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Friendship is Blind Part 1

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Friendship is Blind Part 1 Empty Friendship is Blind Part 1

Post by WolfieStar on 13th September 2010, 2:04 am

--Oh boy I've been spamming this section for far too long havent I? XD You just want me to go away don't you?
--THIS IS A TWO SHOT!!! So it's a WIP, but since it's already so long, I didn't wanna give you guys a mega post x.x This part is six pages AND IT'S NOT THE PLOT YET, so if I gave you the whole thing it'll be a bit too much.
--This is when everyone is a few years older. At least 18, so yes Thalia, SYNN IS PRESENT AND DON'T YOU DARE DENY IT >] and Garue too XD they sneak into everything.
--Title by Chezza


Sid stared at the bottom of Tobey‘s bunk, consumed in unforgiving darkness. The dark void around him didn’t give him any hints of shadows, or colors. Blackness was depressing, and to be eaten up by it had the same idea. At times he was wary and even afraid of the dark, especially as a little boy, but to view it day and night for the rest of his life scared him so bad. Just thinking about all these thoughts made him want to wail like a lost child.

His eyes burned, the pain refusing to subside. But would it ever? At the moment he deemed it highly unlikely. It was like tentacles, wrapping securely around his eyeballs and eyelids, gripping more and more tightly until he writhed in pain. The grasp tightened until he was basically on his knees, begging for it to release him. But he was afraid it would never let go of his being.

Cold claws gripped his heart and soul as he realized colors would never be in his vision again. Red. Blue. Yellow. Green. Orange. Purple. These visions dotted his life, and so much more. To think of them never existing again in his world was so terrifying.

But, living out his days fearful of the outside world in his bed wasn’t the way to live. Everyone was worried about him, even though he was now a useless burden. He had to be taken care of like a pathetic kid. It was so embarrassing, and he was glad he didn’t have to see his sister’s or Brynn’s faces. He just knew they would be disappointed in him for losing the recipe and getting poison in his eyes, thanks to Kong Li.

Sid had to face the world. It was now or never. Even though he preferred never, he forced himself into a sitting position, the wrath of his pain growing deeper in response to his movement. He let out a low dry sob as he swung his legs over the bed, intending to finally get to his feet after two weeks of laying in bed, wallowing in self pity.

The darkness taunted him. It knew he couldn’t face it willingly. The darkness was an enemy to Sid, his greatest fear and enemy. No matter how hard he tried, Sid couldn’t hit his foe, even though it was always visible, and it left it’s own silent blows. This was a battle he was losing.

Sid had nothing to hold onto, and was thankful that he had the bottom bunk. His hands flailed wildly when he finally stood up, his heart racing. Finally he found the side of the ladder, and he made a desperate grab for it, fearful of falling and not getting up in the shadows. That was his nightmare, to be lost forever, and even a simple slip would activate one of his now many fears.

“Take it easy Sid.” he whispered to himself, holding onto the side of Tobey’s bunk as he maneuvered across the room and towards the door. “I’m just walking, I’ve walked to the bathroom in the middle of the night with no lights. It’s just the same thing.”

Sid shut his unseeing eyes, trying to memorize the layout of his room. It was actually harder than he would admit, everything seemed swapped. Where he thought his dresser was, he was only off a foot, and he thought he was on the other side of the room and panicked. He quickly spun around, feeling desperately for the doorframe, and when he slammed against it he let out a cry of surprise and clung onto it like a frightened child on it’s mother’s leg.

Oh how badly Sid wanted to scream for help, but he refused it. They wouldn’t let him do anything on his own if he admitted he needed assistance just walking out of his room. It was easy, right? Sid couldn’t help but smile a little at the thought, and walked out of the room with his head held high, imagining that he could still see again.

He was terribly wrong.

Sid screamed at the top of his lungs when he didn’t feel anything under his feet as he took another confident step, and he was tumbling down into the darkness, feeling sharp corners digging into his back each time he slammed against the floor and continued to fall. His arms flailed as he tried to grab onto something -- anything -- but they failed to find anything, and he fell on the hard wood floor with a grunt.

Tears filled his eyes at not just newfound pain in places, but at the thought of failing. He wasn’t strong anymore. Losing his strength was his greatest fear, and it was really happening. It was impossible to protect the ones he loved if he couldn’t even walk out of his room. So he laid sprawled on the floor, sobbing weakly in anguish.

It had taken only a minute for someone to notice him, and they slid to the ground next to him. When they touched his back, he let out a cry of surprise and flinched. But this touch was soothing and warm, long slender fingers holding onto his shirt gently when he jumped.

