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Well I went and made a new Oc...

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Well I went and made a new Oc... Empty Well I went and made a new Oc...

Post by Chezberryz456 on 26th May 2013, 3:26 am

So I got bored and decided that I would make myself a new Three Delivery Oc, hoping that I would then write more Three Delivery fanfiction, because man, I miss it sooo bad. Freakout!
I don't think anyone checks here very often anymore, but if anyone does, and they want me to share her with the board then I will. But I swear I've spent the most time ever creating her than I have for any other character.. Maybe because I never create my own, I just "borrow" them from awesome shows.
But yeh.. I'll just be sitting here in the corner wishing for some tv channel to play TD once more...

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Well I went and made a new Oc... Empty Re: Well I went and made a new Oc...

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 13th June 2013, 12:11 am

Aww, I'd like to meet your new OC! I miss this place so much. Sad I want to do RPs with everyone again, and write one shots and make up plot twists and be with these characters again. I miss everyone!

Come baaaaaaaaaaack.

Well I went and made a new Oc... Jsg4rp
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Well I went and made a new Oc... Empty Re: Well I went and made a new Oc...

Post by Chezberryz456 on 14th June 2013, 1:04 am

Ok, well her background and stuff is rather weird and warped, aha. And long... man, I wrote sooo much :S ahaha

Emili Cote


Assuming Kong Li left the Master when he is about 20ish and he is now about 50ish, a few years after his training with the Master finished, Kong Li met a young woman, whom he had a short relationship (or possible one night stand) with. A few weeks after, the woman went back to see him, telling him that she was pregnant with her child. He took no pity on her and told her to never come back to him, regardless of whether she had the child or not. Believing that aborting the child was not an option, she gave birth to Kong Li’s child, a girl.

 Once she was born her mother once again went to Kong Li for assistance. By this time Kong Li was beginning to obsess with the cookbook, therefore he said he would participate in taking care of the child, only if it were a boy. Needing the help, her mother lied for a couple of years, saying that his child was a boy.  During this time he hardly helped and spent a lot of his time searching for recipes, meaning that he didn’t take much notice of his child who was obviously growing up as female. This continued up until the age of 4 when Kong Li had begun to have suspicions about the gender of his child. Her mother tried to convince Kong Li to let them stay, but he flew into a rage and sent them packing. Her mother then took both of them up to Canada, where she had distant relatives staying in Vancouver. Emili lived and grew up there, slightly gender confused. She was educated well and received honours at university at the age of 20.

Then she travelled out to Europe, spending several months in Italy. During this time she met an Italian local, Antonio De Luca who, over the course of 6 months, charmed her enough for her to fall in love with him. He brings out her feminine side that she had hidden away due to being made to act masculine as a child, and she truly opens up to him.  He proposed and they move in together, planning a wedding in a months’ time. Emili put all her time and money into the wedding and on the actual day she is left standing alone at the altar for hours. She rushes back to their home in anguish, finding it smashed up and wrecked. Antonio isn’t there and she never sees him again, despite involving authorities.  She is left penniless, and the house is classed as evidence, meaning she has nowhere to live. She tries to plead with the American/Canadian embassy to allow her to go back to her family, however she is refused. Instead she has to live on the streets begging for money and food. After a year an old man crosses her path, and sits with her a while. He tells her a story of a school he used to teach and how he tried to lead his students to live a better life. Before he leaves he entrusts her with a harmonica, believing her to be able to make money from it, but tells her firmly not to sell it. She begins to busk and gains a little more money from it, enough to buy some food each day. One day an antiques collector passes her, and stops suddenly, asking her if they can look at the instrument. They conclude that it is delicately detailed with gold, and asks to buy it from her for hundreds of thousands of Euros. She debates whether to sell it or not, and in the end decides not to, following the old man’s advice.
The next day she is playing for tips when a young Dutch man (Ruben Oscar) comes across her and talks to her about music and instruments. They get along well and he asks her to stay at his apartment. She declines the offer, and the day after Ruben comes along bringing food, and his own instrument – a guitar. They spend the day busking and bring more money in. He once again he asks her to stay at his, and this time she accepts, glad to spend a night out of the cold. He allows her to stay for as long as she wants and helps her financially. They become very good friends and although he is madly in love with her, she never realises in the time which she spends with him, and consequently they end up being just good friends.  After a year she had gathered enough money to fly back to Canada, at which point she was reunited with her family.
However, over the time she had been away illness had struck most of her relatives and she had to spend her time caring for them. At the age of 23 her mother sadly passes away and she is once again left alone. She spends a couple of months getting therapy for depression, and manages to overcome her distress over the past 4 years of events. She finally decides to seek out the one family member she knows she has left, and travels to Chinatown with the little inheritance money she has to try and find her dad. (She thinks he's some kind of chef to start off with)

Her appearance is similar to that of Christina Perri in her song ‘Jar of Hearts’. Emili has longish black hair with a mauve/wine coloured streak, and a pale complexion. She is rather thin due to a year of malnourishment, and therefore has an inability to eat a full meal.

She often wears dresses and for days on end, not feeling the need to wash them after spending almost a year wearing the same clothes every day.

 Emili tends to take a lot of time to gain someone’s trust, and she rarely makes new friends, believing that she is better off alone, where no-one can hurt her. She doesn’t talk about her past much, and when she does, it is mostly about Ruben. Most people think she is still recovering from her depression, and it doesn’t take that much to send Emili into an unsociable shell for a day or two. When she is around people she feels she can trust she lightens up more, although she is only fully herself when she is with Ruben.

Random Information:
  Due to the year of living on the street, she learnt to pickpocket items of food from market stalls, the easiest being Kiwis because of their small size. Therefore she has a particular liking for Kiwi, amongst some other foods, however there are some things she cannot eat because her body cannot digest them properly. Mostly she cannot eat spicy or sour foods.

She also has a passion for instrument players – mostly buskers – because she admires their raw talent and determination to get better at what they do. She often will sit and talk with them if she sees them on the street. She also has her own talent with an instrument – the harmonica – but she never brings it out in public or tells anyone of her skill. She often practices on rooftops or isolated parks late at night or the early morning because of her frequent insomnia.  However she carries it around with her everywhere she goes, keeping it within her bra.
She still writes to Ruben on a regular basis – who subsequently moved back to Holland once she left. Before she left him he gave her his guitar pick which he had made a bracelet with. She never takes it off.
When arriving in Chinatown she rents out her own flat (Because Wu's Garden will be overcrowded soon), although she only goes there to sleep at night because of it being a rather small, grimy flat.
After Kong Li has been destroyed she ends up marrying Ruben and moving to Holland with him, and they live out their lives happily ever after.


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Well that's her... I have screenshots that I took from sims, because I have to make any OCs on Sims straight away although I'm not actually sure how to post pictures :S

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Well I went and made a new Oc... Empty Re: Well I went and made a new Oc...

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