rooms, just play a synthesis card at the beginning to unlock a door and it'll give you a Moogle room that doesn't have any enemies in it.

2) No; even though Samurai Nobodies are technically Roxas' specialty, you never get to control them. If I'm correct, Axel assumes responsibility over most Nobodies actions in KH2, and then when Axel dies, I think Xemnas just controls them all. Of course, there are some Nobodies who aren't controlled by Organization XIII; things like Creepers and the lower classes. But even after you kill an Organization member, their Nobody keeps attacking, so I think somebody higher up in ranking just takes over. That's never clearly explained, or touched on at all in the game, so this is just my theory.

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