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Friendship is Blind Part 4

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Friendship is Blind Part 4 Empty Friendship is Blind Part 4

Post by WolfieStar on 23rd November 2010, 3:27 am


--Not pleased with this chapter but eh.


“Ya’ll ready?” the slight country accent of the demon made Sid lift his head up from his spot at the kitchen. He turned his head in his direction, attempting to face him. He was prepared for his next lesson, Gary giving him a week break after learning to navigate with the feeling of touch. The next sense he was ready to learn whether it be hearing, or smell. Smell he knew he couldn’t get much use out of, but he didn’t know for a fact. Gary relied on scent the most, but of course he was part wolf. Sid was completely human. But he knew for a fact that things would get interesting with either sense he learned next.

“Hey loser.” Gary bonked him on the head with an empty water bottle, agitation in his voice. “Wakey wakey time, eh?”

“Sorry.” Sid mumbled, shaking his head and standing up slowly. His hand was curled around the tree bark of the stick Gary had given to him for a gift. No longer self conscious about it, he used it regularly, though he avoided certain things -- the stairs still scaring him after his fall. Eventually he’ll face them. One day.

Just not today.

“Now.” Gary cleared his throat. “No more mister nice guy. Stop wallowing in self pity. Get it out of your system. Go cry in that mirror that’s now useless in your room if you aren’t done. Go-”

“I’m done.” Sid smirked. “I’m not going to be worthless any longer. It’s ruining everyone here, except you.” he winked. “You have no soul to feel with.”

Gary opened his mouth to disagree, but Sid beat him. “No wonder you get along so well with Sue.”

“You just dissed your sister yo.”

“I know.” Sid laughed, swinging the stick around. “So, sensei, enlighten me.”

“Ehem.” Gary sighed. “As I was saying, if you keep feeling bad about yourself, you’ll cry more. And if you cry more, what get’s clogged up smart one?”

“Nose, obviously.” Sid said, then it clicked. “Oh, we’re learning smell today.”

“Exactly. And the best way to do it, is to learn how to cook. I’m the best cook here.” Sid rolled his eyes as Gary paused, imagining him puffing out his chest. “So, to sum it up easily, I’m gonna teach you how to cook blind. You need to cook your own meals, everyone can’t hand feed you.”

Sid looked away, remembering last night’s meal. He had refused to eat after attempting to eat his noodles. Finding the food itself was hard with the chopsticks, but he couldn’t get it up to his mouth. It had fallen onto his lap, or hit his chin or cheek, making for an embarrassing dinner. He hoped that tonight would be finger food, but that was unlikely with cooks like Brynn and that wolf under the roof.

“Hey,” Gary interrupted his thoughts. “You think I can eat as well as I cook? I never ever had the best eating habits, and likely never will. But, Nana doesn’t care how I eat. She only cares that it somehow gets to my stomach and not on the floor. She knows that if I didn’t eat just because of how I look doing it, I’ll look just how I did a few years ago.”

Sid remembered. Gary was all skin and bones, but he had a point. For him refusing to eat most of his meals, he felt himself getting light headed at times, and his clothes getting slightly bigger. He had been blind for about three weeks, so of course it was building up with the lack of him eating. No one mentioned anything, except Tyko, who remarked he didn’t need anorexia on his list of ailments along with blindness.

“Alright. Cooking, that’ll be fun.” Sid groaned. “Why don’t you teach me how to fight?” Sid dropped into a stance, pretending to punch something. “Oh! Or teach me to sense shape shifters, or Kong Li! Maybe even-”

“No.” Gary said sternly. “Cooking.”

Sid’s head drooped, as he skillfully make his way over to Gary, who was by the stove. He paid attention as Gary showed him how to feel if water was boiling without burning his hand, how to set the stove to the right degree, and how to prepare a meal with the ingredients already cooked. Personally he didn’t care if the platter look presentable, he was hungry after hanging around a stove for a few hours. But Gary was very precise, smacking his hand if he make a mistake. Food was Gary’s way to express himself, but that was Music to Sid. Of course, he was right when he needed to learn how to make himself a meal.

“Hey Gary?” Sid asked once the lesson on smell seemed to be complete. He and the wolf had successfully made lunch together with only one eye for two people, and for the whole house a meal was ready. Truthfully he was quite proud of himself, and know knew the kitchen fairly well.

“Hmm?” Gary mumbled, his mouth full of Salami.

“When we do hearing, can you help me learn how to make music again?”

There was a pause, then he hesitantly answered, “You know the notes of the Guitar, correct?”


“You just can’t record it is all. Unless I teach you Braille and get you a Braille to English keyboard thingy.”

Sid nodded, then asked, “Why don’t you learn Braille?”

“When would I use it? To read books? I have enough academic crap to deal with. Braille I cannot handle.”

“Yeah, cause you’re an idiot.” Sid laughed causing Gary to laugh as well and push him a bit in the shoulder. Sid regained his balance and held onto the counter. There was small footsteps, and Sid felt the vibrations carefully. His shoes and socks were off, so it was considerably easier. They were small, and close together. He made a wild guess and called,


“What?” she groaned, and he heard a smack and a squeal. “What was that for?! Did you have to hit my hand you furball?”

“Yeah yo. No lunch ‘til everyone comes dearie.”

Her attitude was annoying Sid. He groaned, his head leaning forward until it hit a carton. His hand examined it, until he came to the conclusion that it was an egg carton. Without thinking, he opened it and gripped the egg. He winded his arm back, then flicked it forward.

His aim was dead on.

Tyko squealed, whipping egg yolk out of her short hair. Gary was roaring with laugher. He fell back on his backside, holding his stomach as he laughed hysterically. Sid carefully made his way over to her, then without thinking, placed his hands onto her face to examine his work.

Tyko then bit him and kicked him in the legs, knocking him down.

Sid didn’t care about his bleeding hand and bruised knee. He was laughing, tears running down his cheeks he and Gary were laughing so hard. Yolk was all over his hands, and he couldn’t stop chuckling. The fact he got it dead on was so entertaining to him, he couldn’t stop expressing his feelings of joy. His and the deeper laughter of Gary were loud in the kitchen.

Tyko rolled her eyes as she wiped her face, mumbling to herself, “Those crazy boys . . .”

Friendship is Blind Part 4 Jb7gxg

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Friendship is Blind Part 4 Empty Re: Friendship is Blind Part 4

Post by Chezberryz456 on 27th December 2010, 2:10 am

aww they're becoming better friends by the minute!
Poor Tyko! She's not going to be happy that blind Sid egged her! XD
That chapter was awasome! 8D

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