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Reno/Tifa screenshot OMG!!!

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Reno/Tifa screenshot OMG!!! Empty Reno/Tifa screenshot OMG!!!

Post by WolfieStar on 9th May 2010, 4:30 am

Look at it. I was surfing Google and found this! Soooo my itouch wallpaper now!

Reno/Tifa screenshot OMG!!! 32105__final-fantasy-vii-tifa-and-reno

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Reno/Tifa screenshot OMG!!! Empty Re: Reno/Tifa screenshot OMG!!!

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 10th May 2010, 12:12 am


Dang. I never though of taking screenshots from the movie and masking those!
That's kind of funny though. That just takes that entire scene out of context. XD I could just imagine Cloud waking up and finding them standing that way. He'd be all like, "...wtf?" XD

Star, you need to see the FFVII movie. I will send it to you. Twisted Evil

Reno/Tifa screenshot OMG!!! Jsg4rp
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