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FFX - Story/Explanation

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FFX - Story/Explanation Empty FFX - Story/Explanation

Post by ThaliaAnderson on 18th August 2010, 10:25 pm

Spoiiiiiiler warning.
Star asked for some explanation (since all I do is rant about how much I LOVE this game), and considering she doesn't have a PS2, I don't think she'll mind spoilers. (;

FFX is the coolest FF (ofc), featuring all the best characters: Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri, Rikku, and Auron.
Psssh not to mention Jecht. I mean, ofc. XD
Oh, and Seymour. You guys should know Tidus and Seymour already--they're my character reps for Tobey and Kong Li.

The thought of Seymour being Tidus' father is just...wow. Gross. Dang. Uhm...I don't think I'll ever get over that. o.e

Anyways, onto the story...

Tidus is the main character, a seventeen-year old blitzball (gross hair glitch there XD) player, and he lives in Zanarkand (I can't find a pre-descrution picture of Zanarkand, unfortunately). Zanarkand is a really advanced city - the machina (machines) take care of all the work, while the people have fun and party.

Tidus is an orphan. His father, Jecht (I believe that's his Dissidia form, though) disappeared at sea during a training session, and afterwards, his mother "gave up living" (as Tidus says an old woman who lived next door explained it to him). It's been ten years since his parents died, and a family friend, Auron (on the left, you see Tidus looking at the Zanarkand he knows, while on the right, Yuna looks at the Zanarkand she knows) takes care of him, until Auron has to go away. One night, Tidus is headed to championship blitzball game his team, the Zanarkand Abes, are playing against another team, the Zanarkand Duggles. Something you should know about Tidus--he hates his father. He explains it as being because whenever his father was around, his mother never paid any attention to Tidus at all. She clung to him and hardly even realized she had a child. And he blames his father for taking his mother's life.

That night during the game, Auron reappears, and Zanarkand is attacked by a huge being. The city is crumbling and Tidus manages to escape the sphere pool (the place they play blitzball at) and he finds Auron. Auron leads him away and explains Sin (that's an action figure in the picture) is attacking Zanarkand. They come across Sin itself and Auron suddenly grabs Tidus and forces him into this blinding white light.

When Tidus wakes up again, he's alone at a sunken underwater temple. After spending some time there, a strange group of people come to rescue him, and they speak a language he doesn't understand. About knocking him unconscious, they take him to their ship. The leader, a girl named Rikku (can't find the picture) speaks to him and apologizes for what happened earlier. She speaks to him in English, though the other crew members don't ever stop speaking their language, which Rikku explains is Al Bhed. Rikku tells him that Al Bhed is the race they are, and when she asks Tidus where he came from, he proudly answers Zanarkand. Rikku is taken aback and quickly hushes him before the other crew members can hear. Zanarkand, she says, was destroyed by Sin a thousand years prior. Tidus, needless to say, is lost. He was just there. Rikku explains that when you're near Sin, as Tidus was, sometimes you get Sin's poisoning, which messes with your head and memories. She thinks that may have happened to him. But she asks him not to tell anyone else where he comes from. Yevon (the religion of all of Spira--the land Tidus is now in) calls is a holy place, because it's where summoners travel to gain the Final Aeon--the only thing that can defeat Sin.

Shortly after, the ship is attacked by Sin itself and Tidus is washed away again.

This time, he wakes up on a beach, where he meets blitzball captain there, Wakka. Tidus is just excited to see blitzball still, and when Wakka asks who he plays for, he accidentally tells him the Zanarkand Abes. Quickly, he explains that he was too near Sin and that it's messing with his head. Wakka laughs it off and tells him the same thing Rikku did--Zanarkand was destroyed a thousand years ago. Wakka takes Tidus to his village and tells him that he's on Besaid (he is an entire map of Spira). Later, Wakka heads into the temple, to check on the apprentice summoner who has been praying to the Fayth for almost an entire day and night. He tells Tidus that there are other guardians already in the temple and they really shouldn't interfere. Non-guardians and summoners are not allowed to enter into the Cloister of Trials or the Chamber of the Fayth. Tidus, worried about the summoner's safety, disregards these sacred rules and charges in.

When they reach the Chamber of the Fayth, Wakka reprimands Tidus for breaking the sacred traditions (Wakka is..let's just say a die-hard fan of Yevon, hahah). They enter in and are immediately yelled at by another guardian, Lulu, who is a close friend of Wakka's. Tidus also meets Kimahri, of the Ronso race, and another guardian. Shortly after, the summoner emerges. Tidus is surprised, to say the least (he thought summoners were only a bunch of old men), to see a young girl enter. Later, she introduces herself to him as Yuna, daughter of High Summoner Braska. She preforms a summoning, where she can now call upon the aid of higher beings, called aeons.

(Later that night, Tidus has a weird dream that involves Rikku and Yuna like, fighting over him and then Jecht popping up and telling him he's too much of a crybaby to be with a woman. XD)

In the morning, they decide to take Tidus to Luca with them, where a blitz tournament is being held. Wakka adopts Tidus to his team, the Besaid Aurochs, because frankly, their team SUCKS and they need someone like Tidus to give them a prayer of winning anything hahah. They think Tidus might find someone he knows in Luca. Yuna is setting out with her guardians to travel to the Zanarkand Ruins to gain the Final Aeon to defeat Sin. However, she explains to Tidus that Sin can never truly die. Sin is detroyed by the Final Aeon and the summoner. This brings about an era of time called the Calm. Her father brought the Calm to Spira, but Sin has been reborn, as if always has been and always will be. The Final Aeon is able to defeat Sin, but then it takes the summoner's life. Yuna knows that at the end of her journey, she will die, but she's alright with it if the people of Spira can be happy.

