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Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 2

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Trials of the Demon Wolf ch. 2

Post by WolfieStar on 3rd August 2010, 9:57 pm

--Well Thalia, you said you liked this story because of the logic. OH boy, there goes the logic, it flew out the window seeeeee? o.o
--Why are my chapters so short?
--Since there's no logic, i don't even know what the crap I wrote. XD

Enjoy, I guess?

Chapter 2

I ran down the streets of Chinatown, already hearing the sirens of an ambulance. Getting ready to fix what I had caused. But, was it really right to get the cookbook? Kong Li never even told me why he wanted it. Maybe I should just quit this partnership with him . . .

Why did I always have to hurt everyone? That look in her eyes when I slashed her stomach was . . . unbearable. I felt so sorry for her. She was in so much pain, poor thing . . . I can’t believe I hurt her . . .

“Gary!” I heard a voice snap at me, and it was sickening how familiar it was. Great, I couldn’t talk to him now . . .

“What is it Kong Li?” I grunted, not bearing to look at him. He made me hurt someone, when she didn’t even do anything! Well, technically I was the one who slashed her, but I didn’t really want to though.

“Did you get the cookbook?” he walked in front of me, and I looked down, staring at his feet and the bottom of his cloak.

“I don’t want to get it.” I muttered, walking past him.

“What?!” he roared and slammed his staff into my side. I yelped then snarled at him, bearing my fangs.

“Leave me alone!” I roared, and spread my wings. Giving them a strong flap, I flew faster then I ever had before. I heard screaming and cursing, and knew that it was Kong Li. He would look for me, find me, hunt me down. But not know, not know.

Even I was surprised that my wings took me to Chinatown hospital. Even from above, I could smell blood and hear a siren rushing towards the Emergency exit. Sadness overwhelmed me, knowing I was the cause of her pain.

I couldn’t go there yet; I would see her, but not now. My hunger was overwhelming, I need food or else I would be going to that hospital for malnutrition. I turned, and headed for the nearest restaurant, wolfing down the first things I saw, hell, I don’t even remember what I ate or where!

I don’t know when I stopped eating, the pickings at this place horribly, but I didn’t feel any better, and I was too weak to go somewhere else to look for food. Wary from weakness, I yawned loudly, and glanced back at the hospital. The smell of blood still lingered in the air. I couldn’t take this anymore, it was too much. My legs collapsed, and I sunk to the ground, darkness covering my eyes, and sleep taking over.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that I had returned to human. My clothes hung around my body, and I saw blood splattered on their too. I gasped, and looked around frantically. But I was in a white void, nothing else in sight. I was alone.

Then there was laughter. A high pitched laughter. I looked around, desperate for the source of the laughter. A growl rose in my throat, thinking someone was laughing at me for my appearance. I wasn’t the most appealing with all my bones and scars showing. I jumped when I heard the laughing right behind me. Twirling around to face it, I blinked repeatedly to see the girl from before, Sue, laughing at me.

“Nice one, attacking me for a book.” her eyes twinkled with amusement.

I blinked, then answered, “I really didn’t want to hurt you . . .”

“Then why didn’t you?”

I couldn’t answer her. Not meeting her glance, I looked down at my feet. “I don’t know . . .” I whispered, my eyes shut.

There was her laughter again! Her melodic laughter echoed in my ears. “Idiot.” she giggled. “Cant you make your own decisions?”

I snapped my head up, another growl rising in my throat. “If you’re just here to call me names, just go!”

“But you are a nice person deep down inside.” Sue said softly, the same look in her eyes when I slashed her stomach. “I just know it . . .”

I grunted, then walked right up to her. She was now the one looking down, upset visibly. “You’re not real. This is a dream.”

“You’re only half right.” she looked up at me, breathing deeply. “This is a dream, but I am real.”

“How?!” I snapped. “That’s totally illogical!”

“Everything about me is illogical.” her eyes glittered again. “And like you’re logical; a half demon wolf, half human hybrid?”

“Alright.” I snarled. “I get it, I’m different, illogical, not normal, whatever you want to call me!”

“Do you wish you could take back hurting me?” Sue sighed deeply, touching her stomach. Her white shirt became scarlet, and the darkest areas were the shapes of claws. “Do you want to take all of my pain away?”

“I . . .” I couldn’t answer her. Her eyes expressed pain and suffering, but she didn’t scream. The blood from her wound dripped down and landed in a puddle by her feet -- exactly the same way it had before.

