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56 Sentence Themes [A New Spirit]

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56 Sentence Themes [A New Spirit] Empty 56 Sentence Themes [A New Spirit]

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 18th August 2010, 9:18 am

Yeah yeah, I figured I may as well post the 56 sentences that I have for a different fandom. I actually kind of like these, even if they get pretty repetitve, eh heheh. XD

These are for my Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within fanfic (if you want to watch it, it's on YouTube somewhere, and it's not related to any of the games, so you don't have to know anything about the games to watch it). It's all full of OCs and it's fun. XD I don't think I'll ever get around to actually writing the fic (stuck on the first chapter for a year and a half? Yes.) so I don't mind spoiling everything for you guys.

I don't have them all finished right now, but hopefully soon. They're all very repetitive, since they all focus on Garnen Edwards' (Gray Edwards' OC son, from the original movie) reaction to the death of somebody he loves, Laina Ross (Aki Ross' OC daughter), who sacrificed herself as the Eighth Spirit, much like Gray had sacrificed himself in the movie *spoiler*.

So they're all sad and full of emo!Garnen. I do hope to work on this fic again sometime, but who knows? I really like the characters and the plot I have set up and I don't want it to die, but hey, at least throw these out there, just in case I never touch the story again. XD

* * * * *
1. Garnen cherished the ring more than any other object; it was his one hope that maybe Laina would be with him again someday.
2. She was a hero – strong, true, just, honest, beautiful – and more importantly, she was his hero – no… she was more; she was a martyr.
3. Maybe it was her pure memory that made Garnen even want to go on.
4. It was almost as if Garnen were trapped in a box – there was no opening, no window in sight; only the darkness that allowed him to remember everything that had gone wrong.
5. It almost felt like a hurricane had entered Garnen’s life – simply tearing everything he’d held dear right from his fingertips.
6. He wondered if Laina was an angel now, with wings white as snow and skin pure as porcelain.
7. Garnen had never felt as cold in his life as he had in that moment, holding her lifeless body in his arms.
8.The last thing he remembered before she slipped away from his grasp, was the seeing red, and knowing that it was her blood spilling.
9. Laina held her breath as she took a drink of the elixir, wondering if it would give her the strength she needed to complete the suicidal task at hand.
10. The only thing Laina remembered before being swallowed up with Garnen running towards her, begging her not to give up; just to run.
11. Laina died at midnight.
12. Sometimes, the temptation to just give and die to be with her was too overwhelming for Garnen.
13. A view no man should ever see was the one of his most beloved dying in his arms; this was Garnen’s worst nightmare and he was living it.
14. Her voice had always been like music to his ears, but now… it had drifted into an endless silence that could only mean that the song had finally ended.
15. In Garnen’s fingers, Laina’s hair had always felt just like silk – warm, soft, and beautiful.
16. Garnen was able to cover his pain, every day, though it killed him inside.
17. That moment, Garnen made Laina a promise; to never give up on her, no matter what happened after that.
19. It was by the flickering light of a candle that Garnen mourned the loss of his love.
20. He remembered her talent – how absolutely perfect she was in everything she did; it only made him fall apart all over again.
22. He’d journey as long and as hard as it took to find a way to bring her back again.
23. The loneliness was like fire on his skin – burning him alive, day by day.
25. It was always up to him – to mask his feelings so that nobody knew the real turmoil his loss was causing him.
29. He’d dreamt they were together, and they were dancing – Lana’s favorite activity; however, when he awoke, he discovered that she was no longer there and she would never dance again.
30. He couldn’t help himself – he cried as he held her cold and lonely body in his arms.
34. There was no formal funeral – only the pure mourning Garnen felt in his heart.
35. He touched her forehead and, feeling no fever, laid down on the floor and sobbed for his loss.
37. Garnen smiled and played his daily life, pretending he was okay, when inside, he knew they were all lies.
40. And when Garnen whispered her name into the night, sometimes, he thought he almost heard a reply.
42. He’d give anything, just to talk to her one more time, face to face.
44. When he had lost everything; his father, his friends; she was always there for him, his one and only ray of hope; however, that hope disintegrated with her death.
46. Sometimes, Garnen would see her face in his dreams, floating just beyond his reach – then gravity would throw him back to the world of the living and remind him yet again that he was completely alone.
48. It remained unknown to Garnen how he could have let her life slip between his fingers so easily.
49. Often, he would lock the bedroom door and sob into his pillow, too ashamed to let even Dr. Cid know what he’d been doing at night – screaming and crying into the night.
50. There were times, looking at her frozen body through the glass, Garnen swore he could see her breathe.
52. Garnen could count one time too many that he’d just felt like sticking a gun to his head and ending it all.
53. Maybe it was her innocence that he missed most, more than anything.
54. It was like Garnen was always running out of time – there was never enough and every day, it slowly ticked away the days left for him to have a chance to save her.
55. Garnen couldn’t help but feel alone; he’d lost the one person who ever meant anything at all to him.
56. Even though Garnen and Laina were in separation from each other, Garnen could still feel her presence.

* * * * *

Last one phrased awkwardly?

It feels so repetitive and nasty, but they were all written weeks apart from each other, which is why I had to say "Garnen" EVERY DANG TIME. Hahah. XD

56 Sentence Themes [A New Spirit] Jsg4rp
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