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Darkness Prevails- Chapter 2

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Darkness Prevails- Chapter 2 Empty Darkness Prevails- Chapter 2

Post by Chezberryz456 on 28th December 2010, 2:12 am

Ok, so finally, I managed to get down and finish chapter two of Amber's story, and well... here it is. Enjoy... I hope... (:
===Darkness Prevails Chp2===

I wondered around for a bit, looking for anywhere that had space to rent. I didn’t see any and even if there were, I had no money, so I wouldn’t be able to pay rent away. I sighed, and shifted by backpack, so it hung loosely on my shoulders. It was getting hotter, and my throat felt dry. I turned down the road, and to my luck, there was a smoothie shop – Jung’s smoothies to be precise. I entered the cafe anxiously. There was a small queue of about three people in front of me and most of the tables were full. I looked at the menu board. All sorts of colourful smoothies caught my eye, but I had no idea what they were, or if they would taste nice. Suddenly the person in front of me stepped away, and I was at the front of the queue.
“What do you want?” The guy at the desk asked, cleaning all of his equipment on his counter. I starred at it all. What did it all do? He looked at me.
“Well? What flavour smoothie do you want?” I gulped. I had never really interacted with people before. I was really nervous, and couldn’t summon up the words to speak. Finally I managed to stutter out a “What is there?” before I froze up completely. He looked at me surprised, and then pointed at the menu. I looked at it again. The captions underneath the pictures revealed what was in the smoothie.
“Urm... Strawberry please” I said, looking back at him.
“Small, medium or large?” He asked, looking bored.
“Urm... small” I chose, although I was extremely thirsty.
“5 dollars” He said, reaching down behind the bar, and putting various fruits on a counter to the side of him. I reached into my pocket, then realised I had no money.
“Urm... I haven’t got any money” I stuttered. He looked at me, thinking I was kidding, then rolled his eyes when he saw that I wasn’t.
“No money, no smoothie” He said, putting the fruit away again.
“But...” I stammered “I need a drink, I haven’t have one all day” He shrugged.
“I can’t serve a costumer that can’t pay” I left the counter, and walked towards the exit, starring at my feet. Suddenly some-one tapped my shoulder, and I jumped, almost giving me a heart attack. I turned, and the red haired girl that I had seen earlier, was standing behind me. I stepped back, and looked at her.
“Here” She said, handing me 5 dollars “Buy your-self a smoothie.” I stood and gawped at her.
“But... why would you...?” I stammered. She just smiled, gave me the money and sat back down at her table. I stood, frozen to the spot. I looked at the money that she had planted in my hand, and then back at her. She sat talking to the boy that had pointed at me, whilst I was returning back home. Well, what was once my home. She looked back at me and smiled. I slightly smiled back. I walked back up to the desk. The guy looked at me.
“Look, I told you, I can’t sell-“I put the 5 dollars on the counter. He looked at me; his eyebrows raised. Then he reached out and checked the money, to see if it was real. When he was finally convinced that it was real he looked at me again.
“Small Strawberry smoothie?” He asked, checking the money over again.
“Yes” I said, deciding that the smoothie better be nice, or I would complain. He finally put the money away, and started to load up the fruit into a huge glass. Then he grabbed a lid, put it on top, and stood back. Suddenly the contents in the large glass splattered against the sides, and turned to mush. I had never seen such a violent machine before. I mean, what had the fruit ever done to him? After a few minutes of watching the fruit being tortured, he stepped up and turned the machine off, poured the contents into a plastic cup, and handed to me. I took in gingerly, feeling bad for the strawberries that had gone through the pain to be turned into my drink. I stepped out of the way for the next person in line, then looked at the smoothie I had in my hand. I took a cautious sip, trying to forget about the poor strawberries. It was actually nice. I turned, to go and thank the girl that had given me the money, but the table that they had sat at was empty. I sighed and walked out of the cafe.

The sun shone down harshly, and I shielded my eyes from the bright light. It was nice of that girl to give me the money for the smoothie, but I had no way of being able to pay her back. I had no idea who she was, or why she decided to help me. I sighed again. Not everyone would be as kind and helpful as her.
Suddenly a cloud shifted overhead, blocking out the sun, and pouring rain over the people of Chinatown. Many people started strolling away quickly, surprised by the sudden downpour. I guessed they were going home. But I had no home to go to. I could have gone to an orphanage, but I had heard tales about that place- always bad things happening, never any happiness there. I shook off the idea quickly. No. I would find somewhere... eventually.

I kept walking, slowly through the rain, looking out for any place that had a room for rent. But there were hardly any. I came to one, a nice sort of house, with a small sign in the window saying that they were offering a room to stay in-for a price of course. Then I realised. I had no money. I couldn’t afford to stay anywhere. I’d have to spend the night outside: on the streets.

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