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Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7

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Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7 Empty Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7

Post by WolfieStar on 18th November 2010, 3:09 am

--Well now here's where the fun starts Party
--I think Sue's kinda OOC, but that's what Garue does to her Evil Laugh


I slept with no dreams, and for the first time in a while, I felt comfortable in my unconsciousness. My stomach didn’t feel swollen from lack of food, yet it didn’t feel full. Surrounded by warmth, I refused to wake up, yet something warm hit my eyelids. Sunlight, I mused.

Carefully, I lifted my eyelids open, and sighed. There was an old cemented ceiling, smelling of dirty water. Smells of different liquids were everywhere, but there was a smell of humans. Nearby, also.

“You’re awake.” a female voice whispered. My eyes snapped to her, and I recognized Sue. She looked at me, smiling warmly as she brushed a few stray strands away from my face. “I was getting scared you wouldn’t wake up. You’re so thin, I can count every single one of your bones.”

I blinked at her. I was hungry, but I wouldn’t dare admit that. “Alright, why did you help me?”

“You helped me.”

I blinked, disoriented. “Wha- When?”

“When I was in the hospital and in a coma. You helped me wake up.” then she smiled. “You’re my guardian angel. That other demon would’ve skewered me.”

My head fell back against the soft pillow. “She used to be my friend ya know.”

Sue sighed, looking away. “I’m so sorry.”

“But no one hurts my new friends.” I laughed weakly. “We might not even be friends, but, I won’t let anyone hurt another person, even if that means ending a life.”

“That’s a unique philosophy.” Sue commented, looking up for a second as a second person hovered over me. I blinked, recognizing her as the old women who gave Sue that potion thingy. Instantly I growled at her, still thinking that she had hurt her.

“I guess you remember me.” she smirked with a wise twinkle in her eyes. “My name is Mei Hua Wu, but my children call me Nana.”

“Sue called you Nana, I think.” I furrowed my brows. “But she doesn’t smell or look like you.”

“She is my adopted daughter. I treat all my adopted kids like family.”

“That’s nice.” I murmured, rolling my head to the side to look at Sue. She was running her fingers through my hair, somewhere else it seemed. She mumbled something that I couldn’t here.

“What?” Nana leaned closer to her.

“Where is he going to stay?” she murmured, her black eyes staring into my green.

The old one hesitated, then said, “likely a foster home.”

“What?!” Sue cried out, a fist forming in my hair. I winced, but she didn’t see. “A foster home?! Like the orphanage?! Oh no Nana, you can’t! You can’t!”

“I don’t want to.” she spoke truthfully it seemed. I couldn’t sense her heart racing, like she would be telling a fib. But it seemed to slow actually. I couldn’t understand that.

“But why did you mention it?” the volume of Sue’s voice was rising quickly.

“We just don’t have the space to house anyone else. We barely have enough now, everyone is cramped. It wasn’t like when it was just you three. I can’t even count how many people live here. Plus, our money is low, I don’t know how much longer we can sustain everyone.”

“But Brynn is filthy sticken' rich!”

“The will of her parents do not let her have the money until she’s eighteen. And besides, it’s wrong for her to use her parents’ fortune for helping us.”

“Maybe he can stay for rent!” a spark glittered in Sue’s eyes. “Yeah! We can find something he can do here! He can give a share of his money to Mr. Wu, he can have the guest bedroom, and, and . . .”

“Sue.” Nana placed a hand on her shoulder, a knowing look in her eyes. “He was living on the streets for most of his life it seems. I don’t know if he even has the energy to stay awake much longer.” now she stared at me, blinking. I simply blinked back. “He needs a good meal, and a nice long bath to clean him up. Some new clothes. But he’s so weak.”

I growled slightly, wanted to speak up against that. I wasn’t that bad, right? Well, I haven’t looked in a mirror, or a puddle, in such a long time.

“I can cook for him!” Sue elected, shivering slightly in her seat. “He can borrow Sid’s clothes! He’ll fit! Or Barney’s maybe! And if he’s too weak, I can wash him!”

“Sue, a fourteen year old girl shouldn’t be--”

“I know, looking at a guy’s naked body.” she rolled her eyes, smiling at me suddenly. “But, he’s special. I can tell. He just needs a helping hand.” then she shot a look at Nana. “Then get someone else to wash him if you don’t feel comfortable with me! I have seen my brother.”

Nana sighed, now both females were staring at me like I had four eyeballs or something. “What is your name?”

“Huh?” I blinked.

“What is your name?” she repeated.


“You murdered that demon outside.” she said. “Why?”

“It was gonna hurt her.”


“Sue.” I smiled lazily. “Now, I said I was her guardian angel. Do I have the face to break a promise.”

“You have a filthy face.” Nana chuckled slightly. She took a clean dishtowel from a rack nearby, then she spit in it. Carefully, she rubbed it against the skin on my face, causing me to whimper and try to push away from her.

“Ew!” I growled, but I was too weak to push her hand away. She sighed and stopped, putting the towel on her lap. I could tell that the towel was now a light brownish color from where she wiped. Was I that dirty?

“Are you hungry?” Nana spoke kindly. She obviously knew the answer, but she wanted to hear by answer anyways. It was an obvious answer, so I just nodded slowly.

“Nana?” Sue whispered as the old woman stood up.

“Yes Sue?”

“Is Gary going to stay here?”

“For a little while.”


“I can’t answer that truthfully. Only time will tell.”


But for how long Confused
Nana was mean Worried

(Thalia. I love these new dA icons too much)

Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7 Jb7gxg

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Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7 Empty Re: Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 20th November 2010, 8:58 am

(I'm glad you're enjoying the emotes, hahaha (: )

Woohoo! The story progresses! Boogie!
Ahhahaha, meanwhile, whilst Brynn awaits the day she is an adult, the Andersons slowly deplete the trust fund. Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7 252540

I can't wait for Sid to find out who his new roommate is.

Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7 Jsg4rp
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Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7 Empty Re: Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7

Post by WolfieStar on 20th November 2010, 2:06 pm

How dare the Andersons do that!
Brynn can send her new demon friend from our Heist to fix that XD

Oh dear, won't that be interesting?

"Who's the dude that looks like Brynn wearing my clothes?" o.o

Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7 Jb7gxg

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Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7 Empty Re: Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7

Post by swim2live on 24th November 2010, 11:13 pm

W00t! More TotDW! I've sooo been waiting for this!

Nana was a bit mean, but she has a soft spot for homeless teenagers.

LOLing at the mental image I got of Sid staring daggers at Gary in Sid's clothing Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7 950998

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Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7 Empty Re: Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 7

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