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Darkness Prevails- chapter 1

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Darkness Prevails- chapter 1

Post by Chezberryz456 on 24th August 2010, 3:21 pm

-Title was from Star

I ran back from the Chinatown Park, towards the vast, non-used warehouse that I called home. In my hand I held a rolled up piece of ancient paper. It glowed a pale yellow every now and again, attracting odd looks from the passers-by. I clutched it tighter, trying to hide it, but the glow continued to illuminate through the gaps in-between my fingers. I sighed and kept running. I had no-idea why Dad wanted these flimsy bits of paper, but I knew he collected them. But I was still confused why he had ordered me to get it before 3pm. I looked at my watch. It was five past now. I ran faster, hoping Dad wouldn’t mind that I was late. Well, he hadn’t given very clear instructions on how to get to it.

I tried to run faster, but my legs ached, and my breathing was raspy and fast. I stopped for a minute trying to catch by breath. Loads of kids had erupted onto the streets, carrying bags and chatting to each other loudly. I sunk back against the wall as they got closer. I had never been around this many people before, and I was scared. They walked past me without noticing, and I sighed with relief. I continued to walk on when the crowds had disappeared. I walked for a bit, and then stopped when I passed the school gate and looked up at the massive building. I had never been to school before. Dad had forced me to stay at home, and had the shifters teach me all I needed to know. I stood, looking at the grounds, wondering what went on in the building. Then I heard chattering, laughing, shouting. I looked at the building. A group of teens filed out, about 12 of them. A black haired boy led the group. A red haired girl followed after him. “Trust you to go and get a detention Tobey!” He shouted angrily at another boy behind him. “Now we’re late for Nana’s training. She’ll be wondering where we are now!” The red head tried to calm him down. I jumped out of the way as he barged past. The red head looked at me, smiling apoplectically.
“Hey! Gary started it! He threw the paper ball at me, and I only got back at him!" The other boy shot back. I guessed that he was Tobey. The red haired boy, which I guessed was Gary, shrugged.
"Well, you were in my way. You did duck didn't you? So I got what I wanted." Tobey opened his mouth, probably to protest, but a girl, who looked a lot younger than the others, stood on his foot.
“OWW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” He cried. I jumped even further back as he ran past me, trying to catch the small girl. He bumped into the first boy that had spoken, and he turned back and glared. He glanced at me for a second, and then his eyes darted to my hand. The dang piece of paper was glowing again, and he could see the glow. He tugged at the Red haired girl’s arm, and pointed towards me. I stepped back again, getting ready to run if they came towards me. He whispered to her, and she glanced at my hand. Then she whispered back, and started walking the other way. He looked back at my face, before turning away, and following the rest of the group. I ran in the opposite direction, back home.

I opened the heavy steel door and slipped inside. I quickly glanced at my watch. Almost 20 past. Dad would probably throw a fit. I rushed down to the other end of the warehouse, to the room that he stayed in most of the time. Either that or he was out somewhere. I always wondered if he had found a girl, and never thought to bring her home. I pushed open the heavy door into his office and stepped inside. He was standing there talking to Jake. Jake was often coming here and helping Dad with his little “projects”. The door closed with a bang, and both Dad and Jake turned to look at me. Jake smiled, whilst Dad glared.
“WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN?” He shouted, his eyes bulging, and the veins on his forehead popping out. I stepped back until I had the doorknob in reach, in case he came at me.
“I was looking for that paper you asked me to get you!” I mumbled back, throwing the piece of paper, which had been curled up in my hand, onto the table, that blocked him from getting at me.
“I TOLD YOU TO GET IT BEFORE 3!” He shouted, slamming his hands down on the table. Everything that was sitting peacefully on it was thrown up. He stomped around it and advanced towards me. I pressed back against the wall, as far I could possibly go. The doorknob pressed hard into my back, and Dad advanced closer still, until his face was inches away from mine. I squeezed my eyes shut.
“Kong Li, stop it. You shouldn’t have gotten her involved in the first place” Jake said, his smooth silky voice standing out. I opened one eye cautiously to see that Dad was now advancing towards him. I pushed myself away, slightly, from the door. I felt my back where the doorknob had pressed into me, and found that it had imprinted it’s-self onto me. I looked back at Dad, whose face was now inches away from Jake’s.
“SHE’S MY DAUGHTER. SHE WILL DO AS I WISH!” Jake didn’t flinch, or back away, but stood against dad’s angry tantrum, as cool as snow.
“I know that. But she’s not old enough to be involved in this yet” He said calmly. Dad seemed even more infuriated by Jake’s comment. He drew back his fist, then punched, aiming for Jake’s face. I clamped my hands over my mouth as I screamed, reducing it to a squeak. Jake caught dad’s fist, and motioned to me with his head. Dad turned to look at me, glaring. He pulled his fist out of Jake’s grasp, and slammed his hands down on the table again.
“GET OUT!” He shouted at me. I grabbed the doorknob, wrenched the door open, and ran outside.

I stood in the corridor for a few minutes, leaning against the door which I had just run out of. I had never witnessed Dad like that before. I never wanted to again. I pressed my ear against the door and listened in to Dad and Jake’s conversation.
“Why did you get her involved?” Jake asked.
“She’s useless to me. I don’t need her. I thought I could use her instead of those no-brained shifters. She might as well be dead for all I care!” He replied, still a hint of anger in his voice. I gasped. He didn’t care about me... he was just using me. I ran to my bedroom and threw myself onto the bed, crying loudly into my pillow. Then it hit me... I would run away. If he didn’t need me, then I sure as heck didn’t need him. I grabbed the few possessions I owned, stuffed them into a backpack, and snuck out of the warehouse. Then it hit me again- harder this time. Where would I go?

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Re: Darkness Prevails- chapter 1

Post by WolfieStar on 24th August 2010, 3:30 pm

I like this, you're getting better at writing (:


I have spoken.

But still, this is great. Everyone was in character.

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