“Sid!” it was Brynn’s voice. Her soothing sound eased his panicked senses, and was soft on his overactive eardrums. But he turned his head away from her, and other than that, refused to react to her touch. He felt his cheeks getting warm, embarrassed deeply that she had seen him slip and fall just trying to walk out of his safe room.

There was suddenly masculine laughter, and Sid recognized immediately as the other red head. His face twisted into a scowl, realized that Gary was laughing at him! Anger surged inside him, and how he wanted to sock him hard in the jaw. But he couldn’t detect his location, so that was out of the question.

“Gary!” Brynn snapped, her fingers curling into a tight fist on the fabric of his shirt. He was slightly afraid, but not that Brynn’s grip was getting tighter and tighter. That Gary was nearby, and he couldn’t see a thing, a very real fear in the kung fu fighter’s mind.

“I actually find it funny that Mr. Yi fell down the stairs.” a snort of amusement came from the wolf, but a spark of frustration erupted inside Sid’s throat. He actually fell down the stairs? And in front of Brynn too? Dying right then and there didn’t seem like such a bad thing.

There was a loud smacking sound nearby, and a wail of pain. Sid’s lips curled up in a faint smile, the first in a long amount of time. Brynn never got violent, but when she did, it wasn’t a very pleasant time span for her victim. It was so unusual for her, and she never got too bad, but Gary always overreacted when she caused the slightest bit of pain, and it was mostly out of surprise since she had responded in that way.

Sid heard angry growling, and loud footsteps on the glossy tiled floor, and he assumed that Gary had stormed away in a wave of anger. Brynn’s grip on his shirt loosened slightly, and he felt her sweet breath as she leaned down next to ear and whisper gentle words and instructions.

“I’m going to help you stand up, don’t get scared when I touch you. Don’t worry.” she muttered, one hand holding onto his belt, the other wrapping around his waist. Sid didn’t move, he was embarrassed as it was. A little more wasn’t going to kill him. But a strange anxiety was in his aura at the thought of Brynn helping him like this. Their relationship was . . . Awkward. Usually it was the other way around -- Sid was assisting Brynn. This was so different, and a bit personal.

Sid wasn’t ready when she carefully hefted him to his feet, and he couldn’t help but let out a small cry of alarm and quiver in her arms. He felt so useless and scared, and suddenly the cookbook and prophesy came to his mind. If he couldn’t help get the cookbook now, would it come true? The original three were the ones to fulfill it -- him, his sister, and Tobey. Each one of them had a specific quality about them that no one else had. Sue had intelligence, Tobey had speed and agility, and he had strength. Without his eyesight, he had no strength. The prophecy was destroyed.

More tears started flowing out of his eyes, and Brynn thought he was in pain from falling down the stairs. Without thinking, she quickly turned him around and hugged him so tightly he couldn’t breathe for a few seconds. But instead of yelling at her or push her away, he didn’t, and hugged back after a heartbeat. He felt comforted by her embrace, but it ended far too quickly, for she let go and he heard her calling Sue over.


Brynn looked away, a blush covering her cheeks, and for a brief moment she was happy for Sid’s blindness, for he couldn’t view the shade of pink on her face. She kicked herself, seeing her blush was more than anything he could see, and he looked so miserable. But she couldn’t look straight into his face, not yet.

Brynn felt his gaze on her, even though he couldn’t see her. But when she glanced at him, his head was turned to her, and she whimpered at his eyes. His eyes were unfocused and bloodshot from the poison. Even so, she couldn’t help but notice herself staring at his eyes. Through the poison, the pain, and the blindness, she had still found his eyes simply beautiful.

Sid’s eyes were usually a jet black color, and Nana just assumed that it was because of the prophesy, for Sue and Tobey had black eyes when everyone else had either green, blue, or brown eyes. But, Brynn had found a small sliver of amber, thus making her believe his orbs were like fire. Whenever he was in pain, determined, or felt strong emotions cursing through his blood, the amber became more prominent, making a sort of a fire appeal that sprang up in his eyes.

But now, his eyes seemed unnaturally dull, even glazed over with tears. That fire had died in his eyes, and Brynn begged that it didn’t die from his wonderful soul. She was afraid that he wouldn’t be the same Sid that everyone loved. He needed his independence and confidence back, but who else knew what he was going through? Who knew what it was like to be blind, to once feel dependant on someone, yet became more than capable of taking care of themselves? Who might be able to teach him the same methods and make him able to somewhat take care of himself?

Gary Wolff, that demon. That demon who hated Sid and had laughed at him merely twenty minutes ago when he fell down the stairs. He wasn’t exactly the best option, but he was the only one. He was basically blind himself, he only had 12% of his original vision and had found new ways of getting around and even fighting. If he couldn’t help Sid, then no one could.