“Tell me.” she begged, barely able to contain her pain. “Please!”

I blinked, looking at her over again. Her pants were now covered in blood, and the blood was dripping out of her mouth again. I caused all this pain. She was suffering. Maybe she was dieing, and her spirit was here to just wonder if I had meant to kill her and if I could, take it all back.

“I do.” I stood up straight, no more fear in my eyes. “If I could, I would take it all back, heal you, erase your memory, anything!”

And then - she smiled. A relieved smile. The bleeding stopped, and the blood seemed to dry up. But even after what seemed like a gallon of blood evaporated, the claw marks were still visible.

“You can help me wake up from my sleep.” Sue whispered, shutting her eyes. “My deep slumber, only you can awaken me from.”

“Sleep?! What?!” I blinked, but she started fading away. I made a grab for her, but she was gone. “No! come back!”

When my eyes snapped open, I saw that I was a demon and curled up next to the dumpster. It was a dream, I sighed and stretched my frail body. But, did I really meet Sue’s spirit? Is it possible? And what slumber?

The scent of blood was off the streets. How long was I asleep for? It didn’t matter, really. I wanted to see her. For some reason, Sue needed me. I could feel it.

Raising to my feet, I became a human, and slowly walked towards the hospital. But, how I was even going to get there? Her brother was likely refusing to leave her. This is going to be harder than I thought . . .


“Sue, please . . .” Sid whispered as tears fell down his cheeks. “Wake up . . .” Brynn was next to him, but she had nothing to say to comfort him.

I was peeking inside her hospital room. It was a bit difficult to find it at first, but you could tell what hall way from the scent of more blood. It must have taken a long time to stop the bleeding. The blood smell was making me even more dizzy, but I forced myself to keep walking. That old woman made everyone go home, but Sid wanted to stay, and Brynn was trying to make him go, at least for a little bit.

“Sid, come on.” I heard Brynn urge him. He cried out angrily and refused to move. Slowly, I looked inside.

“No! Sue needs me!” Sid snapped. “I’m going to kill that damn demon for hurting her!”

“Sid, please calm down.” Brynn was begging. “Sue doesn’t want you like this.”

“How do you know?!” he stood up and glared at her. “You don’t know anything about her! She needs me!”

“You need to rest.” Brynn’s voice was gentle and soothing. “Seeing Sue like this isn’t good for you.”

“Good for me?! Who cares about me! That demon put my sister in a coma!” Sid roared.

Coma?! How bad did I hurt her? I swallowed hard, and focused myself to continue listening.

“Sid, at least for a little bit?” Brynn was still surprisingly patient. She took his hand, and started leading him out. “Sue would want you to rest. She doesn’t want you to end up in the hospital with her.”

After a long pause, Sid nodded. “Alright, but I want to come back in a few hours. I hate leaving her alone.”

“Of course.” Brynn smiled. He smiled back slowly, then the two started walking out of the room. I gasped and ran out of their view. I ran for a nearby hall closet and slipped in, shaking and begging that they didn’t see me. After a few agonizing minutes, I checked, and breathed a sigh of relief and stepped out.

“That was too close.” I whispered, then checked down the hallways. No one was coming in my direction, good. Slipping into the cold hospital room, I gasped slightly, seeing how bad she looked. Most of her body was covered in a sheet, one arm attached to tubes and wires. Her eyes were shut tight, and she was unnaturally pale. What hurt the most was that I was the one who put her there.

I flinched when I saw her eyelids twitch. Thinking she was going to wake up, I got ready to bolt, but she didn’t move, only her eyelids twitched every few seconds. I think I remember hearing somewhere that when your eyelids twitch during sleep, your dreaming. I guess that counts for comatose patients too. But could she also be having a nightmare? - about when I attacked her? I shuttered at the thought.

Brynn seemed ready to keep Sid away for a few hours. Perfect, I may have just enough time to do this . . .

Checking one more time that the coast was clear, I became a wolf, not a full demon like before, just a smaller wolf. I could pass off as a dog, or a flame colored husky of some sort. Slowly, carefully, I got on the bed and curled up next to her, careful not to disturb the wires, machines, or anything. I slowed my breathing down to match hers, and I was surprised how slow it was. Sleep came over me again, and I smiled inwardly. If all would fall according to plan, I would walk in her dreams and see what is likely tormenting her.

To Be Continued . . .

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