All this, except for the part about Sin being reborn is kept hidden from Tidus. He has no idea that Yuna will die if she summons the Final Aeon, and nobody wants to tell him the truth, because it's just too hard to say.

Yuna must pray in every temple in Spira and get all the aeons before she can ask for the Final Aeon. So they go to Kilika, a town that has recently been attacked by Sin (Sin also attacked their boat on their way to Kilika, but the party was able to keep it at bay). Many have died and the people ask Yuna to send their fallen. Yuna preforms the Sending and the fallen are guided to the Farplane (Lulu explains it in that video clip). Afterwards, they travel to the Kilika Temple, where Yuna briefly explains that she would like Tidus to become a guardian. Wakka waves off the request, saying that he's a "newbie" in battle, even if he is good at blitzball (which is ironic, because by the end of the game, Tidus is stronger than anyone, hahah). Yuna follows Wakka's advice and they continue on.

They meet random people they don't like, everyone goes into the Cloister without Tidus, Tidus ends up in the Cloister anyways (thank you very little, Donna+Barthello), and everyone is pissed that Tidus is where he's not supposed to be yet again. Yuna comes out of the Chamber of the Fayth and she has gained a new aeon, the aeon of fire, Ifrit (her first aeon was Valefor).

After Kilika, they go to Luca, where they participate in the blitzball tournament. Yuna tells Tidus that someone has seen Sir Auron in a cafe, and they go to look. Tidus, of course, knows Auron from his childhood. However, Auron was also a guardian for Braska (hence the "Sir"), and is quite famous. When they don't find him, Tidus returns to the locker room with the Aurochs. However, word is given from Lulu that Yuna has been kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches team, and they want the Aurochs to lose their first match against them (because the Aurochs could totally beat them anyways, hahah). Tidus goes with Lulu and Kimahri to find her, while Wakka stays with his team and try to win their first match without their new star player.

Now is a good time to mention Wakka hates Al Bhed.

They find Yuna and rescue her, where they get talking about the ship Tidus was on before. Yuna asks if a man named Cid was on the ship, saying it's her mother's brother. Yuna is half Al Bhed on her mother's side (Al Bhed always have green eyes with swirls in them, which is why Yuna only has one green eye and one blue one), but not to tell Wakka.

(Cid is actually Rikku's father, making Yuna and Rikku cousins)

You get to play blitzball after that. You can either win the tournament or lose, the story will continue either way. They get together with Auron after that, meet Maester Seymour and Maester Mika. Fiends attack the sphere pool, and Seymour kills them with his own aeon, Anima. After the match, Auron takes Tidus aside and explains a bit of what's going on, but not much. He leaves it at that his father cared about him (Tidus is like, pssshhh whatever), and they go to meet up with the rest of the group. Yuna asks Auron to be her guardian, and he agrees on the condition that Tidus is made one too. He promised Jecht to look after Tidus, and he promised Braksa to be Yuna's guardian.

They travel. Stuff happens. They travel on the Mi'hen Highroad, where a little more is explained of a summoner's duty. When they reach Mushroom Rock Road, they're stopped because the Al Bhed and the Crusaders (people who fight against Sin) are trying to defeat Sin once and for all. Seymour lets the group have access to watch the proceedings, even though the attempts to kill Sin are in vain.

Lots of people are killed in this effort, Al Bhed and Crusader (not to mention some chocobos).

oops. Forgot something really important.
Sin is Jecht.
Uhmmm...yeah. This is why Sin seems to show up wherever Tidus is. He keeps wanting to see his son.

Yuna preforms more Sendings, and the group goes to the Djose Temple. Yuna gets the aeon Ixion. Then they head to the Moonflow, where they are attacked by more Al Bhed (these ones trying to kidnap Yuna for different reasons). Wakka and Tidus being the only swimmers, dive in after the machina that took Yuna and they fight it. When they get to the north shore, Tidus finds Rikku washed up on shore, and she tells him that she was the one inside the machina that he and Wakka just totally trashed. The rest of the party comes up, and Tidus introduces Rikku, but leaves off that she's Al Bhed, because Wakka seems to like her and they don't want to ruin it. Yuna feels connected to Rikku, and asks Auron's permission to let her be a guardian. Everyone sees that Rikku is Al Bhed, but Auron agrees.

They head off the Guadosalem, land of the Guado. XD
Seymour is half-Guado, half-human. His father, Jyscal died earlier and his mother...uhm.../died/ when Seymour was a little boy. People at first had a hard time accepting a half-Guado, but the Guado learned to accept him.

They group visits the Farplane, which is in Guadosalem, and they can see the dead by watching their memories. Rikku and Auron opt to stay outside, Rikku feeling creeped out by seeing the dead in pyrefly form, and Auron giving some mysterious answer. (Auron only gives mysterious answers, btw. ><)

Wakka sees his younger brother, Chappu, who dies in a Crusader attack some years ago. He had been dating Lulu and he'd promised that if he came home alive, he'd propose to her. But this never happened, because he died. Yuna sees her father, and when Tidus talks to her, she asks him to think of Jecht. Jecht's form doesn't appear, because Jecht isn't dead. (Tidus and Auron are the only ones who know that Jecht is Sin). However, Tidus' mom appears instead. Nobody gave her a sending, but Yuna says she must have accepted her death and moved to the Farplane on her own.

The group leaves the Farplane, and they have to visit Seymour. Seymour then proposes to Yuna, on the count that it would make Spira happy to see two people of such importance get married. Yuna tells him she'll have to wait on her decision.

Tidus is pissed by all of it.
Of course. XD

At the Thunder Plains, Yuna gives her answer that she will marry Seymour and meet him at the Macalania Temple.


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