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Just a thought.....

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Just a thought..... - Page 2 Empty Re: Just a thought.....

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 13th August 2010, 5:47 am

Okay, so you went through that awkward conversation when you're in Kilika Woods, and Yuna's all like, "Uhm..I'd like you be my guardian..." and Wakka freaks out and totally shuts the idea down, and so she has to rephrase to, "Then, I'd just like you to be with me."

And then I cheered like, really loudly, and headdesked when Tidus reacted all confused-ly towards the scenario. XD

Valefore is like, the lamest aeon there is. Just wait until you get like, the Magus Sisters. *-* Talk about helpful. Although, when you're starting to get towards the end of game and you make it to Zanarkand, let me know, because I know how to find all the cool hidden aeons. ^^

Sphere Grid is...well, it hates everyone. .__. But listening to Rikku's explanation of it is like waiting to watch your own execution. I usually skip over the entire thing and try to figure it out later. XD

I like how Wakka calls Lulu, "Lu" all the time. XD
Oh, and you know how Wakka makes a big deal out of Chappu (his little brother) looking JUST like Tidus? You see Chappu later on the Farplane, and they look NOTHING alike. XD He looks more like that redheaded dude from the Luca Goers (totally blanking on his name, atm).

...I'm going to run off now and make a FFX thread, since we're spamming this thread. XD

Oh, my favorite CG scene was probably...either the Macalania Sphere Pool scene or... the ending CGI. Both scenes make me cry. XD

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