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Rules of the ThreeD Forum

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Rules of the ThreeD Forum Empty Rules of the ThreeD Forum

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 8th May 2010, 6:52 pm

Okay, these are the rules. You need to follow them, or else I will be upset. And nobody likes an upset Thalia, trust me.

[I was going to use the old ThreeDMB rules as a guideline, but lo and behold; TD4E/admin/staff deleted those as well]

1) You will not use language of any sort. Any posts that use language of any kind, no matter the severity, will have the poster ask to revise it. If the poster chooses not to revise their post, I will go in a revise it myself.

2) You will not discuss any immoral/illegal subjects. This includes: pirated content, warez, phishing, keygens, torrents, yaoi/yuri, any "romantic" scenarios (hopefully you guys get what I mean by 'romantic'. Yes, things can be fluffy, but if you get people laying the same bed, I will be severely upset). I understand that not everyone considers some of these things illegal/immoral. But, seeing as this is still a ThreeD website, kids could have been directed here from the official board. We're keeping everything at a PG level. If I see any posting of the above-mentioned type, I will first warn the poster to revise. If they do not, I will delete the post. Reoccuring immoral posts will result in a suspension of the user.

3) No spamming. This includes random posting, and ads for other sites/things/products. Random posts that don't have anything to do with a topic being discussed will be deleted.

4) Do not troll/harass other members. If you don't like another member, don't talk to them. Trolling will result in a banned member.

5) Don't reveal your personal information to anybody! Yes, you may feel comfortable telling things to the members of the board because you know us. But please remember, that anybody can see this board. People may not be able to post, but they can see anything that you post. If you need to tell somebody something personal, do so via PM.

6) If somebody posts a fanfic or fanart or a video, then give them constructive criticism when they ask for it. Don't just say, "This is awesome!" because, honestly, it doesn't do anything for improvement. Yes, you can compliment, but tell them what they should work on, especially when they ask specifically for such comments.

7) *directed to any spammers we could have in the future* Do not create several accounts to get around bans. If you do so, I will IP ban you, and that means anybody that shares internet/wifi with you will be banned to.

8 ) If you have requests for anything [fanfic, fanart, vidoes] please put those in the Suggestions board, not under the topic where it would fall [such as, if you have a request for a KH video, don't post the request under the video thread for non-ThreeD vids].This includes requests for anything involving your OCs.

9) Please try not to necro-post. This means not posting on threads that are over a month old that nobody has posted on for a long time. i.e do not post on topics that have been dead for over a month.

10) This goes along with rules 1&2. Remember this is a kids' site. Keep everything kid-friendly.

These may seem extreme, but that's just because at the old forum, the admin never posted rules for the forum or anything. Follow these rules, or, like I said - I will be upset.

Rules of the ThreeD Forum Jsg4rp
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