Brynn looked around, and noticed Sue nearby. She could get Gary to do anything if she played her cards right. The red head immediately called her friend over, quickly running over things to say to her to get the other red head to help Sid.

When Sue came over, Brynn said the first thing that came to her mind: “Gary can help Sid!”

Sue blinked repeatedly at her, then laughed. Not simply a chuckle, or a short giggle, but a laugh. Sue laughed hysterically and had to lean against the wall for support. Her face turned red and tears came to her eyes when she finally calmed down after a few minutes.

Brynn was giving her an icy glare, now making her uncomfortable. “Gary is the only one. He’s virtually blind as it is! Maybe he can at least help Sid get back on his feet.”

Sue looked at Brynn in the eyes. “I know that Gary is fully capable of helping my brother, but the thing is, I don’t think he will.”

“What do you mean?”

“He still hasn’t forgiven him when he joined our ‘Wu’s Crew’, and with their relationship, I highly doubt he will anytime soon. Gary feels he has no motivation or reasoning to help Sid. Sid has never helped Gary, and you know him with others.” Sue sighed, and looked at her brother as he clung to the wall and tried to walk a few steps, but was obviously too frightened to try very hard.

“We have to do something though.” Brynn whispered. “It’s terrible to see him like this, you know?”

Sue nodded. “He used to be the bravest, but now he’s far too scared to even walk.”

“Gary has to help him!”

“I told you, he won’t do it willingly. And I don’t think we should force him, even though I want what you want -- my brother back.”

“Can’t you at least ask him before making assumptions like this?!” Brynn could feel her blood boiling with anger and frustration. Couldn’t Sue at least make an effort?

Sue growled, “You don’t think I want to help my brother? I know Gary! But fine, we’ll ask him if it’ll make you stay quiet!” she hissed at Brynn before storming out of the restaurant and towards the garden. Brynn sighed, giving a silent prayer that Gary would agree to help Sid.


Oh how funny it was to that ginger wolf when Sid Yi fell down the stairs.

So what if he was blind? That didn’t mask his hate for him. He was truly happy he was suffering like how he did a few years ago. Yet of course Sue was not happy about his attitude in the least, but he did not care. His relationship with her brother was his and his alone, not anyone’s to change. If he decided to change it, then it would be changed, no one could force him too.

Gary sighed, happily sinking into the soft dew covered grass. One hand was behind his head as a pillow, the other massaging the scared side of his face as it caused it’s usual rounds of pain. It usually wasn’t crippling pain, but it was not too pleasant any way you look at it. His good eye closed as discomfort dissolved away, and drowsiness took over.

As Gary almost fell asleep, a sharp kick in the head brought him to alertness. He immediately sat up and growled at whoever had kicked him. The scent of strawberries caressed his nose, and he purred with content. A citrus kind of smell blended with the strawberries, and he recognized them both.

“Why hello Sue, Brynn.” he smirked. “Was that necessary to kick me in the head?”

“Shut up.” Sue’s silver tongue snapped in his ears, and he picked his head up to look at her blurry form. He couldn’t see clearly, what was left of his vision was plagued by shadows and a blurry mess. For these reasons he refused to use his vision on most days, and rely on hearing and sense of smell.

“You’re here for a reason. Anger and fear is coming off you both in waves.” Gary yawned loudly, leaning back on his palms. “So what’s up?”

“Sid’s so miserable.” Brynn whispered. “He needs someone to get him back on his feet and teach him.”

“Small world.” the wolf grumbled, an angry scowl forming its way on his face.

Brynn ignored his comment and continued. “You’re mostly blind, you’re the only one who can somewhat help him!”

“But he’s completely blind, I’m only 87% blind. I can’t help him well, so good day.” he laid back down on the grass and tried to relax again. But it wouldn’t be accomplished with Brynn and Sue around, oh no.

“You lazy excuse for a human!” Sue suddenly roared. “Get off your lazy arse and help him! No one else can even enlighten him! Why can’t you?!”

Gary didn’t react to her sharp words, he only blinked slowly. Sue growled, thinking that he was ignoring her, when really he was thinking about the weight of the pros and cons of doing what Sue and Brynn desired. Before Sue would explode on him again, he jumped up and turned around to face the two girls. A look of annoyance was painted on his face like a picture would show, and he didn’t at all look content anymore.

“Fine, I’ll help Mr. Sadpants over there.” then a smirk appeared on his face. “Maybe we’ll start a band and be called ‘The Blind Boys’.”


Suggestions? Comments? Critique please <3

Friendship is Blind Part 1 Jb7gxg

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Friendship is Blind Part 1 Empty Re: Friendship is Blind Part 1

Post by kayla_marie on 19th September 2010, 11:12 pm

well i like it star its awesome!!!!

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