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A Helping Touch [Tobko]

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A Helping Touch [Tobko] Empty A Helping Touch [Tobko]

Post by WolfieStar on 4th October 2010, 2:46 am

--Um, really bad plz? D; Sorry if Tyko is completely out of Character, along with Tobey....
--Betcha can't guess what the photo Tyko found was XD


The bathroom door was silently slammed open as a figure slipped inside. Blood tracks marked her trail as she leaned on the toilet seat, feeling the word spin around her. Dizziness swept over her form, and she felt like gagging. Leaning over the toilet seat, she shut her eyes and breathed deeply, pain now curling it’s claws around her small body.

Carefully, she attempted to pull her skin tight shirt away from her bloody back, but it only caused an immense about of pain which made her cry out loudly. Obviously she had been lying when she said Jake’s attack left her completely unscathed. The pain was clouding her vision and thoughts, and she didn’t noticed arms around her when she lost her balance.

“Ugn . . .” She moaned, blinking weakly and hanging limp in the arms around her.


She snapped her eyes open and struggled weakly. “Tobey! I’m fine!” Tyko attempted to kick out of his grip, but all of her strength had vanished. She hissed when her wounds grew even more aggravated.

“Oh man! Tyko are you alright?”

“Do I usually bent over like this in pain?”

“Um, no.”

“There’s your answer genius.”

It took Tobey a few seconds to answer, Tyko assumed he was staring at her injured back. Then it all clicked in his brain. Immediately he placed her on the toilet seat, and gently patted her wounds with a warm damp washcloth. She whimpered every few seconds as he made sure all the dirt was away from her injuries.

“Why did you lie?”

Tobey’s strong voice shocked Tyko. She blinked and glanced up at him, his eyes hidden from view by his white forelock. He waited for her answer as he continued to gently get rid of the dried blood.

“Lie about what? I am not a liar!”

“Why did you say you were fine after Jake clawed your back?” Tobey stopped his work on her back and finally looked into her brown eyes, his black eyes dark with disappointment. At the moment, he was so different than the usual Tobey, who was always goofing off. He was completely serious now.

“I didn’t think it was bad alright?” Tyko grumbled and looked away, the pain evident in her eyes.

“He nearly ripped open your back!”

“I hate those dang demons!” she grumbled angrily, crossing her arms across her chest. “Good for nothing . . . Flea bitten mutts . . . Killing us . . .”

Tobey rolled his eyes at her mumbling. “They aren’t all that bad. Gary--”

“Gary ripped Sue’s stomach open may I remind you?!” She hissed, then whimpered and leaned on her knees, the pain in her back unbearable.

“Yeah, but good thing you ducked. He only skinned you.” Tobey said, grabbing her jacket and carefully took it off her. She cried out loudly and shivered like she was extremely cold. The jacket was like a second skin, and excruciatingly painful to remove.

“Stop!” she wailed, and attempted to pry his hands off of her jacket.

“You’ll get it infected!” he shot back. “Do you know how painful that would be? And you should know from experience that wounds inflicted by demons get infected easier.” Tyko snapped her eyes open and look at him. The look in his eyes told her that he was referring to Sue.

“Fine.” she grumbled, ignoring his worried expression. After a few tries, he got the jacket off of her, and was about to assist her in taking off her top, but was stopped by a punch to the stomach.

“Hey, don’t becoming Jake, wanting to look at my chest.” she hissed, forcing herself to stand and limp to the girl’s room. Tobey sighed, and swiped his brow to rid it of the nervous sweat. Once she finally made it to her room and shut the door, he got the antibiotics and leaned against the door, hearing her moans and groans of agony. Why couldn’t she just admit she needed help? Well that would be too easy of course.

“Are you decent enough for the antibiotics?” Tobey knocked and called through the door after a few minutes.

There was shuffling and finally an answer. “Decent enough. Just don’t look too much!”

Tobey rolled his eyes and entered. Tyko was laying on her stomach on Sue’s bed. She was wearing her pajama pants, but had the comforter wrapped around her torso, leaving her back exposed. The light on the nightstand was on, and he saw just how gruesome her injuries really were. The dried blood he hadn’t had a chance to wipe off was cracking slightly on her damaged skin.

“Well, get on with it.” She glared at him, obviously uncomfortable with the situation she was in. He nodded, and attempted to do it as quickly as he could without messing up.

“This is gonna sting. Ready?”

He took her grumbling as a yes, and immediately sprayed the medicine on her gashes. She gasped and involuntarily hit the bed post, inhaling deeply. Tobey knew well from experience that she wouldn’t admit pain, but she was having difficulty doing so.

After that was done, he carefully placed bandages on her back. This time she was quieter, only glancing at him every few seconds. Her body was twitching restlessly, and he had to tell her to stop more than once. She always was so impatient, and he knew one day it was going to come back to bite her one day.

“Are you done yet?”

“Can you be anymore impatient?” he growled, annoyance visible in his voice. Tyko didn’t answer him, instead looked at Sue’s pillow. She noticed something in the pillowcase as Tobey finished up, so she carefully slid it out and erupted in childish giggles. It was photo, and she wasn’t that surprised what it was, but she still couldn’t believe it.

“Done.” Tobey announced, standing up straight and gently patting her back. Tyko quickly put the picture back where she found it and smiled at Tobey.

“Hey thanks.”

“No problem.” he smiled back, and left the girls room, a blush covering his cheeks.




A Helping Touch [Tobko] Jb7gxg

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A Helping Touch [Tobko] Empty Re: A Helping Touch [Tobko]

Post by kayla_marie on 10th October 2010, 6:10 am

awwww its so pretty i love this story its beast star just like you!! XD literally

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